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  1. Check out this site: RogueSpear's Switchless Installers From his Site: Win2003 Admin Pak + SP1 He makes great installers
  2. Thanks much Question: There is a awxdTools V4 made for DaemonTools v4.03 out now. Is there any way to integrate it into the cab file or switchless installer as per your instructions on page one? Thanks again for the great work
  3. A guide, great I must have missed it. Thanks!!! I have no formal training on computer programs. Everything I know I've learned from You, Ryan, Kel and all the great people in the forums. I guess I could take some classes, but my schedule won't allow it. I guess I continue to plink around. Thanks again
  4. I am sad to see this happen, but I can understand. I am still trying to figure out how your making them. Thanks for all your time and hard work!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. HI RogueSpear, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work!!!!!
  6. Check this out: [Release] Windows Defender from RogueSpear
  7. Hi RogueSpear, Great products..........just a quick question....... is there a way to get awxDTools to work with the Daemon 4.03? thanks
  8. Yeah thats the way I do it. Maybe its a addon that i am installing. thanks a bunch
  9. Hi Bashrat, Great Products, Thanks I did run a fresh install with the new base and found that it erased all the tweaks nLite made.
  10. Hi, Its pretty simple........I just used the instructions on this page: [Release] Program Addons. I copied TCPowerpack into the SVCPACK folder and used the .ini file below Then I used "cabtool".............done Then I used the $OEM$ mapping format and placed my key into the "Program Files\TC Powerpack" folder when I make my Unattended WinXP CD. I would add the CAB file but its 14megs ENTRIES_TCpowerpack.INI
  11. Hi xtentic, I was able to make an addon pack using TC Powerpack 1.5 or here. Only comes in English or Polish. Will this help?
  12. Hi Bashrat, I am having trouble with the latest Driver Packs. When loading a windows I get the BSOD stating that setup is unable to load the nVidia drivers. The current version I am using is 5.11.1. The previous version had no problem. I have tried method 1 and 2 using BASE V5.11.7 and V5.11.8, same result. Help please. By the way I have a Geforce 2Go card in my laptop. Really appreciate the hard work on a great product!!!!!! vr, Bill Does anyone have the previous version 5.11 I can get? or can I just copy it over from a previous CD I made? Thanks All

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