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  1. sho_gun

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    Nor can I and I've ran it around 7 times today all with perfect results and all with 1.0.1 final .... although the changelog doesn't mention anything that looks related to my novice eyes, maybe it was a side effect of one of the changed items?
  2. sho_gun

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    I've got that same error a couple times now out of probably a dozen runs and also notice that the whole process seems to run much slower than with RC8. I've had a couple "push the reset button" freezes too. FWIW, these have ALL been with the new .NET patch, so I can't jump to the conclusion that it is a fault of Beta 1.0.1. Also, I have added your WMP 11 add on and 4 other very small add ons since using RC8 and the non-updated .NET. Edit: Disregard the reference to the process being slower - I didn't see the 1.0.1 final release until after I made this post - just ran through once with the final and decided the slow down was in fact due to adding the add ons, I left out IE7B3 from the extra add ons I had included since RC8 too and it is kinda slow to process. That one run on 1.0.1 final was flawless. sho_gun_settings.ini
  3. sho_gun

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    One last minute request .... and I have no idea if its even possible .... IE7 does NOT install as the default browser, if its as simple as adding a "make default" switch, that would be appreciated. Thanks again
  4. sho_gun

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    IE7 Beta 3 integration worked fine. ICH5 and SiI 3112 SATA RAID drivers worked fine. Thanks for the good work
  5. I can test it on my dual SATA RAID setup - have 4 Raptors, two on ICH5 and two on SiI 3112. PM me a link and I'll report back here. edit: Tested 1.0.1 beta referenced in the post below this one - all is fine.
  6. Add me to this club. Using the EXACT same settings, all is fine with RC8, but with 1.0f - endless loop of BSOD and restart on final reboot. ICH5 seems to be one of the common denominators as I see it listed several times here and I am running Raptors in RAID 0 on an ICH5. This is on an Abit IC7-G with both the ICH5 and Si 3112 onboard, two Raptors in RAID 0 on each controller, all show up fine in textmode. I boot from the ICH5 and haven't tried booting from the Si 3112.
  7. re: OrcoXP's earlier post (I found the fix!!!) to kill the Google Toolbar popup, it is this one: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{00EF2092-6AC5-47c0-BD25-CF2D5D657FEB}\InprocServer32] @="c:\\program files\\google\\googletoolbar1.dll" "ThreadingModel"="Apartment" I add this to what I call my "Prereg.reg" ran at T-13. Then I add the following to what I call my "Postreg.reg" ran after first boot to remove it. [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{00EF2092-6AC5-47c0-BD25-CF2D5D657FEB}\InprocServer32] Probably should just leave it in there to prevent any future Google popups beings they seem to be appearing more and more rather than removing on my Postreg.reg.
  8. There was a new Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool released during the past week. As of the last time I checked, it is NOT available for stand alone download. I did manage to get the files and succesfully installed it unattended though. I went to Windows Update and let the tool download, but clicked "cancel" before it could install. I didn't record exactly where the files were, but I "think" they were in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\SoftwareDistribution". The folder had a long alphameric name and inside of it there was a folder named "update" along with other files including "LegitCheckControl.dll", so a search for that file should make finding the folder easy. Inside the update folder is a the file "update.exe", this is the actual install file. edit: I then repackaged it as a winrar sfx using update/update.exe /passive /quiet to make a silent installer.
  9. I corrected the registry address and also deleted my _CABcopy.cmd and replaced with yours and edited the directions for its use instead so the same file will work for all.
  10. Admin or just open with winrar? Cant you just upload it somewhere? Just extract with WinRAR - the Admin install function of this program doesn't seem to work correctly. Given my serial number is imbedded in it, I don't think so
  11. I have leeched information from this forum for months now since getting bitten by the unattended install bug - here's my contribution in return, I hope it works for everyone else as I have only two similar PC's available to test it on. I never figured out how to stop the start menu entries from being made, so if anyone else figures this out, please post. This results in a WinRAR sfx packaged installer of 27.4 MB. There are no error pop ups, Nero Scout is not installed, nerocheck.exe is disabled, full start menu is created ("Nero 7 Ultra Edition" as opposed to "Nero 7 Demo") and is the only method that has worked for me on an unattended install DVD. Extract Nero- to a folder ... call it NeroX for now. Delete all BUT the Cab and Setup folders and Nero.msi, then delete contents of the Cab folder. Open the setup folder and delete all the eula's but EULA_enu.rtf and delete NeroDelTmp.exe. Now back to Nero- ... run it as if you were going to install it or upgrade your current installation, then click cancel when it settles in at the first screen were you would click next. Now put _Cabcopy.cmd in %temp%\Nero7.tmp\Cab and run it. This created a new folder named "Cab_temp" and copied the required 127 cab files to it. Copy the 127 cab files from "Cab_temp" and paste them into the Cab folder of the NeroX folder created earlier. Open NeroX\Nero.msi with AdminStudio6, AdminStudio7, InstallShield 11.5, or other Installshield msi editing capable program. Go to Installation Designer Tab ---> Organization ---> Setup Design and delete all but Nero Product Setup, Nero Suite Installer and Nero Burning ROM. Open Nero Suite Installer and delete the two special offer entries. Open Nero Burning ROM and delete NeroMediaLibraryxxxxx. Go to Behavior and Logic ---> Property Manager and make the following changes: NERO_SCOUT=FALSE Change Product Name if desired (eg drop the Demo from title) SERIALNUM_CORRECT=TRUE SERIALNUM_USERVAL=(replace demo serial number with yours) Click on Direct Editor, then Edit ---> Find - Search for and "drop" all rows with "medialibrary" in them. Run the search until it comes up empty. Click Project Assistant Tab ---> Application Registry. Click "Yes" to configure the registry and delete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\run" this kills nerocheck.exe in the startup configuration. You can also import a reg file that you have previously saved with all your settings on this screen. Save changes to Nero.msi and close AdminStudio. Now package the contents of NeroX folder with a self extractor set to execute "Nero.msi STARTPARAM=CallFromExe DONOTRUNSETUPX=1 /QB" without the quotes. To add other features ...... When you do the AdminStudio part, leave in the feature you want to install. When you try to do the install with your output, there will be an error box pop up wanting a particular Cab file. Remember the Cabs in %temp%\Nero7.tmp\Cab? They will be there. Keep track of what Cabs you have to add for what feature and post back here and we can have a data base of required Cabs for selected features until someone comes up with a better install procedure. _CABcopy.cmd
  12. I got my customized install to work using this guide complete with using the autoit script posted to deal with the corrupt installation pop ups. (mayang's method does NOT work on this machine ... still get the pop ups and menu entries). I have two issues I can't figure out ... first I cannot find how to stop the start menu entries from being made (using AdminStudio 6) ... no biggie, I just call a cmd file to delete them. The second issue is really puzzling to me - oh, I install just Nero Burning ROM and ImageDrive .... when I install using my installer, there is only one drive available in ImageDrive, when I install with the full downloaded package there are two drives available (and install is about 25 MB's larger). Anyone familiar with this one drive versus two drives in ImageDrive? TIA - gun edit: Answered my own question about ImageDrive - it installs with both drives available using the install method in my new post.

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