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  1. Bigbrit

    Add Burn to USB as an option

    First of all I should have said "create a bootable USB drive" not BURN. I have looked at many of the solutions out there and they are convoluted and hard to use and I have not been able to make a bootable XP unattended USB drive as I can with a CD/DVD. My hope was Nuhi would accept the challenge (in his spare time of course) and remedy this problem once and for all and integrate it into Nlite and maybe Vlite. I work as a tester with DriverPacks and know there would be many happy people there and maybe create a section in the forums to explain USB boot and promote Nlite/Vlite. Sorry to cause all the arguments, not my intention.
  2. Bigbrit

    Add Burn to USB as an option

    Extracting the ISO does not put the necessary boot files on the flash drive. many reader are looking for a clean automated way. There are so many users on multiple forums looking for a really clean way to do this as the prices for flash drives are so cheap. If you have any ideas I would be happy to read and try them. Thanks for the response.
  3. Bigbrit

    Add Burn to USB as an option

    You have Burn to CD/DVD as an option, how about a Burn to USB as an option. I know its a pain for you to program, but it would make life easier for the rest of your users and further enhance Nlite as the absolute best. I know the guys over at DriverPacks would be in your debt forever.
  4. Bigbrit

    XP Media Center - SP3 - IE7 problems

    Thanks for the quick reply. Looks as if the best way is to Nlite an SP2 disc and then finish with a manual SP3 install. Way to go Microsoft. I wish they would test their products. Thanks again.
  5. Bigbrit

    XP Media Center - SP3 - IE7 problems

    Did a new DVD, Nlite with "OnePiece_IE7AddOn_2.0.5_ENU.7z" & DriverPacks. No IE7 on the desktop and the .exe was not present in Program Files. Tried to install IE7 from MS web site, it looked as if the install went OK but still no .exe. Made a new DVD without IE7 slipped into Nlite and had the same problem. Got the original Media Center CD and slipped SP3 only, same problem. Installed Media Center SP2 and updated to IE7 then SP3 and life was good. Question is: Has anyone else had the same problems.
  6. Bigbrit

    Installation fails, no matter what.

    Sounds like you have a memory problem. (XP is more forgiving) Try the following: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso Probably item #2 (zip) is the one you need. Open the Zip and extract the ISO file, burn a CD and boot from it. Good luck, hope this helps.
  7. Bigbrit

    XP RYANVM Updates Integration

    All you need is the latest one, July 07 I believe. Hope this is what you need. :hello:
  8. Bigbrit

    Raid Driver Help

    You can use the following to create a slipstreamed CD/DVD: http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/ For a tutorial on the above: http://users.pandora.be/jtdoom/basetute/Eng_tut6b.htm I have a "Master" DVD that I use to install XP (separate DVD's for Home, Pro etc.) it finds all the drivers on the PC and does not need the "F6" diskette for RAID drivers. You can use NLite http://www.nliteos.com/download.html to create your bootable CD/DVD, it puts the boot tracks in properly and many "tweaks". Also look at RyanVM: http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/ Update Pack 2.1.11 installs most of the MS updates into the master DVD. Also: http://www.winaddons.com/nlite-addons These work with NLite Looks like a lot of work, but once the DVD is made it's good for a couple of months. Hope this is what you are looking for.
  9. Bigbrit

    Reformatting emachine with Sony Vaio

    If the Sony CD's are RESTORE disks then it will overwrite the hard drive and will not boot afterwards as the HAL and the drivers will be incorrect. Find out if the e-Machine is running XP Home or Pro (label underneath, write the # down) and find an XP CD to match. If you boot off the XP CD it will prompt for a a Repair or New Install, your choice. Best way, backup the Data files and do a New Install.
  10. Bigbrit

    installing more ram than MB supports

    As mentioned above MB and AM2 Single and Dual Core are very cheap. DDR2 is about half the price of DDR and SDRAM. It would be nearly as cheap to buy 4 gigs DDR2 and a new Mobo/CPU as it would to "upgrade" your memory. I like Asus - GigaByte, Asrock seems pretty good. Just a few thoughts
  11. Maybe you should give us a few details about (this program), are you talking Nlite or something else ?? What is your Server product i.e. Server 2000/2003 etc.
  12. Bigbrit

    SATA + IDE

    Many Mobo's have 4 SATA and 2 IDE channels (4 drives) Your CDRW-DVDRW will take the 2nd IDE channel, put 2xIDE's HD's on the first channel. 4 x SATA's on the SATA ports. If your primary drive is SATA change the BIOS to make it the primary boot drive. I do not advise putting HD on the same channel as a CDR etc. I have a server box with 4xSATA HD and 6xIDE HD (2x on the 2nd channel and 4x on a Promise PCI IDE controller) Remember A thru Z is as far as you can go.
  13. Bigbrit

    Driver Integration

    It only goes to prove, English is not a perfect language, pretty close but not quite.
  14. Bigbrit

    Audigy 2 ZS Problem in Vista Ultimate

    The article at the following site may be of interest. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=39403
  15. Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907265