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  1. 1) one file, but if you use a batch file can execute more than one 2) yes 3) "regedit /s file.REG" sorry for my bad english
  2. windows7 is work in progress, wait
  3. thak's please upload to rapidshare or any other places
  4. headroom


    Indeed contact Avast. I use Avast as well so I sent an email to virus at avast dot com with some details. Hopefully a resolution will come soon. thank's :hello:
  5. headroom


    Avast Antivirus say : troyan - Win32:AutoIt-V [Trj]. Please help me.
  6. headroom


    download of 2.6 version not working for me
  7. is possible to translate Vista sidebar in to italian language? please help me. Thank's
  8. Beats me. Seriously, this utility is only intended to extract files from archives/installers/packages. If you want to make changes to an NSIS installer and then recompile it, you'll probably need to just create an entirely new installer with NSIS. As far as I'm aware, you can't really "edit" an NSIS installer, and I doubt that the files extracted could simply be repacked without any additional work. As an alternative, I recommend checking out Inno Setup. Personally I think it is far superior to NSIS, for several reasons. Since you'll likely need to recreate your own installer anyway, it wouldn't really matter whether NSIS or Inno Setup (or anything else, for that matter) was used - just make it functionally do the same thing that the original one did (with your changes, of course). Ok thank's nitro32, i try with inno setup.
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