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  1. The descriptions of the applications, I mean the tool tips... doesn't show correctly.
  2. Spanish version of kb905474 for download?
  3. I'm trying to make my own Lite Nero, but after I edit the msi, when I try to install it I get an error. I've readed all the topic, and more, but nothing... I use Nero The previous version doesn't do that.
  4. One invite to <removed by request> please Thanks you, Bj
  5. @XPero if I install Windows with .Net Framework 2, why is asking WU for 1.1?
  6. I've added some customized sounds at my Windows XP... I change the Sound Theme with a registry; it works when Windows loads for the first time, but when I reboot it change back to the classical theme. Any idea or solution? Here is the reg -> Sound.reg Regards, Bujo
  7. It's integrated, the only thing I can do is to change with an original Themeui.dll... I did it, and nothing, still no theme with WB5...
  8. I've "XPized" a XP CD (integrated XPize in XP with nLite) and now, after install WB5 it doesn't apply the theme... Any idea or dll?
  9. Here is the solution. daemon.au3 Isn't my creation, I founded on the MSFN forum, and updated to the new version.
  10. @gunsmokingman thank you... I've translated to spanish, removed the close button and working great
  11. O don't like wiscon at all... I've tryed with an vbs, but it seems nobody knows... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=63730
  12. I need a solution for this: I'm building a WinXP with nlite, and I wish at the final of installation, I mean the first time you run Windows, to launch something, a little application, script, or anything to ask you for the new admin password... In cmd is really simple, but I need something more "graphical", with a little more estetic Thanks in advice, Bj
  13. Netgear has some powerfull routers... The best are Netgear and Linksys...
  14. I'm searched any script or appz for what I need, but no such luck... I'm doing an unattended cd (win xp) and I wish that, at final, a simple app change the password for the main (admininstrator) account. I tryed something in VBS: Set WshShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") function CambiarPass(machine) wshshell.run "Net User Administrador" & " " & machine,0 end function msgbox "Cambiar Contraseña de Windows XP SP 2 uE V4" & vbnewline & vbnewline & "Para su mayor seguridad le recomendamos que actualice la contraseña de Windows XP" & vbnewline & vbnewline & vbnewline & vbnewline & "http://www.windowsue.com", vbokonly + vbquestion call ChangePass Sub ChangePass() machine = inputbox ("Importante no usar caracteres especiales y recuerda si usas minúsculas o mayúsculas." & vbnewline & vbnewline & "Por favor indica la nueva contraseña:" & vbnewline & vbnewline & _ "", "Cambiar contraseña") if machine = "" then msgbox "¡Contraseña invalida!" call ChangePass else CambiarPass end if End Sub But it seems it doesn't work... Can anybody help me? Regards, Bj
  15. @Vid0 thanks... One more thing... remove the video support I mean the registry entries... I hate to open the video files with Winamp :-s
  16. @Vid0 good job. Only one thing... the exe restarts the computer when over...
  17. Why do you opened the topic if you don't have a beta or something?
  18. Pack Vista Inspirat 1.1 Does exist a unattended switch for that application ? I would like to install it in spanish.. Thanks, Bj
  19. Easy CD-DA Extractor 8.2.2 does somebody know how to install that app silent? it was created with Setup Factory.. i've tryed a lot of switches.. thanks, bj
  20. and what about another languages? i need a spanish version.. there is no how to guide?

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