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  1. I can not find Internet explorer in Add remove programs
  2. My System is 2003 Standart sp1 My IE6 SP1 working not good, for example ActiveX is defekt. How Can reinstall IE6
  3. I have directx uninstalled and installed again, The Game working with sound now. Thank you very much
  4. Hello I do not have a problem have no sound when playing. I have 2 sound card one am sound Blaster Live one 5,1 Player and VIA AC97(onboard) VIA kind of is music equipment. I do not have no problem with other games however only with PES4 the clay/tone go. with intro music problem-free all clay/tone attitudes alludes. I have the PES4 deinstalliert and again installed however no success. I use Windows server 2003. on other partition give it also win to XP pro. With XP PES4 functions perfectly. Can someone help me?
  5. Found this while I was browsing through ebay. One of the funniest auctions I have ever seen. The title says it all. "PLAN 4 WORLD DOMINATION + P4 CUBE PC WITH SHINY LIGHTS" Complete with stick figure drawings. Funny ebay auction
  6. Looks great, and thanks for the quick update! I made an installer with it and it seems to work great, but I can't actually burn anything with this pc. Does anyone know if the "Unknown Burnphase" message still exists?
  7. Go here: Regshot Homepage And download the modified version that produces a .reg file instead of a .txt or .html file. Very handy.
  8. I'm having some problems getting sysprep to configure my networking components the way I want it to. My sysprep excerpt is below. I'm encountering the follow problems: 1. lmhosts ends up not being disabled 2. File and Print Sharing is bounded to the adapter when it shouldnt be (it's entry is check in the network card properties). 3. Same problem as 2 but for QoS Packet Scheduler. Any suggestions on what I should change? Thanks for the help. ------------ sysprep.inf excerpt --------------------- [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=No [NetAdapters] Adapter01 = params.Adapter01 ;identify the network card by the pnp id [params.Adapter01] INFID = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_100E&SUBSYS_01511028&REV_02" ;install Client for MS Networks [NetClients] MS_MSClient = params.MS_MSClient ;use windows locator for ms client [params.MS_MSClient] NameServiceProtocol = ncacn_np [MS_TCPIP parameters] EnableLMHosts = No EnableSecurity = Yes DNSDomain = edited DNSServerSearchOrder = edited SyncDomainWithMembership = 1 ;Only install TCP/IP. [NetProtocols] MS_TCPIP = params.MS_TCPIP ;disable lmhosts, enable tcp/ip filtering and allow tcp,ip, and udp ;set the gateway, enabled DHCP, disabled NetBios [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01] SpecificTo = Adapter01 IpAllowedProtocols = 4,6,17 DefaultGateway = edited DHCP = Yes NetBIOSOptions = 2 SubnetMask = ; disable file and print sharing, QoS, and NetBT [NetBindings] Disable = "MS_Server MS_PSched MS_NetBT Adapter01"
  9. thnx, but i don't get it totaly......... for example we got at home also a local printer through tcp/ip... (also a HP) and he got as stearing program (don't know the english word) .dll is there a command for .dll or only .inf
  10. ok..... can i copie the line's in notepad and save it like??? .bat or what extension
  11. this is only for a server ( stands at the end) and i need some thing for the client
  12. Hey everyone, At first i'm dutch so my English is'nt that good. I'm sorry for that. I would like to make a script that add's a printer through tcp/ip. At the internet I found some things, but that was all for a network printer (wich I don't need). At this site stands how you can add a lokal printer throug tcp/ip, but i don't get that. also is that with 2 file's and i think it could also with 1 "simple" VBscript. the data of the local printer that needs to be added are: IP: Name printer: Hewlett-Packard (got to check model it's laserprinter I know) it's for a printer at my school and i dont know the exact model of the printer. next wednesday i know it as soon as posible cause i have not earlyer school. i hope i gave you enough information. if not... ask me Greetz. (hope you can read my bad English)
  13. you are all welcome to my site, i welcome all kinds of suggestions, Dr. Wael http://drwael.homeip.net/
  14. If the firefox startup is too slow for you, try pre-loading it. It leaves a small footprint in memory at all times, but it's worth it to have firefox load up almost instantly. Firefox Preloader [sourceforge] You can also try using a customized Moox build for your processor, as has already been mentioned. I think someone even gave a link.
  15. In a fresh Win2000 installation with SP4 and IE6 SP1 running "jview.exe" gives me a working MS Java Virtual Machine version 5.00.3229, so it's not removed. I didn't try an installation from a slipstreamed SP4 CD though. 2) About Media Player, It would be too much trouble listing all the exceptions for IE6, Media Player and DirectX if you choose NOT to upgrade theses. It is up to you to do the searching and beside I don't think there is any issues when installing updates even when they are not needed... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MS WINDOWS 2000 PRO SP4 - (31) WITH Internet Explorer 6 & Windows Media Player 9 & DirectX 9.0c installed 3) Welcome to the Forum! 1. Also here: I installed Win2000 -> SP4 -> IE6 SP1 -> DirectX 9.0c, then went directly to Windowsupdate wich presented me 31(?) security fixes and among them also the one for the JVM. That's why i actually posted it in this thread 2. Ok, just a suggestion. 3. Thanks.
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