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  1. With all due respect, why did you reply to this post if you don't know? My post count may be low, but look at my join date, I've been at this a long time - I really don't need newbie advice.
  2. Can OOBE be removed when you restore your WPA.DBL via $OEM$\$$\system32, or does OOBE need to stay in this situation? TIA
  3. I did what I posted - I never said I couldn't see wireless networks.
  4. <Insert Egg on Face emoticon here> This is not any fault of nLite ... I was using a different set of $OEM$ files for SP3 than I was for SP2. In the process of reviewing new services in SP3 and adjusting previous tweaks I had made to services, I added a registry command to disable the Network Location Awareness (NLA) service to the SP3 files. The SP2 files did not contain that tweak, leaving the NLA service set on manual. With the NLA service set to manual, all works fine as it always has. Sorry to imply that is was a faul of nLite
  5. Regarding an HP NC6220 Notebook. I have used nLite and Ryan's update pack every since I received this notebook a couple years ago and all has always been fine. Problem: When coming out of hibernation mode, the wireless connection shows "Acquiring Network Address" forever. When booting (as opposed to just coming out of hibernation), it connects fine. Additionally, if I install SP3 on the machine - it works fine, this problem is only when I make a slipstreamed install. I have remade the install disc 3 times with same results each time. The last time was with NO addons or update packs at all. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: I just ran a slipstreamed install WITHOUT using nLite and all is fine. This problem happens only after using nLite 1.4.5 and only with SP3.
  6. I think removing Help and Support is the cause, but I am not sure. I do however know the fix. On the components removal page, click the "advanced" button and add "msconfig.exe" in the "keep" box and msconfig will work once again. If you have a saved settings ini file, you could also just add: ;# Compatibility # [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe
  7. Thanks yet again Nuhi! All seems to work fine here - my two previous problems are gone. I can remove mouse cursors again and I'm back to not having to add standard modem over bluetooth link drivers now. I do get this in setuperr.log: Error: Setup failed to enumerate all component packages. Software which depends on this package may not function properly. Contact your system administrator. *** That's the full log, rather vauge.....anyone have any idea what its referencing? Last_Setup.ini
  8. Kewl - if I want to know bad enough, that link will take care of it - thanks.
  9. Thanks - I had already seen that I could see the filename by right clicking on the flag, then "save as" ... problem is they filename is only two digits and I don't recognize some of them.
  10. I think it would be nice if, upon mouse over of a flag included in a poster's information, that the country represented would show up in the tool tip. This from someone who doesn't even list their country
  11. It's called setting your CD-ROM before the harddrive in the Boot priority in your BIOS. If he is booting from hard drive first, how is the "any key" message being displayed as its a function of bootfix.bin on the cd?
  12. Right click your taskbar ---> properties --->start menu tab --->customize button --->advanced tab --->its the first thing listed under start menu items.
  13. Yurek3 has pointed you to the "Updated" versions I predicted to be released soon. The files are also available at RyanVM's BitTorrent Tracker. RyanVM Tracker
  14. I have this problem occasionally when applying hotfixes ... they extract to my E Drive, then become undeletable. To expand on what J.C. said ..... Go to "Folder Options" ---> "View" and uncheck "Use Simple File Sharing". Right click on the folder in question --> click "Security" tab and check the permissions. If that doesn't do it, click the "Advanced" button ---> "Owner" tab. I don't have a current undeletable folder to walk it through from there, but basically you need to take ownership of the folder via the "Owner" screen.
  15. If its the same one I am using, it had current updates until KB922770 was released today. Will probably be an updated version released soon.
  16. I didn't check the setuperr .... but the Tour balloon was gone, display resolution was correct, and the network wizard worked ... all problems fixed so i assume it was clear. Yes, I extracted the bluetooth modem drivers from this current XP install using DriverGenius. No problem, just thought I would mention it. Edit: Yes, keeping mouse cursors resulted in a blank setuperr.log.
  17. Through the process of elimination, I finally tracked the culprit down after around 15 runs. The quilty party is "Mouse Cursors" - Don't select that item for removal and all is well. Another observation concerning the "Standard Modem Over Bluetooth link" - that device can't be installed until the phone is paired after first boot. When I install it, it makes me search for the driver instead of finding it automatically - when I click the browse button, it is one directory too deep. e.g. %windir%\NLDRV\00X\i386 instead of %windir%\NLDRV\00X.
  18. I ran it without any addons first run ... I still have the same problems. Here is the text from setuperr.log: Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll because of the following error: DllInstall returned error 2147746132 (80040154). *** The correct windows filename for what I reported above as "OEM15.inf" may be "mdmbtmdm.inf". I have it both ways and can't remember why As far as the red light/green light on the Task Selection GUI - you just made it for someone with younger eyes/better vision than me B) Thanks for taking the time to check my problem out!
  19. "Gonna check which modem is bluetooth and separate...also seems like it's better to merge IR and Bluetooth components as it seems they are anyway." The two files driver genius extracted and I added to my drivers folder are: bthmodem.sys and oem15.inf. Before I added those two files and integrated them, the bluetooth modem wouldn't install even when I browsed to them or tried to force them. Works as it always did with them integrated. "...so for start see in Windows\setuperr.log what it says..." Will run again this evening and check that out - will also post the log. "...the little circle on the left is changing from red to green" Didn't even notice that will look closer when I run it tonight Thanks!
  20. I haven't seen any of this mentioned, so figured it was machine specific. I tried on two other machines and have the same problem though. First off, 1.2 Beta worked fine for me with two minor glitches. I used to remove modem drivers, but with this release I could not install "Standard Modem Over Bluetooth link" without leaving modem drivers in. Easily solved by leaving the modem drivers in, or as I ended up doing, extracting the drivers from a good install and adding to my driver folder. Secondly, I used to remove InfraRed support - with this version I have to leave InfraRed support unchecked or I get pop-ups at first boot complaining about not being able to find the IR drivers. Another easy solution - just leave the IR support enabled. Now with 1.2 RC I cannot find a solution for what is happening (with exact same settings). Upon first boot, the first thing noticed is that my screen resolution settings are not applied. Secondly, even with "Tour" removed, and using a reg tweak to block it from running as I always have even before I found nLite, I get the "Tour" balloon popping up. It doesn't have the normal tour icon however, instead it is the XP "!" icon. Click on the balloon and it goes away without the tour starting. Next, I have an Autoit script that runs the Network Wizard for me. It gets to near the end as simply says it can't finish the wizard. I get the same results even if I run the wizard manually. My last problem is on this machine only (it is the only one of the three machines I have tested with the program in question on it) - after my cleanup and reboot runs, AbitEQ starts automatically. Now instead of starting and minimizing as usual, I get the following popup error: "Failed to Create IWbemLocator Object" and the program shuts down. Anyone have any ideas on these items? tia - gun P.S. As a general GUI comment, I find it diffucult to see which boxes are active on the "Task Selection" screen, in 1.2 B the boxes changed color big time when you clicked on one of them, in 1.2 RC they change color very little. I have a color vision deficiency so that may be why the change is so faint to me. Last_Session.ini
  21. I have the SiI3112, not the 3114. I looked at the drivers in the link you posted and they contain the same files with the 3114 instead of 3112 in the file names. I put the following files in my SiI3112 Drivers Folder: si3112r.cat Si3112r.inf SI3112r.sys SiiSupp.vxd SilSupp.cpl SiWinAcc.sys TxtSetup.oem Then in nLite I add "Single Driver" selecting Si3112r.inf. Works fine for me.
  22. I realize this reply is almost two years late .... but just in case anyone does a search on the topic .... here is my method. I get the icons setup to my liking, then export the following reg key "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TrayNotify]". You can export it anytime, but it must be imported @ T-13 or in safe mode to work.
  23. I just ran two passes of memtest without any errors. I had already ran prime 95 on both virtual processors overclocked from 2.8 to 3.25 overnight without any errors. With the same Version 3.60, I have archived up to a 2.42 gb folder on best compression into a single archive without error. (That's just the biggest, by far not the only). I have archived an entire drive with around 40 gb's on it into 700 mb chunks without error. It's just that particular combination that has failed at least 10 times ... I can re-run it with Version 3.51 immediately after a failure with 3.60 with everything good and hot ... no problem. I have ran it with the clocking reverted to stock ... same error, same place ... every time. I also just got word from a buddy who tried it for me and he did it with success on a NON HT processor. So, I am now just interested in someone else trying it with a hyper threaded processor. Edit: Just played with it some more - I remembered there is a check box for "multithreading" in the settings. Disable multithreading and all is fine .... enable it and get same error. Smells like a bug that has persisted through 7 beta releases to me.
  24. I have a repeatable problem with WinRAR 3.60, all Betas from 1 to the current 7. I am very curious if the problem is just for me, or if it is a problem for everyone. If anyone is using WinRAR 3.60 and is bored enough ... try this and post your results: Copy the contents of an original XP CD into a folder (one without a Service Pack already included). Now slipstream SP2 into it. Last, try to archive it with WinRAR 3.60. The archive operation goes fine, but if I use the test feature, or when I try to extract it, first time...every time I get a bunch of corrupted files near the end with a file extension of .NL_. I can do the same with Version 3.51, first time...every time it runs without a problem. *I have a P4 with hyper threading and Version 3.60 advertises optimization for said processors, and in fact I find it to archive about 10% faster than earlier versions. Therefore, I am also curious if the problem does exists for others, if it's just the hyper threading processors or for all processors. tia
  25. sho_gun

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    I have a P4 2.8c overclocked to 3.25 ... and I had two more failures in a row this morning. I haven't noticed any other instabilities, but maybe makecab doesn't like the oc - it is pretty warm in here lately.

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