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    I noticed that sourceforge switched source control repositories to SVN from CVS. Does anyone know if there is a SVN command line version that is a single compiled binary? I've downloaded the win32 binary from tigris, but it has a whole mess of dependencies, DLLs and such. Back when they were using CVS, I actually found a win32 binary command line of the CVS, that is, cvs.exe. I am looking for the same as far as for SVN so that way I could easily dump the executable into any computer I go to without having to dump more DLLs into it. Thanks
  2. sweetness. Thanks for the solution. I was wondering where it downloaded the data to, definitely not in %appdata%. I tried sniffing out the address, but it was no bueno. All I got was: http://uvox1-dls-slot3l.stream.aol.com:1520 from netstat (which yielded an HTTP 400 on browse). I didn't use any other tools though. One could try etherreal. This beats the cake though. Did you just copy the entire "ML" subfolder from the "Plugins" folder within the Winamp folder? Thanks again...I'd rather have this and I don't give a rats about the new media library thing.
  3. For those who do not know, the latest version of Winamp, 5.2, dumped the Shoutcast Radio/TV tree items, therefore you long longer have convenient access to this list within the Winamp Library browser.
  4. Does anyone know what is the exact URL for the pane on the right that Winamp Library is accessing? Thanks
  5. This might sound dumb but how do I "make an admin install?" There's no screenie for that
  6. Here's an open source freebie: http://www.codeproject.com/tools/TweakJS.asp
  7. Does Windows put all or most of its services in one hive? If so what branches do I need to export of I want to dump them to a registry file...so that I may adjust all the "Service Status" and "Service Type," then be able to hit'em all at once on the next reinstall, instead of having to go in there manually each time. Thanks Nevermind, found some of it here, guess I still have to do it the manual way and then filter it out http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64873
  8. Nevermind I figured it out. Stepped away from C/C++ for a year and my brain is mush. Handy tip, always keep some sort of project ongoing to keep it fresh!
  9. a PHP n00b here, having a little trouble, and can not seem to understand why this message is generating: 1: <?php 2: 3: class myClass 4: { 5: function myClass( $x ) 6: { 7: $this->setName( $x ); 8: } 9: 10: function setName( $n ) 11: { 12: $this->name = $n; 13: } 14: 15: function getName() 16: { 17: return $this->name; 18: } 19: 20: function displayMessage() 21: { 22: echo "Hello! My name is ".$this->getName().'.'; 23: } 24: 25: var $name = "Matt"; 26: } 27: 28: $mc = new myClass(); 29: $mc->displayMessage(); 30: 31: echo "<br>"; 32: $mc->setName( "Julie" ); 33: $mc->displayMessage(); 34: 35: ?> Full output was: Thanks
  10. I must say a year ago when a friend told me about Nullsoft's Shoutcast, I am now hooked. However, what annoys me is if I have some traffic jam problems, the Winamp stream cuts off to buffer...I am sure everyone has experienced that and especially with Windows Media Player. However, in WMP, one can change the settings for the streaming buffer. As misleading as it is, I think the maximum is 60 seconds, even though I set it to 90. I can care less about how much 'delayed' it is as long as I get a continuous stream. Is there a way to set the buffer delay in Winamp? I have not and do not see a setting in the options GUI. I did notice a line in the winamp.ini file aptly titled "config_buffer_time" so I am assuming that is it. I set it to 30000 but do not notice a difference at all. It still cuts off to buffer from time to time, which gets annoying since your there jamming to something and it just cuts off. I always thought Winamp needed a GUI setting and found it odd not to have one since it does support live streams. I tried Googling "config_buffer_time" but I think it may be a new setting, well one that was not documented before this time: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=182606 Anyone with a solution to this problem? Thanks
  11. Does anyone know what programming language is commonly used for crawling? Perl? Python?
  12. sent two requests and have not received any replies....me thinks he will steal our ideas and make money off them...lol j/k, of course
  13. doh I figured that a bit after I hit the button reading those further screens along the way of the cmd script. Oh well, learned something new. Thanks
  14. Thanks, one quick n00bish question Do I just take that silent installer and dump it into the HF folder?
  15. This is supposedly the latest list but it does not include .NET Framework 2.0: http://tomcat76.open-theweb.net/pages/winup/_winxp.html Can .NET Framework 2.0 be slipstreamed?
  16. What's funny about the x64 version, is if you try and use the 64-bit IE, on WindowsUpdate, it freaks out and wants you to use the 32-bit IE, so much for going true 64.
  17. Nope, after I installed XP, I installed the ATI Mobility drivers as usual. I don't tweak or anything. All I do is change the resolutions. I just tried changing it to 1024x768, the installer window still looks the same All other programs are running fine. I'm thinking it is the installer too
  18. Can some expert tell me why this happened? Is it because of hardcoded resolution/window setting which the code used, or is this a problem with NSIS (or otherwise) itself? I'm using 1280x1024 @ 32 bits/60 hz on a 15.4" WUXGA. I have been noticing crap like this from time to time--one time it was with BitDefender 8.x--not on the installer but on the app itself. Some options would not fully show themselves, and the OK/cancel button would not even show up.
  19. Was an avid Norton/Symantec fan, until I tried NOD32 in Q1 of 2005--never going back to anything. I swear by NOD32 now On top of being low resources yet scalable, it picks up stuff that Norton/Symantec never picked up! Now if I can only find a Firewall like it. Forgot ZoneAlarm...it is getting bloated plus it started to fizz out after I installed SP2 for XP, so I never used it again.

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