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  1. My DVD is dang near flawless.....except my Anal perfect self is losing sleep over these last two minor issues: 1. Is it possible to run windows update unattended after the last reboot when Windows comes up for the first time, after establishing an internet connection? can u set the polling interval? I think it has something to do with the WUAUCLT /DETECTNOW command but don't know in what context...and how (best method) and when would you run it? 2. Also does anyone knows how to automatically configurate Symantec LiveUpdate for "Express mode" with both options enable ("automatically start the session when live update is launched" and "automatically exit at the end of the session")? I've think I've traced it back to the file 'Settings.Default.LiveUpdate' in C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ but don't know how to edit or merge it... thanks in advance!
  2. yep, that's exactly the systems and error I am getting... I will try this... thanks guys for responding...
  3. I have been reading the threads from way back where XPize is breaking the MMC console. I have had this problem since making my last UA CD some months ago, after I installed Ryans latest update pack and the new XPize. I have been dealing with this prob for a while now as it only affects me when I need to go to device manager for something. And now I need to go into Device Manager bad as hell to change the IDE ATA\ATAPI controller for this new HD I am going to swap from another computer. I have tried every fix on the internet I guess, even downloaded & reinstalled MMC 3.0 I have seen quite a few discussions on it, but does anyone out there REALLY have a fix for this? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Thanx....didn't know that......It's true you learn something new everyday!
  5. I don't think u can. I will put it this way, I've never done it on an Unattended but I've done it on a machine already with an OS on it. You can rename it but as soon as you log in again the next time, it will create another profile with an extension on it.
  6. I've seen this regtweak in lots of folks regtweaks.reg, with it being disable. What is the benefit of this and why would one need it???
  7. To clarify, just add the [NetServices] entry with nothing under it, the other stuff is just an example.....just add to your winnt.sif with whatever else you already have in it.....
  8. You can remove Qos AND File and Print Sharing from your network settings by putting this in your Winnt.sif with nothing under it (leave blank): example: [NetServices] [WindowsFirewall] Profiles=WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall
  9. Cartoonite, u were right. It was the bad hacked sfcfiles.dll file I had downloaded. It was for SP1..I had SP2.....
  10. My setup freezes at the T-9 stage when "saving settings" bar is at 100%. Exactly what is running at this stage so I can troubleshoot? I have not added anything to my winnt.sif file, no [setupParams] settings as I have read that that is one of the things that is running at T-9. All I can think of that I've added was that I integrated several hotfixes into the UA CD using the /integrate command. Secondly, I added a hacked sfcfiles.dl_ also. Would these be causing the prob? I don't seem to see how. Any ideas? Could it be something in the txtsetup.sif?
  11. For privacy reasons, I have a .reg entry to clear my index.dat files before Windows starts. However, I have good cookies that I like to save (like for msfn.org) so that I don't have to re-logon to a site every time I visit. However, I just came across this article (see below) on another site that say that clearing index.dat causes your cookies to not retain your userID and password. I have not had time to test this yet, but does anyone know whether this is true or not??? ----- "***IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT IDs & PASSWORDS: Previously I thought deleting only the index.dat files and not the cookies themselves would preserve your IDs and passwords. Wrong! The index.dat file IS an index, and even though it may have thousands of listings for cookies that no longer exist, it is necessary for Explorer to locate the cookies that do exist. So, whenever you clear out the index.dat file, you will lose the ability to just go into sites (that require IDs and passwords) without signing in. If you delete the index, you might as well delete the cookies, since they can no longer function."----- True or Not?
  12. Ur are right, it's just that I do mostly all my UA testing at work! (don't let the boss find out)...so I can't have that on my work PC!
  13. I have a custom SP2 boot screen that I am trying to use. The ntoskrnl and all the files listed below have be modified, modifype'd and compressed when necessary. (Trust me, it wouldn't work at all if all the files weren't). The boot screen works just fine AFTER the UA install, (no hangs, no freezes, no black screens, no probs there). But during the file copy portion of UA install, I get an error message "ntokrnlpa.exe was not copied correctly". I can hit esc to skip, as the screen says and the install goes thru fine, no probs with it or the boot screen ever, ever again, after the install is complete. I had to change: i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ i386\ntkrnlmp.ex_ and these: ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlmp.exe ntkrnlpa.exe ntkrpamp.exe inside driver.cab and sp2.cab. None of the other files above give me any probs or errors but that dadgum "ntkrnlpa'. I have a single processor system, but why isn't the other multi-processor file giving me any errors? How can I stop this? This one error is the only thing stopping me from my ultimate perfect completed UA CD. Like I say the boot screen is perfect after the install. Just that annoying error message druing the file copy. Any ideas???????
  14. Use the Microsoft utility cabarc. You can cab single files, muliple files (like driver.cab & sp2.cab). There are command line options (like -m LZX for compression, etc.) ex., cabarc -r -m LZX:21 n driver.cab *.* makes a cabinet file named driver.cab of the unpacked driver.cab files using LZX compression (21 for max compression) It's simple but effective. It's part of the Microsoft Cabinet Development Kit. It runs from the command line in XP. Just make sure you read the information on command line usage. Just google it and you'll find it to download.

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