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  1. Hi all, does anybody else here have issues with a NON FUNCTIONAL WMP11 MEDIA SHARING (UPnP AV) feature? I am struggling with this problem for a couple of days now and I am pretty sure that slipstreaming WMP11 is the cause. On a completely untouched XPSP3 Home OEM, the feature works just fine, but as soon as I add WMP11 to my clean install source, the UPnP hardware client discovery is not working any longer (a Freebox HD connected to my TV). I also tried sliptreaming a WMP11 addon created with RUN Automatic OnePiece Windows Media Player 11 Own AddOn Creator INTL and have the same issues... Pleaaase...help is welcome Thanks ulysse
  2. Sorry, I didn`t read carefully enough. I was thinking of "Remotedesktop". I don`t know if "Remote Assistance" is still working - I never use this. OK, don't worry...I have not started slipstreaming yet ;-)
  3. Oh really?! I read somewhere that Remote requires the Help component But ok, I'll give it a try Thx ;-)
  4. Hi all, I would like to remove "Help and Support" under Components->OS, but still keep the ability to use Windows XP's Remote Assistance feature. Anyway idea of what files to add to the KeepBox? Thanks ;-) ulysse
  5. As I could not find this anywhere around here and then figured it out by myself, here's what you have to add in order to automatically install IPv6 and show UPnP network devices Add the following commands in the Unattended section -> RunOnce tab : netsh interface ipv6 install regsvr32 /s upnpui.dll regsvr32 /s upnphost.dll Hope this might be useful to some of you...
  6. These are : KB927374 - The Microsoft Compression Client Pack 1.0 for Windows XP KB931125 - Update for Root Certificates and they integrate flawlessly This time, my hotfixes were in no specific order, but this does not really matter here as the problem is always the same (had them in increasing order before) The hotfixes in my "Post XP SP3 KBs" do integrate without any issues.
  7. That's exactly what I did before and the result was strictly the same (direct integration not possible) The files that are in the folder called "manual integration" on my HDD are those that are impossible to integrate directly.
  8. Here is my last_session.ini Fresh XP SP3 Home OEM French source with WMP11 slipstreamed (boooggy) Direct integration of the above mentioned hotfixes failed Thanks for your help last_session.ini
  9. Thanks for your answer. Crossing languages should not be an issue here, as M$ sent them to me for my French XP (they told me that these three hotfixes exist in English only). Also, nLite says that there is no direct integration support (so nothing language specific...)
  10. Hi, I got all the hotfixes that are included in Sereby's German XP SP3 Update Pack and tried to integrate them into a French XP Home OEM SP3. I also included IE7 and first slipstreamed WMP11 with boooggy's slipstreamer Anyway, the following KBs do not integrate : IE7-WindowsXP-KB933873-x86-FRA IE7-WindowsXP-KB938127-v2-x86-FRA IE7-WindowsXP-KB941158-x86-ENU IE7-WindowsXP-KB942171-x86-ENU IE7-WindowsXP-KB942174-x86-ENU IE7-WindowsXP-KB958215-x86-FRA IE7-WindowsXP-KB960714-x86-FRA Windows-fr-FR-KB943729 WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-FRA-x86 WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB922120-v6-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB932716-v2-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB936059-v2-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86 WindowsXP-KB944043-v3-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB953979-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB955534-v2-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB956391-x86-FRA WindowsXP-KB957282-v2-x86-FRA Do you think this is normal? Thank you, Rgds, ulysse
  11. Hello, I just tried to directly integrate IE7 into a XP Home SP3 source and I get a direct integration failure. This is how i proceed : 1. Integration of SP3 (re-release) into my XP SP2 disc using nLite 2. Integration of WMP11 (+hotfixes) into the source using boooogy's slipstreamer 3. Integration of IE7 into the source Anybody knows what this may be due to and can give me a workaround? Thanks ulysse
  12. petite mise à jour: 1 fichier ajouté 3 fichiers màj
  13. Je mets ici à votre disposition une collection de 264 correctifs pour XP Post SP2 en français. A ma connaissance, il s'agit de l'ensemble des KBs d'actualité et sans les fichiers devenus obsolètes. Cet ensemble de Hotfixes ne comprend pas les fichiers concernant IE6, WMP9 et WMP10 (étant donné que IE7 et WMP11 sont maintenant disponibles) Téléchargez l'ensemble au format WinRAR à partir du lien dans le premier post de ce topic
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