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  1. gamehead, you are so addicted to that all your base thing
  2. wow, kool. finaly a way to fix that **** game cd. it crashes at the same spot right before the end and i cant complete the game :'( ill be soo happy ifit works nice, ill try this. iv had this one game i couldn't finish cuz the cd was scratched. thanks a lot
  3. same thing with tvs. i had one once that would ransly go pink. poor tv... it went 30 year.
  4. sven

    Useless facts

    wow, an actual elbow lick. you should go to guiness, first person to lick their elbow without breaking their arm first. just shows that no facts are concrete.
  5. if any of thse computers are desktops, and its not that hard to hardwire them the your router, you could possibly do that just to get better transfer speeds. theres also the extreme solution of adding 3 wireless access points.... one on each floor lol
  6. lol, weeee, i now have 7 pages of The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog thats still pretty cool
  7. sven

    avi to mpeg software

    thanks jeremy. i also updated my divx codec just incase. ill try what u said. also thanks albator, i dont think i was gonna try it on my entire 2 hour hamlet movie again after 8 hours
  8. wow less than i thought.... movies: 1815.45 Tv: 412.42 Videogames: 499.5 Music: 3146.93 Total: 5874.3 oh wait.. us dollars lol 6 946.95 canadian
  9. im using beatnik intenet clock. its a desktop clock that also has a built in auto sync and skins. if not, you can use atomic clock sync (thats the program name), it syncs awtomaticly. i have that running on my server.
  10. lol, nice ones, i have to make one for my website link, its so out of place. i look like a n00b
  11. personaly, i stick with intel, but thats just me, i havent eally spent a lot of time on an amd computer. the one main this you have to watch out is if your cpu overheats. an amd processor will completely shut down the pc, where as a intel will just reduce the clock speed.
  12. sven

    attitude, lol

    are you sure its real? i saw this on tv a long time ago on freaky stories (that animated show with the puppet hosts) maybe its true though
  13. i wouldn't mind have one of those, very useful in class for taking notes by hand if you dont feel like typing
  14. I have a couple programs to convert avis to mpegs. DivxToDVD, and TMPGEnc. i tried with both programs, and after 8 hours converting hamlet, i got a full movie with no sound . for both program i got the same results. would anyone have any idea why the programs arn't working? thanks btw, if this goes into media forum, im sorry
  15. the giant monitors are the best. if you have a double screen, surf google with your firefox window stretched over both windows, its so funny lol
  16. well, on the note of the torrents not having seeders, i have my azureus set to seed always if there is less then 4 users, and to back off if i have more then 1.00 and more then 4. but i jump in as soon as there is 4. its a server 24/7. all we need is a couple or servers like that to jump in when the file is low, and everything is fine. also, some times they dont even die. i have a french cd, its been up for 4 months, no one outside of quebec knows of this band, but its always got around 4 seeders, even when my server went down for a day (stupid zone alarm....)
  17. the tracker idea isn't that hard to implement. i have my own person tracker. you just have to ptu teh right php files in. i still have the script, i hope lol. http://sventracker.ath.cx. its a privat tracker, php with mysql. i find it works great. if any of the admins want it, pm me. the only thing is that its only tracker, theres no torrent listing. but since its private, theres no need for a dynamic page.
  18. does anyone know of a way to stop people from doing brute hack attempts on a computer? as an example, block the hacking ip for 24 hours after 3 wrong attempts. the only thing is that the "hacker" is on this forum. i wont say any names, yet
  19. lol, and all is well with windows vista
  20. yea, its set to automatic restart. what would this do to my system when it crashes? it says windows restored from a major error. then the microsoft website talks about drivers. the only new drivers is the dvd burner, and its been there for like, 2 weeks no problems
  21. i have this odd problem with my msn messenger. lately, if i do a right click exit, my entire computer just shutdown in that instant and restarts. i have no idea what the hell happened. this time when it happened, my messenger display pic was set to the default one, and the logo on the icon seemed to have vanished. would anyone know what could be causing this? and if you dont know already, its a windows xp machine, msn messenger 7, patched
  22. i got it, i just decided to leave the spyware on the pc lol
  23. ill check spybot backups first, im 90% sure thats what it was cuz it was woking perfectly before i scanned it. if not ill look for the registry backup the restoring backup worked, the problem is that now my pc is slow again . any way i can find out what program screwed up my couputer when removed? without removing them one by one
  24. host file is fine, only has localhost in it. i dont have an old registry backup. i was listenning to the security now podcast, and it said something about removing spyware can screw up your internet link inside your computer. anyone know about something like this? a solution before monday would be greatly appreciated, this pc has to get back to my dads office.
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