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  1. Hi all, I want to create bootable live Windows PE on usb stick. I want to create it from Windows 10 installation i have. I wonder, how can i achive that? Any instructions? Thanks, Rami
  2. Hi, I reached the fall creators update for windows 10 x64, and i wonder where can i found the other updates to download it manually? Here's where i found it
  3. I have windows 7 ultimate that i bought last year, and now i want to format my computer but i want to make an unattended version for my one and to include the security updates on that version. Is there a place that i can find and download easly windows 7 updates? I search on microsoft windows 7 update and find this: http://search.microsoft.com/en-us/DownloadResults.aspx?q=Security%20Update%20for%20Windows%207&ftapplicableproducts=%5eWindows&first=241&FORM=PEME8 I search for updates that start from 1.5.2012 until today. How and where can i easly find and download them? Where can i find them?
  4. here some tweaks that didnt show in vlite: http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/vista...stry_tweaks.htm 10+ tweaks, tricks, and hacks to make Windows Vista fly http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-...11-6153509.html Top 12 Vista Tweaks http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...W50aHVzaWFzdA== if you some more please share. thanks, rami
  5. great work nuhi! btw, what about vista tweaking option?
  6. can you give me a list of all the tweaks that have been added?
  7. in nlite was the option to tweak in few clicks. how do i do that thru vlite?
  8. can someone give me an information how do i do that?
  9. hey, its rami, and i am breaking my head on that, but still cant find a solution: i have windows xp pro, and i want the logon script -thru Group Policy- will run just at once and not after etc logon. how can i do that? EDIT: ==== in search i was found that: if not exist %systemroot%\nameofile.txt ( some commands another command more commands ) > %systemroot%\nameofile.txt which needed to be in the a batch file at logon script at Group Policy. found here. what it means: some commands another command more commands ? EDIT: ==== solved. i was put an example batch test file which include the lines: if not exist %SYSTEMDRIVE%\text.txt ( copy f:\test.txt c:\test.txt ) > %SYSTEMDRIVE%\test.txt which search if the file test.txt is not found on c:\. if its found he does nothing. if its not found it preform a copying command from to the text.txt file from f:\ to c:\
  10. its about server 2003 (the first, without any SP's). how to avoid the message that coming a little bit after that screen: in the nlite program i was write the domain name as jbt.msft. yes i know it needs to be like jbt.com and others. the message asks me if i want to use that domain or to write another in other time. now i don't want to see that message in my installation, what should i do?
  11. what are the switches for a silent mode install for Microsoft External Installer file i grab the installation files, install.exe (which is a Microsoft External Installer file) also. i was extract the files with universal extractor from the NetFx20SP1_x86.exe file (which is a dot netfx microsoft framework 2) via microsoft website. how do i preform a silent mode for this one? thanks on the help, rami
  12. how do i insert adm templates and gpo rules with nlite?
  13. so, i can make it, but its gonna make me trubles.. right?
  14. 1. can i deploy from nlite when i have a cd that includes windows xp pro with SP2 build-in or i need the original win xp pro? 2. if i must, from where can i get (buy) a fresh and original copy of windows xp pro- cuz i didnt find it? thanks rami
  15. ok. i understand. btw, i was loved your explanation! thanks!
  16. 1. you can explain why it wont? 2. i have my own xp cd 3. i know that too
  17. hay folks, i have a question. i want to slipstream SP3 on and to this version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional OEM SP2 Integrated July 2007 can i do that with nlite (for example)? it will give me problems? btw, if you have any suggestion- im all ears.. thanks on the help, rami
  18. i have the same problem too and i have used in the univrsal winntbbu.dll are pinned in the billboard forum
  19. EDIT: ==== after weeks then i dont have an answar- i fix that in myself!! the problem was on the "service pack 2.exe" file that i have put in my setup! he was corrupted! so, i download a new ver from eMule and that fix the problem!! (the old file have 143MB only- and the new file have 260MB maybe that explain..) "the smart is- to get the solution in your own, and tell that for another ppl" rami the m@ster.
  20. gamehead200- it ok man.. im understand.. BrandonS_Mil- no man- its not help... by the way- i have some news - the problem was on the ntoskrnl.ex_ and the ntkrnlmp.ex_ files somehow this files was failed the install.. waht i was doing and have i solve that problem? here is the anware: i take from another cd (UN-ED from my friend- are work perfect) and in his I386 - i take the file "ntkrnlmp.ex_" and comprees to "ntkrnlmp.exe" and i put that file (only!!) in the I386 folder and i remove the ntoskrnl.ex_ and the ntkrnlmp.ex_ files and im solve that problem!- now i have the same massege on the start of GUI setup.. U can see at this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=46431
  21. in what files are u think the problem ?? U see, in the start ,the problem was on the ntoskrnl.exe and the ntkrnlnm.exe now i dont know what happend again! *by the way- if u want pics of my folders in my XPCD- just name it!!
  22. i am willing and i am chack them- im not just tell U before i chack.. and- to what u dont have an access? and its ok man- im understand u.. *ok- i am edit!

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