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  1. I hope that I'm not being too critical. For some of your first work, I think it is pretty good. Work on the centering of the image and text. Also, since we read left to right, the rifle should be right facing. Also, I think a camoflouge background would be hype.
  2. No. This wil also run on a client machine... I've used in on XP before.
  3. Yes, this can be done. Microsoft as a KB article on it here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;189105
  4. What BIOS version are you running?
  5. Do a net use * /d before connecting next time.
  6. Sure. http://www.geocities.com/davidayton/CDisplay
  7. Yeah, right, that helped for sure <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Should help a lot more than your lame recommendation (or lack thereof).
  8. You can do it with Sysinternals psexec command line tool. Its over at www.sysinternals.com. The sytax will be psexec \\computer [-u user [-p psswd] net share sharename=drive:path Peace,
  9. First of all, this doesn't sound at all like a 'damaged' hard drive. All you have are a couple of messed up partitions. The OnTrack software is a good recommendation. You should also go over to www.winternals.com and download ERD Commander 2005. Here's the link http://www.winternals.com/products/repaira...002.asp?pid=erd Peace,
  10. You can disable shutdown via Group Policy, but there is not a way to add the condition of "if someone connected to a share" to the policy.
  11. Okay... It looks like nobody has been able to help you out. Here's the deal. You say that the administrator account was creating at install time with no password and that you are unable to attach to the computer via your home LAN. THe most likely scenario here is that you're logged into another computer with a different account. Regardless of whether you have no password set or not, you wil be prompted to enter a user name and password unless passthrough authentication is at work. So, if you log on to your computer as administrator <no password>, and go to access a share on the new isntallation, you will not be prompted.
  12. I'd like a GMail account... Thanks!

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