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  1. The HKU\.DEFAULT is for the Local System account--when no users are logged on: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/...02/1786493.aspxSee also: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305709 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291586
  2. Burn Rights seems to works OK in Nero Lite, just tried it with Where is the problem? must be in an a couple old micro versions a while back, do you know if it works in the current micro version? I don't want to put my system thru the ringer by having to uninstall these burning programs then reinstalling it
  3. Is there anyway you can include the "Burn Rights" component in these Lite and Micro versions? If I try to run either install in a limited user account, it denies me access to use the program.
  4. Does anyone know how I can remove the duplicate entry (or any duplicate entires) in the Open With dialog box (1)? Where is it in the registry? Is there a general place where this is kept all together or does it depend on the file extension? It's annoying to see the list in (2) of duplicates as well as in (1). Thanks (1) (2)
  5. ROFLMAO i don't think i ever heard that one before
  6. does anyone know where I can get a DivX or XviD codec for x64? When I tried to use Virtualdub x64 to join an AVI, it complained about having no codec. Me thinks what good is an x64 Virtualdub when it does not work properly.
  7. nospoon

    vista spy

    what about for those poor folks still on dial-up who don't stay connected to the net all the time
  8. Updated link here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912310/en-us Thanks for this...I have been looking for a work around for an annoying error similar to this I keep getting: and I tested my ram with MemTest86+, and it yielded nothing. People have also said it could be the AMD Athlon 64 CPU itself. Another person from another board also mentioned about going back to an older version on the nvidia drivers. This system is not overclocked or anything. The CPU however is a packaged bundle with an nForce3 board with the geForce FX nVidia video component. I get no BSODs though...nothing except the annoying popup on event ID 26, and then the warning icon in the taskbar. I also notice some sluggish video performance when watching videos. What I do not understand is that even though this is an x64 system, still a lot of the windows components like WMP, Outlook Express, etcetera, are still not native 64 bit--they heavily reside in the Program Files (x86) folder. In a clean installation, the subfolders in the x86 program files greatly outnumbers the ones in the regular program files folder (64 bit). If Microsoft made a 64 bit OS, almost everything should have been rewritten to 64 bit...at least the basic window components and accessories. I do like the idea that there are two versions of IE, and the fact that we still can run most x86 programs via the WOW64 of course.
  9. Hmm...how weird, if you go here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...d/download.aspx It will say: If I go back to the main page: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...11/default.aspx and click through to download the WMP11 b2, it says: It may switch between these randomly, and once it detects x64, it allows the download. Just refresh or go back and forward and you will see at times it say one thing and at other times it says the other.
  10. Pardon my n00bish question Prior to 1999 (the release of DeCSS), was watching DVDs on Linux based systems possible? Was it even possible on Macs? The answer to this sort of is implied here I think, but does any seasoned Linux/Mac guru out there remember? Also, does anyone remember what year or when DVD-ROM drives were introduced into computers? My old memory is getting foggy and technology has been moving too fast to keep up now a days Thanks
  11. nice tool m8, any plans on open sourcing this? Edit: NM, I saw the message over here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=76782 about losing the source code...one reason why free projects should be open sourced so that one does not loose source code. So many times I have seen this happen I have been a victim to his too!
  12. I've been a while since I bought a new hard drive, and I come from the old school days where one would rigorously run burn-in tests on a system for at least 24 hours before giving it the thumbs up. However, with new technolgies and changing times, is it still necessary to run burn-in tests on new hard drives? Thanks
  13. Thanks That's 6 feet for those not verse (like myself) with SI
  14. @andromeda: thanks yeah, supposedly where I am at DSL is not available either, so I have to pay up the arse for cable modem access. It's funny that they should say DSL is not available, but when I enable my wireless, I see at least three wireless routers with their SIDs as "2WIRE" and I know for a fact 2WIRE is highly prominent in this region for being used with the local DSL provider. Do you know if DSL has some sort of capacity in terms of users? Which is why they would tell me that it is not available? I mean, of course, networks have a capacity, but why would they bother to keep advertising it, when they don't have any more "connections" per se (if that were the case)? I could be saving more than half if I could get DSL...that's how much Comcast is being a monopoly.
  15. Not quoting, just replying This is why I asked the question too because back in the old school days this was the case...however, I never bothered with it much since I always used those standard cables/wires, and they were pretty short Now I am just wondering about the newer technologies out there...like the USB with the external hard drives or even the Firewire cables too. So just curious to know what the definitive answer is on that and others likewise
  16. This might sort of a n00bish question but does does the cord length of a USB 2.0 cable used on an external hard drive matter, that is, would the speed be any faster/slower if I were to use a 5 foot cable versus a 20 foot cable? Generally, are shorter cables just recommended? Is there any sort of cut off length? Thanks
  17. Cost is most likely the factor. @general question: besides, how was this done back in the old days, with those green (or white) and black terminals used in banks, where all you see was two cords coming out of the wall, one for the monitor and one for the keyboard? Some sort of timesharing unix thing?
  18. I'm really frustrated with Internet Exploiter. Why does it insist on asking you where you want to save your file, then it totally ignores you and downloads to the temporary cache folder, then afterwards its wastes your system resources to move the file from the cache to the folder you specified. How stupid is that? Is there a way to prevent it from doing this, that is if I say download HERE then it downloads HERE without ignoring my request. I mean come on... This is one reason why I highly avoid using it, but when I have to, it just stinks because of that among other things... Is there a "fix" for this? Thanks
  19. does anyone know of a tiny freeware standalone program to hack this "add or remove programs" list as far as being able to remove those stubborn ones that give you an error when you try to remove it, and also something to help you "clean" up this program list?
  20. Recently done a clean reinstall of my system, and before I go mess it up again wondering if anyone has problems with Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2005 .NET coexisting in the same sandbox? I am thinking probably not, but you know Microsoft and their infinite wisdom. Also, it is probably highly recommended that I install VS 6 first then VS .NET, right? Thanks
  21. So I finally decided to sign up for the Rapidshare Premium, and this is what happens: Hence, it's so called "Unlimited" is anything but unlimited.

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