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  1. From my experience with XP (sp2, german) it's quite often it does not find files. Also appears the "containing ..." field does not work either, but is used similar to the "find what" too?
  2. Deleting whole HKLM\Enum regestry may cause some troubles, because it will remove some virtual devices, e.g.: HKLM\Enum\Root\Processor_Update HKLM\Enum\Root\SwEnum You may try to bypass device detection (thing deleting SYSDM.CPL / SYSDETMG.DLL may work), did this for a bootable Windows 98 CD, and reinclude just before creating the image, however I never tried this final step will actually ever detect hardware again.
  3. Appears you originally had the Second Edition installed (, and the conflict manager detects your files are first editions ( instead of the Second Edition it looks for. I'd better not risk 'restoring' files, except you have problems (e.g. WDM / AC97 soundcards and some modems will cause trouble) and have to reinstall anyway.
  4. This patched shell32.dll for Windows 95 (w/o Internet explorer shell update) adds some features I added to my custom Windows 98 (with Windows 95 Explorer) to the latest shell32.dll files (Microsoft Windows 95/95a OSR1/95B OSR 2.0/2.1 UNC Share SHELL32.DLL 4.00.955 Fix): - Optional transparent desktop icons (labels) ; [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop] "TransparentIcons"=dword:00000001 ; or 00000000 to disable - Don't pretty filenames - Reboot windows option instead of logging off (Previously you had to hold shift for the fast reboot; Resource modified with Hex Editor only, thus the new option has lots of trailing spaces) Screenshot: http://ctuser.net/other/win98pro/shell95patch_0503.png Issues: Tested with 4.00.1112 only, but both are quite similar, so 4.00.955 should work too. Download: http://ctuser.net/download.php?win98pro,sh...patch_0504a.zip Installation: In MS-Dos mode, replace shell32.dll with shell32.w95 / shell32.osr (check version numbers, 4.00.95* with shell32.w95 / 4.00.111? with 4.00.1112
  5. Which functions are actually missing? For shell32.dll, you may use shell32.dll from windows 98, rename (e.g. shell98.dll) and hexedit your software to use this. (Did this some a good long time, till writing my own shell32 extension stuff)
  6. 20 secs... seems you should use a fixed IP address? BTW, got a similar PC here as work PC, and with it's Win98/95 mixture, it beats XP/Vista on any 2-3GHz machine (someone recently was fascinated especially how fast a Win9x machine can shut down . Especially the Explorer/shell of Win95 is ligthning fast, so Win95 lacks USB and support.
  7. Firewall:No need for that as the router already blocks incomming connections - in any case, @tGuard (2 or 3), that one worked, was skinfree and didn't need internet explorer Anti-Virus:No need for that (don't need another application which bothers me about me eMail inbox file containing trojans or false alerts)... guess there are to much XP/IE/Outlook users out there? Advanced Windows Tuning (software like tweakXP):Regedit, dis(assembler) Download Utilities:Seems all tools suck even more than Opera 6.06b E-Mail:Seems all tools suck even more than Opera 6.06b? Outlook was the only one fitting my personal style (after plenty hacks), but who needs a virus exchange tool? Webdesign:win32pad or any other notepad replacement... and some assistance of QuickPage Graphics Development:Ulead PhotoImpact (the older the better... due features i recommend a cracked 6 trial, because in the full version some features don't work); However NT series seems to have problems with PhotoImpact - The Gimp for even more functionality Hard-Drive optimization tools (defraggers for example):MS Defrag took 1 day for my 120GB disc... Didn't defrag for 2 or three years now, also last formated my boot partition same time ago? Windows error Checking (Like Norton Utilities):RegMon, FileMon, logfiles, disassembler, debugger Antything else that comes to mind:Software developers should better take care about Windows compatibility (If I want applications skinned, I install a skinning software or XP and get all apps skinned the same way!!!). Also better Windows 95 compatiblity would be fine (if it runs on Windows 95, it 99% runs on any other Windows... if it is designed for Windows XP/Vista, it 90% runs on XP/Vista)
  8. Think Win95c simple started internet explorer setup after installation, which could be easily canceled. Anyone got Explorer 4.0.952 (english) handy? can't find it... For dutch, replacing the resources of explorer.exe with an 4.095er dutch explorer should do, I don't think they have added additional resources. As it seems you're still using Windows 95... I'm currently working on extending the "windows 95 shell32.dll" to XP compatibility, by using a replacement shell32.dll which redirects most functions only to the shell95.dll. Works fine when using the Windows 95 explorer on Windows 98, but had not yet tested on Windows 95 itself. (redirects most functions, adds few new functions, includes some assembly from windows 98/me shell, some functions are not implemented yet -> crash; each function access is logged as fwrd/exec/stub/miss with ordinal, name and some stack info). As the shell32.dll is, except Explorer/shell, no core dll file, I think it's pretty compatible (most unnamed functions are still present at same ordinal on Windows XP, so Windows XP added a name to them... or as Microsoft says: "This function is available through Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Server 2003. It might be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions of Windows." - "shell32.dll version 5.0 or later" - "Minimum operating systems: Windows 2000")
  9. 1. It's open source, you can simply add a protection if you have purebasic (or visual basic for the converter) 2. Does it refuse converting, or the converted executable not include the regestry data? Ensure also to use the latest version (2.24), if you think it's a bug, contact the author.
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