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  1. This problem has been resolved.
  2. My problem is that the Scanner and Camera Wizard no longer works in a way as it once did. If a SD memory with picture files in it is inserted to a USB adapter then a dialogue is popped up. I click on "Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard" and OK. Then the Wizard launches. Then NEXT, I select pictures to save, NEXT. At this point The Wizard shows two field, 1. Type a name for this group of pictures and 2. Choose a place to save this group of picture. The problem happens from here on: It once was that if I enter a name in the first field then the same name sub-folder is automatically created and is shown in the second field. The problem is that the sub-folder no longer automatically created for some reason. Please help
  3. Thanks for your response. According to info published at NVIDIA website, 6200 is in a list of Windows Vista ready GPUs. I downloaded from NVIDIA website drivers specifically intended for Windows Vista RC2 and installed but with no luck. Maybe this problem is due to a bug still left in the RC2.
  4. A friend of mine upgraded video controller from an onboard card to GForce 6200 but Windows Aero is still missing from a list of the Colour Scheme. The hardware consits of Elite L7VMM2, Athlon 2Ghz, 1.5GB RAM and 200GB HD. Obviouly GForce 6200 can not operate at its full capability because of the 4X limitation but I wonder if 4X AGP preclude Aero Glass.
  5. I set up a Remote Desktop host with x64 version of a WVT and was confirmed able to be connected to. Then I set up another with x86 version of a WVT in the same way, I think, but this Remote Desktop host could not be connected to. The host and the client are in a local network and the same client is used for this experiments. I could not find the difference between the ways these two hosts are set up. Error message is: The client could not connect to the remote computer. Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection. I wonder what the "network problems" could be. The WVTx64 which works and WVTx86 which does not share the same hardware(both OSes are installed in the same box). There are two PCs being the host and the client in the local network and networking operation between these two PCs is normal except the Remote Desktop connection when the host is WVTx86. Any suggestion is appreciated?
  6. Thanks for your response. My problem has been resolved. The Help and Support says that the Remote Assistance session can be initiated through an IM which supports the Remote Assistance. The purpose of my post was to ask whether the Windows Live Messenger supports the Remote Assistance because I could not figure out how to do.
  7. I installed Windows Live Messenger but it appears as MSN Messenger and lacks functionality to initiate Remote Assistance session through it. Is there anything else which has this feature as in Windows Messenger?
  8. Nakatomi2010: That solved my problem. Thank you very much for your advice. What I did previously was that I started the process by clicking setup.exe which is in the root of a folder where the deceompressed files and folders are. Then the process stalled when a message "Updatijng Windows drivers. This will take a few minutes" was being displayed. So, I aborted the process, opened a sub-folder, "Drivers" and clicked "Setup.exe" in there to begin installing the drivers and the process was completed. But the result was as I previously posted. This time I logged on as Administrator and the install process for the drivers and Console did not stall. BTW: I could install the drivers and Console on Windows Vista x86(5744) as a user in Administrators group.
  9. I downloaded the driver file from the link in your post, decompressed it and manually installed the drivers by pointing a folder where the decompressed files are. The date and the version as shown in the properties of the installed driver are 9/18/2006 and The problem symptom remains the same as stated in my original post.
  10. I have Audigy 2 ZS on a AMD 64 system. Windows Vista 5744 x86 works fine but x64 version does not. I downloaded and installed the drivers and it appears no problem as far as the Device Manager indicates. If I attempt to play a MP3, WMA encoded music or CD, the bar indicator on WMP starts moving and the volume contol bar graph shows that music is being played. But there is no audio from the speaker system. What could be wrong?
  11. Is it possible to make a bootable USB flash memory. For examples, is it feasible to make a USB flash memory version of Windows 98 startup FD or WXP setup CDROM? If so, then how can it be done? Kaz
  12. How does it work? Do you see Disk Management? Can you change Theme?
  13. I had problem installing WinVIST in SATA drive but had no problem doing so in PATA. The PATA has three primary partitions for various OSes and one extended partition for data storage. How about restoring the hard drive for one partition, installing Windows Vista, and then using a disk utility as Partition Magic, reducing the size of C: partition and creating a new partition for data storage. Kaz
  14. I am trying to set up Windows Media Server. I have gone through the process of installing Windows Media Services, Windows Media Snap-In, and Windows Media Services Administrator For The Web. My present problem is that there is no server listed under Windows Media Services in the Windows Media Services console. On the right pane, displayed is "This version of Windows Media Services Snap-in doesn't provide multiple instances." If I attempt to add a server then "Error Description: The RPC server is unavailable" is returned. How can I add a server so that it is listed under Windows Media Services. Kaz 6/30/04 Edited to add following: Windows Media Services is found to be not listed in Windows Services. Reinstalling W2K3 Std solved the problem. Kaz
  15. Thanks for your response. I have figured it out by now. I think it is a terrible writing. "It" in "It has an in-box driver" represents "a partition or drive". "in-box driver" appears to mean "driver included in LH setup files". Then the sentence can be paraphrased as "Partition has a driver included in LH setup files". Well, a partition on which LH to be installed is a newly created one and has nothing in it. I just wanted to fume over this matter. Than you for reading this. Kaz
  16. Is there an antivirus software which works on LH4074? Kaz
  17. umpire, thanks for your response. I found a solution for each but noted nobody had responded to my post, so I started editing my original post to add the solutions found. After submitting it your post showed up. Anyway, my problem 2) is not that driver letters are not assigned but drive letters are not simly shown on the Windows Explorer. The drive letters which are assigned are shown OK on Disk Management display. Kaz
  18. The following is an excerpt from the README.HTM in LH setup files: ****************************************************** You can install "Longhorn" onto a partition or drive that meets the following criteria: It has a minimum of 3 gigabytes (GB) of free space. It has an in-box driver. It is not a hidden partition or reserved for use by your OEM. It is not a dynamic disk. ****************************************************** In the above, what is "an in-box driver"? Kaz
  19. My questions are as follows: 1) How to adjust the clock setting? 2) Drive letters(C:, D:, etc) are all missing from Windows Explorer display. How can I get them displayed. (They are shown ok on Disk Manager display) Please help. Kaz 6/11/2004 Resolutions found as follows: 1) Use "Date and Time" in the Control Panel 2) Add a check mark for "Show driver letters" in Tools/Folder Options/Views Kaz
  20. If your access phone number is for example, (404)654-1300 then type in as follows where you need to enter an access number: p4046541300 Another word put "p" ahead of the phone number. This has nothing to do with the operating system used in the PC. Kaz
  21. I think there are only two different versions which are an original version and SP1. I do not think slipstreaming sp1 will damage WXP installer even if it is sp1 version since what slipstreamig does is replacing and adding certain files. Maybe an error message is generated which indicates the target installer is SP1 version so that there is no need to slipstream or something. If your friend wants to upgrade his system to sp1 then simply running Windows Update will accomplish it. Kaz
  22. Did you try this? After you launch Recovry Console, select the OS system which is in the second physical drive(probably you will be entering "2" to do this), and enter admin password. Then execute FIXMBR. If the above does not work, then let me ask questions as follows: 1) Are you using a third party disk utility such as Partition Magic, etc. ? 2) Is the type of the hard disks PATA(Pararrel ATA) or SATA(Serial ATA)? 3) If it is PATA, does your BIOS allow setting the boot priority of the slave hard disk higher than the master hard disk? Kaz
  23. Did you run fixboot for D: drive? Did you run fixmbr for the second physical drive where D: is? Kaz
  24. Ihanks for your response. I found tabletpc.ca_, and mediactr.ca_ but not netfx.ca_. Instead there are netfxocm.dl_ and netfxocm.in_. Then what does this means? Kaz

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