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  1. How can I make a temporary link to permanent files on my server (so as to not give the real links away)? I'm using sbs 2008 for a server. in other words if I have file.exe on my server and want to issue someone a random temp link to it like http://domain.com/abcdefghijklmopqrtstuvwxyz.exe that expires in a couple days..
  2. Cuz I don't know VB. I can barely do a batch script with download.exe and wget.exe. They work great though for what I need. I've had one that I've tweaked for years now. I don't know how to start learning how to make VB scripts but am willing to learn. Thanks... btw i think i used your batch script once upon a time to download windows updates.
  3. I have been working on a batch file to keep antivirus def's up to date for CLI scanning. I've managed to get the info in a couple of xml files, but need to glean one line in each of them and insert the text into my batch file... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> - <response> - <return> <code>0</code> <desc>Valid key</desc> </return> - <servers> <item weight="10">srv3.directupdates.f-prot.net</item> <item weight="1">files.directupdates.f-prot.net</item> </servers> - <components> - <item type="deffile"> <name>antivir.def</name> <path>/files/defs/v.6/20090724-1439-9c1722e1078540975dd26505a1e775f8/antivir.def</path> - <uniqid> <item type="defid">200907241350b1f2eda5b9dce3692bea07b283f093ef</item> <item type="md5">3adf20033f9d7654d1de9fca2a365e64</item> <item type="sha1">d8fe7d15f9534ceb31f84083a02c2c34f5b5e34c</item> <item type="size">40361941</item> </uniqid> </item> </components> <programversion /> <timestamp utime="1248474272">2009-06-24 22:24:32</timestamp> </response> In this case, I want this line... /files/defs/v.6/20090724-1439-9c1722e1078540975dd26505a1e775f8/antivir.def to be concatenated to my batch file as it changes every day. Would someone mind making a suggestion as to how I can accomplish this? TIA.. aj
  4. i've had that very same problem w/o using nlite and am curious what the solution is. I press F6 and it loads the drivers, finds the HDD and formats, then can't find the driver files just after the format. I get around it by using driverpacks, but don't understand why this happens using F6. In my case it is silicon image raid drivers, but the results are the same.
  5. It may be a good time to learn how to use driverpacks to integrate the drivers. Another suggestion would be to check bios an see if it is in ACHI mode.
  6. I'm having trouble with a domain where the users are restricted users and some programs won't run properly (like Kodak easyshare). If I do a runas administrator it doesn't work. When I login as administrator, it works fine. I have a related question about running windows updates with elevated privileges.... How do I go about making that happen? Thx
  7. Is it possible to allow WS2008 to hibernate or go into standby? I use hyper-v alot (for testing my unattended builds), but don't need the workstation running 24/7/365. It would be nice to enable the wake on lan feature so I could access a sleeping/hibernating PC remotely. TIA
  8. This is a dell laptop that has xp Pro on it. It isn't connected to a domain and i've thought of that by doing ipconfig /flushdns though. It has to be in the registry I think
  9. I have just cleaned up a trojan infected PC that has windows update, symantec, etc blocked by I looked at the host file and it just has localhost I've reset all zones to default. Ive checked the gp settings and they are unconfigured for windows update. Where else can update sites like windows update, etc. get blocked?
  10. Is it possible to somehow add readyboost to 2008 when using as a workstation? Also is there a easy way to disable complex passwords?
  11. Is the backup or shadow copy eating your HDD space?
  12. I'm not fond of the new technet site either and can't find it anyway (ATM).
  13. I've replaced a few out of satellites too... I think they (toshiba's) are just junk in general. They have an incredible amount of crap software, for one thing. They barely run straight out of the box. The last guy had toshiba replace the first one and it failed. I told him it was in warranty, and to send it back in. He was so frustrated, that I sold him a seagate hdd w/ a 5 year warranty. I put vista back on it, but a clean version, devoid of the bloat.
  14. Mine is lame and also unfinished, but my business has yielded over $350,000 since it's inception in 2003. When I started the business, I had an unpublished, unlisted phone and it was the only local exposure I had, besides a logo on my Jeep w/ a phone number. (Now, I wish the phone wouldn't ring.... LOL). I still don't include my area code on the website, because I just work locally and don't want a bunch of unsolicited sales calls. http://akronpc.net
  15. okay, thanks for the answer. I thought it was a setting I was missing. From the server and the notebooks using terminal services, I could see the users tab. Those are the users that need to message each other anyway. Thanks again
  16. mr cluberti? can you help? sorry to bump this. I don't want them using yahoo, for HIPPA security. I don't quite know how to type in my search in google to get an answer. thanks
  17. I'm just learning sharepoint myself.... here's a link to some good examples, albeit from 2003... http://www.sharepointsample.com/templates.htm
  18. I support a clinic that has 2 desktops, 4 notebooks and a server2003R2. They have a terminal server installed in which the laptops connect wirelessly for security. I noticed the clinic administrator installed yahoo messenger on all of the PC's and laptops to do instant messaging (clinic related). I showed them how to use the task manager users tab for messaging, which is a perfect solution to their IM clinic needs. However that tab isn't available on all of the desktops. I've searched through GP looking for an option to enable the "users" tabs so the desktop users could also IM. BTW.... this is a domain and all notebooks and desktops are a member. Would someone kindly tell me how to enable messaging on the desktops (or the "users tab" in task manager)? TIA Jim
  19. SBS2003 needs to be a domain controller. How do you even make it operate as a workgroup server w/o it shutting down every 2-3 hours, in violation of the EULA. Or are you using Windows Home Server, which is a special build of SBS2003?
  20. TY - That was pretty painless. Probably didn't even need Java for that.
  21. This is a different PC than the previous post (FYI)... I had vista x64 on this PC w/ 4 gig RAM and it only saw 3.25 gig and now I installed WS2008 (with plans of using is as a desktop) mainly for virtual Server 2005 and it only sees 3.25 gig. BIOS sees 4096 gig. With Virtual Server, all the RAM available is usually needed and another 768 meg would be helpful. Any ideas how to recover to missing RAM in windows? As always TIA, Jim
  22. Pretty bad when I can't access my technet subscription except w/ opera on Server 2008. I get the message "JavaScript required to sign in". Java 6 update 4 is installed. Technet is in trusted sites. In IE7 Internet Options advanced settings, JAVA Sun "use JRE 1.6.0_04 for <applet>" is checked and IE has been restarted. The "protected mode" is off. I'm just using this as a testbed to learn 2008, so security isn't a big problem for me. Is there any way to "soften" IE7 settings like they are in Vista for 08? TIA
  23. <edit> my post didn't fully apply so i removed it

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