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  1. Windows 95 is abandonware? What does that mean for distribution rights? Does it mean it is legal to download it? Not that I care I have 95 stored away some where I was just wonder. I never knew 95 was abandonware.
  2. I also can proclaim success in installing xp with 64mb of ram on an old P2, no problem at all. 64mb is supose to be the minimum that XP needs. If you have an OEM CD it won't install on any thing less, but there's some hack (probably using nlite) that can install XP on less. I also seen a while back windows XP for legacy PCs, I forget how much that needed but it was less than 64.
  3. I was always told that Windows 98 was free with internet purchase.
  4. Yeah that just can't be true, cool if it was but it can't be. I mean they haven't released windows 3.x into the public domain, wouldn't that be the first step?
  5. I got exactly what you're looking for, it's a program called batcher that reduces bart pe to some thing smaller. Using it I made a bart pe 36MB...of couse this takes away practially all uses of bart. But you can make your own script for batcher that will keep the files you need. I use batcher to make bart pe about 50 MB, and it includes only a small cd writer, this way I can mount the whole bart pe iso into ram, then I can remove the disk and still burn cds for backing up data. Here's the thread talking about batcher http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=15488&st=0 And here's batchers website. http://batcher.pt.vu/
  6. Thanks alot Jeremy that's exactly what I needed. Never seen this forum before thanks.
  7. I've seen Calmira before but not this good. To make it look that good you definatly need drivers for your graphics card (to get over 16 colors) I never bothered finding drivers, mostly because I didn't think normal drivers would work, probubly Windows 9x drivers would work but then I realized windows 3.1 is really only nice as a novelty item.
  8. Really? That's what that backup thing is for. Will it work on different computers then? will it still be working in offline mode? should I just try it my self and not waste a thread?
  9. Hello all I have Half-Life 2 on 5 cds, but I'd like to make a single dvd from it. Does any one know if I need to simply extract the 5 cds to a directory and run it from there? Or is there more hacking that needs to be done, please reply if you have any information on the subject. Thanks.
  10. Hello I'm hooovahh, or the hoove, and no it's not like a cloven hoove, it's a pun on my last name. I came acrost this forum a while ago lookin to make an AIO dvd with linux and windows distros on it. I asked my question, and then I found the answer my self. Then I just forgot about being a member here. Quite a while later I found this place again with 98 unofficial Service pack, and also when I went to tweak the xp installer. So here I am, learning and going to school (college) and I'm married to my high school sweet heart. I don't know much languages (programming that is) I took java a while ago, and forgot most of it. I've been playing around with visual basic thanks to simply_simon. I know alot of labview...which is hardly a language I know. But mostly my expertice (if I have any) would be AIO multi boot dvds. I've been working on one for almost 2 years now and I'm quite proud of it, it's up to version 5.0...well it's next release will be. I don't distribute it I just make new versions to tell me how far I've come. My dvd has all the windows installs (windows 3.1, 95b, 98SE, ME, 2000Pro, 2003Ent, XP, XP-Lite, Personally tweaked XP, MCE) slax linux with all kinds of extra modules like gimp and open office, puppy linux, Hiren's cd, my custom windows X-PE made from reatogo, dos 7.1 install, free dos install, ibm dos install. I made a sweet boot menu using cd shell, and a good auto run to make the ISOs of any of the windows installs, including MCE on 1 DVD 2 cds or 1 cd. Unfortunatly I don't get time to play with my DVD much, but I've done alot to it, so it's okay to take a break. I know this section is introduce yourself, not tell us your lifes work, but figured if some one had questions, I have some of the answers. Also I have a myspace so check me out here www.myspace.com/hooovahh Oh one other thing I do is make Dragonball Z music videos, just for fun, I'm not like a DBZ fanatic, some of them are at www.video.google.com search for hooovahh.
  11. Sure I'll tell you all I know www.google.com there. Aside from that play around, just open the code, and the whole UI is basic, all click and drag for moving things, and changing fonts. Then to compile it should be File create exe that's it. sorry for such a short reply I'm late for a meeting. good luck
  12. Hello simon, wonderful job, it's awsome that it's only 2 files now. Also thank you so much for actually crediting me for some of the work done on this code. I simply played with the interface and did some other small tweaking, and you still mentioned my work in the readme and the source. I like the new progress bar too. Thank you so much simon, this being your "final" version I don't think we'll be talking about this app much any more. But it's been really nice talking to you, and I hope our paths cross again some time. @felix I understand you're requests and I sugest you download the source and play around with it. Thats all I did, and changing the font has to be one of the easiest things to do in VB. Also the bug you mentioned isn't really a bug at all, where ever the preinst.ini file is found is going to be its base path, so if you want to install some thing from the E:\ drive then put preinst.ini at the root of that drive.
  13. Thanks alot simon I really appreciate you fixing my code, and thanks for letting me tweak yours. I'll study some VB if I get a chance, thanks alot for making that for loop, while it seems easy and basic, I didn't know what to do, thanks. I haven't had a chance to play with your revision of my code, but I'll definiatly be using it in the future.
  14. I'm going to feel kinda embarassed when you see my source. you see I didn't know an efficient way to make a for loop that searched every drive letter, making the char code go up each time. So I simply made 26 practically identical pieces of code. I hardly touch any thing else of yours, and the variable names are all the same. If you'd like to take it and run with it be my guest, it is your program.
  15. Okay after playing around with it I compiled an exe, which looks for preinst.ini on the root of every drive letter. If it finds that file it will use it as it's instructions file, the one previously named instloader.ini. It will then use what ever drive that file is on (the root of that drive) as it's base path. So for example, I placed a file called preinst.ini which had these two lines in it. installing Blocks Mavarious bm.exe in this case bm.exe is just a small game for testing purposes. when I run my new exe it will execute bm.exe if it's in the same directory as preinst.ini. I could change it to say installing Blocks Mavarious \Games\bm.exe And you can image what would happen. I did run into one problem. It basically does a C:\preinst.ini exists set variable to C:\, I do that for all 26 drive letters. On the laptop I'm using to test this, I don't have a cd rom in it's drive E. so when it gets there it, it says "bad file name or number" I believe this is simply because I don't have any thing in the drive...but if I delete that line it works fine form either partition that I have. In any case you can download it here good luck, source is included. http://rapidshare.de/files/12474763/Applic...taller.zip.html
  16. I agree that the default location to install programs from being the first cd rom drive isn't a great idea. Is there a way to make the program search for a file and set the variable to that drive. What I'm trying to say is do some thing like what they do for runonceex, people use the following code to search for cd.txt and set the drive that has the file on it's root, a variable. FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%i: So now variable %CDROM% will be where the file CD.txt is found. I don't know much about basic, I can look around to see if I can make that work. Or simon if you have some sugestion you can chime in any time, I mean it is your code. As for instloader.ini it appears very easy to just change the name of that file to blah.whatever if you feel like it.
  17. I am in no way saying that my program is better than your, I just wanted to show you what I was able to come up with in under an hour, and with absolultly no visual basic skills. Thank you very much simon, your code as inspired me to look into coding in visual basic. And thanks for posting your code, so some one like me can just jump into it and see how it works. Thanks a million
  18. Hello simon, I very much enjoyed your little VB program. for some reason my runonceex doesn't work right and it doesn't show what is getting installed. So your program is a perfect fix. I'd like to try at tweaking is some my self. You know change what text the user sees, small stuff like that. What I'm trying to say is thank you very much for your controbution.
  19. I have found a runonceex replacement which is talked about here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...58&hl=runonceex It uses runonce to run it self. I've tried it and it works for me, hope it helps you.
  20. Danget, I seen you have the same problem as me...only my runonceex doesn't even run on a virtual machine. Well let me clarify, the programs get installed but there's no picture saying whats happening. I was so hoping some on had replyed to you that would help me too.
  21. That's great, I got my DSL to work on my Ultimate DVD, but does any one know about the new Suse Live DVD? or Lindows Live? I'm trying to get these to also work and their structure is much different. Also does any one know how to make xp and 2000 and 2003 install from a spot other than I386? I've found several PDFs and I can't get them to work. It will eventually install but I have to tell it like 30 times during the install to look in the right directory other than I386.

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