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  1. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Well, since none of you tried to answer my post I just made it myself! It contains nearly every tweak in this topic. It's a real mess inside, and it's definetely not safe to execute and merge. There are also some extra files, which were attached to messages. Hope you enjoy it, what probably isn't gonna happen since it's such an aweful mess. Still, I hope it helps you. Btw, I didn't see anyone post my next tweak: I don't like it when people typ stuff in my IE Addressbar, so I asked if it was possible to create such a tweak. I could have done it myself now, but then I didn't know... It removes the key that contains the Typed URLs and adds the same key, with your own adresses (tweak included in .rar file): Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;First deletes you IE addressbar addresses, than puts these five back [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs] ;Puts the key back: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs] ;Adds the following addresses: "url1"="http://www.page1.nl/" "url2"="http://www.page2.net/" "url3"="http://www.page3.nl/" "url4"="http://www.page4.nl/" "url5"="http://page5.com/" ;The forwardslash at the end isn't neccesary... ;Add as many addresses in it as you wish. You can also add two the same ;addresses. ;"url6"="http://www.google.com" ;"url7"="http://www.site.dom" ;Not only Internet addresses are possible, locations on drive as well ;"url8"="G:\Program Files\eMule\Incoming" Hope you enjoy the packet! _Reg_Tweaking.rar
  2. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Could someone place all of the RegTweaks mentioned in this topic in a .txt-file and add it to a message as an attachement? 'Cuz I just started viewing this and don't really want to watch all of the posts... Thank you very, very much in advance!
  3. Bar In the Internet Browser

    To all: Thank you all for your help, I got rid of it by uninstalling Messenger Plus! 2. Now I have reinstalled Messenger Plus! 2, but this time I did not check the 'install sponsor' space, and I still haven't haven't got the bar back. :excited: So, thanks again for all your help and support. -Michaël de Bondt-
  4. Bar In the Internet Browser

    To XPerties: 3 things, and thanks for the tips. Sorry all you 56k-users. To AaronXP: Thanks for your answer, but when I uninstall Messenger Plus! 2 and reinstall it without the check in the 'Install Sponsor'-field, the bar will be gone, and won't come back? To all: Thanks a lot for your help, I'm gonna try them out real soon, and tell you what happened.
  5. Bar In the Internet Browser

    To DaveXP: when you removed Messenger Plus!, was the bar removed as well? To jroc: I know I am not hijacked. To jono: I tried that, but, as I said before, the program couldn't find it. To all: Thank you all, but does anyone know where to find the Lop.com-uninstaller? Thank you in advance!
  6. Bar In the Internet Browser

    To R600: I also got it after I installed Messenger Plus! 2. When it goes to the webpage that says, 'succesfuly installed'. Could it perhaps be the sponsor that you can check whether you want to install it or not? To all: There is an Uninstaller for it, but I don't know where to find it. I bilieve it's name is Lop.com ...something. Hope you can help me! Thank you all!
  7. Bar In the Internet Browser

    For some yet unknown reason there is a taskbar installed on my internetbrowser. When I run a adware/spyware program, it can't find it. When I perform a virus check, it won't find it either. Here's a picture of it: http://home.planet.nl/~mehlbaum/BarInBrowser.jpg I hope someone can help me get off of it. Not be hiding it, but permanelty. Thank you all for your help!
  8. Hi all you MSFN'ers

    Hi all, I recently signed in for this fantastic website, en forum!! I think the possiblilty of having MSFN.org in your MSN tabs is really amazing, together with all the other tabs, like Google, Hotmail etcetera. :excited: I don't have anything else to tell you all, but just that I am not a real Computer Genius. So I still have lots to learn, so you can drop any knowledge right here in this topic. Cya all. :newbie: