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  1. Thanks guys, I ran out of time to try these, but I will in the future
  2. I concur, there are easy ways around the HAL limitation. They are just not supported by MS. In the end unpacking and renaming the right files actually works like a charm for me.(well, I dont have so much systems to test that on, I have like a hand full of different hardware types at work, ranging from ACPI-PIC to ACPI-APIC MP) So what are these unsupported easy ways around the HAL limitations?
  3. I suppose that could be possible. I have tried a multi image onto a uni box, but not a uni image on a multibox. I will give it a try. Thats to bad. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Hi I have been testing the Windows Deployment Services that ships with Windows Server 2008 and have successfully create both Uni and Multi processor WIM images for Windows XP. However the issue I am having is when I build the image on a system with a Asus P5P800-VM and deploy it on to a Asus P4SP-MX (or vice versa) the imaging goes fine, but on the first boot I receive a mup.sys error and the tower continually reboots. Since it is a mup.sys error, I suspect it is a driver issue as deploying the image onto the same motherboard model it was created on works well. So the question becomes how do I increase the hardware compatibility for each Windows XP image I create? I would like to avoid making multiple images (this was one of the selling points of WDS as far as I can recall) Thanks in advance for you help
  5. Simple question: How do I import new contacts from a csv into Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook by commandline. Full Explanation: Part of my job as a Network Administrator is to streamline things as much as possible. One of the ideas we have come up with is to create a script that will update the clients address book. This script would be posted on a secure intranet site so that employees can update their address book quickly without us having to give them a 10 step instruction guide. Some of the users use Microsoft Outlook while others use Outlook Express. I'm thinking detecting which one they are using shouldn't be to hard - just a matter of checking which one is default - probably just checking a registry key. The real problem comes in when I have to import new contacts from a csv or other format file via the command line. I can just replace the address book file with Outlook Express, but this dosn't allow them to keep any of their personal contacts. Any suggestions would be great. (note: I already checked out this website: http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/as...031101033.aspx)

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