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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks a lot, it give me a great help for my failure of installation XP
  2. 再次求救!v1.0 Final

    I also try second, third time, but it can't remove the "Printers" also, I think maybe nLite don't support XP Chinese Edition very well! I don't know whether other who use chinese editon have this problem?
  3. 再次求救!v1.0 Final

    But I have tested many many times, and each time I selected Printers, and all can't pass successfully. My Computer Configurations: Hardware AMD Sempron64 2500+ Biostar TForce6100 Kingston DDR400 512MB Seagate 7200.7 IDE 160GB Software Windows XP SP2 Simplified Chinese Edition (nLited by me) .NET Framework 2.0 All the newest drivers Office 2003 SP2 Simplified Chinese Edition
  4. 再次求救!v1.0 Final

    v1.0 Final始终无法删除Drivers中的Printers项,此问题在rc8时我曾遇到过,当时用英文向nuhagic求救,可惜并没有解决良策,本想等最终版出来试试,可是似乎仍存在此问题。我已在不同的操作平台,Intel,AMD,Centrino & Desktop上试过几十次,无功而返,希望高手指点迷津!
  5. Nuhagic, Help! I can't remove Printers in drivers

    My PC: AMD Sempron64 2500+(S754) Biostar TForce6100 Seagate 7200.9 160GB IDE and My OS is XP SP2 Simplified Chinese which lited with nLite RC7 Now, I use many versions of nLite tu test removing the Printers from Drivers, such as 0.99.7, 0.99.8, 0.99.9, v1.0 beta, v1.0 RC2, RC6, etc. Finally I found some can remove, but other can't, now I really was mad! There aren't any problems after installation completed, only can't remove the Printers component. I think maybe nLite RC8 isn't compatibility with XP Simplified Chinese Edition!
  6. Yesterday, I tried many times to remove this component, but failed every time! How should I do if I want to remove it. THX! My OS: XP SP2 Simplied Chinese