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  1. 是的,多谢,帮着顶呀。哈哈。
  2. 多谢两位,哈哈。如果有英文回复的话,请两位兄台要及时给翻译哈,哈哈。
  3. I use the nlite edition is rc8, simplifies the operating system is winxp_sp2_vol_cn, after simplifies meets the question software is the MSN_Messenger8.0.0787.00 Chinese edition. Makes a mistake the phenomenon is: After registers MSN, in the MSN good friend tabulates, Chinese are in particular partial, all is the additive device. I already tried to simplify innumerably have spread, I confirmed has not simplified any language option, but still has not solved this problem. Asked appearance this question is what thing because I did simplify to create? Many thanks. 我用的nlite版本是rc8,精简的操作系统是winxp_sp2_vol_cn,精简后遇到问题的软件是MSN_Messenger8.0.0787.00中文版。 出错现象是:登录MSN后,MSN中的好友列表,尤其是中文部分,都是乱码。 我已经试着精简了无数遍了,我确认没有精简任何语言选项,但仍然没有解决这个问题。请问出现这个问题是由于我精简了什么东西造成的呢?多谢。
  4. 问题解决了!原因如下:在使用nlite的时候,启用了“系统文件保护”。 呵呵。不启用这个选项就行了。 在此感谢所有帮助过我的朋友。
  5. Translation: When I saw such many replies card time, I was thorough am been moved! I am not a technical master, also does not understand too many English, here too many people have helped me. My sincere thanks help me all people, in particular Brother mitchellovision. Thanks everybody! Although I had not looked understood very much, but I can diligently! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 谢谢您! 当然,还有更多的兄弟,比如说slippykillsticks,还有gamehead200(这是谁,哈哈)等等,我不再一一列举了,因为有太多的人要感谢。
  6. 当我看到这么多回复帖子的时候,我彻底的被感动了! 我不是一个技术高手,也不懂太多的英语,这里太多的人帮助了我。 我真诚的感谢帮助我的所有的人,尤其是mitchellovision兄弟、slippykillsticks兄弟。 谢谢大家!尽管我还没有看得很明白,不过我会努力!
  7. 我精简win2000时出问题了:安装完精简的系统之后,一切正常。 但我要是加载IE6 with SP1中文版后,出现了两个问题:控制面板打不开了、IE中,鼠标右键失效了,没有反映。 请懂中文的兄弟回个帖子,或发邮件至xzhm@vip.sina.com 。谢谢。 ================================ 问题解决了!原因如下:在使用nlite的时候,启用了“系统文件保护”。 呵呵。不启用这个选项就行了。 在此感谢所有帮助过我的朋友。

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