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  1. I re-ran MS-DART System File Scan, and it pointed to a file being bad, which I seemed to remember as the one it found before. So I searched the disk for that file and replaced the file in System32 with the most recent version. Now the computer boots. I found Service Pack 3 in Add/Remove Programs, but there was no uninstall button. I found spuninst.exe in the appropriate folder and ran it. It's been sitting there on step 1, "examining system configuration", for almost two days. Looks like time to reformat the disk and do a fresh install.
  2. There was a repair console option, which I believe does me no good, and no repair install. As soon as I selected the disk it went straight to what system to use to format it. I thought that was clear. It doesn't boot in safe mode. I wish I had noted what file DART's SFC "repaired". I guess the next step is a logged boot, maybe I that'll tell me what file to re-repair.
  3. I have a friend's old HP with XP OEM Media Center SP3 x86 on it. It had some serious issues, perhaps due to a massive malware infection that wasn't cleaned. It would boot into safe mode and everything seemed to work that should work in safe mode. It would boot into normal mode, but... Control Panel would not open at all. My Computer would open but never display anything in the main window, just the hourglass. IE and Firefox wouldn't open at all. Chrome ran, but only after a cascade of "Attempt to access protected area" dialog boxes. Cmd wouldn't start from Start | Run. System Restore wouldn't open. And there was other stuff I forget. MalwareBytes found nothing with a deep scan. Nothing looked unusual in HijackThis!. Norton 360 found nothing. Sophos command line scanner found nothing. So I restored to the oldest restore point (about three weeks ago) using MS-DART 5. No change. I tried MS-DART's System File Scanner and it found and "repaired" a corrupted file. Now the system freezes at the WIndows XP graphic screen. It's time for a repair install. Of course he has no CDs. I dug up a copy of HP OEM XP Media Center SP2. I slipstreamed SP3 with nLite. When I booted I got the repair console option, it there was no option for a repair install, just went straight to how to format the partition. I re-ran nLite with "Prompt repair" selected but that made no difference. How can I force this booger into a repair install?
  4. I've often used previous versions of nLIte to integrate RyanVM update packs, but the combo of 1.0.1 and RyanVM 2.1.0 doesn't work. When I select "Hotfixes and Upgrade packs" and select RVMUpdatePack2.1.0.7z, I get: The help indicates that RyanVM is supported ...
  5. FWIW: over at this thread in the CD Forum, some members are trying to integrate the BTS storage and net driver packs into BartPE as plugins. We found that there's a problem with the DC21X4.sys and net21x4.inf files in Net driverpack 5.11.1; they don't work, or at least they don't work in Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare, both of which emulate the Intel 2114. Replacing those two files with DC21X4_5.SYS and NET21X4.INF from the UBCD Driver PAck 1.6 solves the problem.
  6. My son has a Toshiba laptop with Windows Home SP1 with all critical updates and IE 6.0 SP1 with all updates. For about the last two months, whenever he goes to Windows Update he gets the normal "Scan for updates" page, scans, and is informed that there are some updates for Windows XP. When he clicks on "Windows XP" in the left-hand frame (to see what the updates are) he gets a copy of the entire "Scan for updates" page, all three frames, in the right-hand frame. If he clicks on "Scan for updates" in this miniature version, he gets the same information in the left frame of the miniature version and, if he clicks on "Windows XP" in this he gets ... a third and smaller version of the entier "Scan for updates" page in the right-hand frame of the page in the right-hand frame of the top window! I assume this will go on forever ... I'm usually pretty resourceful, but this one has me buffaloed. Any ideas?

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