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  1. i keep trying to look it up but couldn't find any thing... but any way's, my question is, how can i save my windows XP after i have installed it on my computer and have installed other programs and what not and then be able to save it as an ISO or bootable disk for later installation's? if i was to just install windows and then install programs like maybe yahoo messenger, and then adobe flash player, is there a way i can literally save every change and installed program i made to the OS and make it as a bootable ISO or CD/DVD, and then, when i reformat my computer and have every thing i just did to it be installed? i hope you understand what i'm saying..... Thanks in advance
  2. You can get rid of the web\wallpaper ones by editing any of the following marked in red in SHL_IMG.INF is there a way i can just delete the files them selfs?
  3. ok im wanting to delete all the wallpapers (in the "web" folder) off my winxp. i know how to put them in there but havent seen any thing on how to remove/delete/take them off/out.
  4. oh are you talking about how to make it so when you install windows you want your own wallpaper to show as default? i actually dont know but one sec im pretty sure i can find it.... ok well i think i found it here is the URL http://www.msfn.org/board/change-default-w...ded#entry493628 if your not sure i can always test it for you. just ask and ill try it out
  5. aaaahhhhhhh ok thanks guy's yeah that one was puzzling me alot lmao but is there a way to customize it my self?
  6. yeah the boot screen is a b**ch cause it cant be a very good looking picture the only thing im stuck on is how to make it work when i install winxp, i did test it out and it didnt freeze my computer but the bootscreen went back to normal which im p***ed about but oh well. yeah you should try that picture out, just have any of your pictures you like and just name it "Startup" and use any image editing program to convert it into ".BMP" i used irfanview, then put it in the directory of..."C:\windows\web\wallpaper" but after that just restart your computer and after the loading/boot screen and you will see your picture, not sure if it will work with other windows but the one im using is winxp pro sp3. but yeah ill try to keep looking around and what not, thanks for the reply tho. BTW stoner81 how did you remove the wallpapers?
  7. The normal pictures that are there can be removed by using nLite. To add pics into the folder goto your source on your HDD (source being the folder which contains your I386 folder for you customised version) and create the following folder structure; $OEM$\$$\web\wallpaper Into this folder place your wallpapers that you want and they will be copied over when XP is installed. Visual themes can be added by using the UXTheme patch built into nLite and by placing the theme you want into the following folder structure of your source cd; $OEM$\$$\Resources Into this folder place your theme file and folder and then you need to edit your WINNT.SIF file in notepad and add the following; [Shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile="%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\[YourThemeNameHere].theme" and that should be it. ahhh ok cool thanks. oh one more thing the ".BMP" image that is named "Startup" in the directory "c:\windows\web\wallpaper" is a picture i found that allows a second startup screen and I've looked it up and apparently no one knows about it (well never found any thing on it) but if you put any picture in there in the ".BMP" format and name it "Startup" and restart your computer it brings that picture up after the loading screen/Boot screen and then the logon screen, but any ways my question is in this winxp pro sp3, i cant find it any where in the folders and so i don't know how to make it over write it when installing winxp i tried the "$OEM$\$$\web\wallpaper" and the one i put in there was not in it, it was just the same one as before.... BTW the picture im pretty sure can be any size (i tried 1024-768 and 800-600) and any bit color (i tried 256/8bit, 16/4bit) sorry.. but one more thing, when i make my own boot screen (using reshack on ntoskrnl.exe) and try to install it it freezes at 35 min. left but at the same time I'm testing it on "microsoft virtual pc 2007" so I'm not sure if its the program, cause i installed one i made about a month ago on the computer its self and it didn't do it
  8. after the installation/billboard there is another screen that ask a bunch of questions like do you want automatic updates on and will this computer connect to the Internet and also it does an Internet connection test, i am wanting to change the background of this but i don't know what file to edit to do this.
  9. using winxp pro sp3 how do i add my own pics to the directory "C:\WINDOWS\WEB\WALLPAPER". and how do i delete pictures out of there? and also how do i make it so i can add a folder in say like "my documents" or "desktop"? one other thing is there a way to make a theme from a program from say like stylexp, windows blinds and/or Visual Styles and also have the background i put for it and be able to apply to my cd im makeing?
  10. ok I'm using WinXP sp3 and i have been trying to look up on how to make my own stuff I'm wanting to customize every thing i can, i am wanting to change all the backgrounds to all of the "start up screens/logons" and also the "windows is shutting down screens/logoffs" and also the installation screen when installing windows and the screen after that, and I'm only wanting to use reshack/resource hacker. the other thing is i am wanting to know how to put my own themes and wallpapers on the unattended windows when using Nlite, i figured out how to put my theme on there but the wallpaper/pic that i had for that theme didn't show after i installed it so i was p***ed. and i looked up how to make it so i can put my own pictures on there as wallpapers and the one forum said make a folder that say this ($OEM$\$$\web\wallpaper) but i tried it and it didn't work and idk what the stupid $ are supposed to mean cause no one knows how explain very well. so i would love to know to do this cause i want all my own custom made stuff. thanks in advance

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