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  1. windows xp x64 tiny

    Many thanks SpOiLedBrAt for your response and will look at the sticky on what you have linked me!! many thanks for your reply
  2. windows xp x64 tiny

    Hello to all, hope i am posting this in the right section, if not please excuse my ignorance, am just after a bit of advice on a project i am doing. i am trying to make my own windows xp x64 tiny edition, and was wandering if anyone could put me in the right direction as to make it to 125 mb. at the moment its 600 mb and what do i need to do to slim it right down to the 125 mb . any help would be appreciated and i am using nlite. as i am a complete noob at this sort of thing and thought i would ask the experts for there valued advice. and thanks for reading this. thank you
  3. Avast home and malwarebytes antimalware
  4. Kelsenellenelvia Many thanks for your reply, and much appreciated, also i am new to this anyway. so what your saying what i can understand is that the $OEM$$1Install folder which has the wpi files inside it should not be in my BearXPPro directory is that correct?? and as for some advice my friend what should i do to carry on with adding programs to my xp disk ?? many thanks for any advice my friend!!!
  5. Hello to all, i am making my own unnatended setup cd/dvd, and have downloaded wpi which works very well, but i have a question regarding the $OEM$$1Install folder for extracting wpi into. have i placed it in the right place in my unnatended cd folder??or do i have to make another temp folder somewhere on my hard drive to put it into?? and if i have put it the correct place on my cd/dvd will nlite then add the programs to the cd/dvd as it does with updates/packs etc?? than you for any help . here is where i put the $OEM$$1Install folder to on my disk and just want to know if its put in the right place.
  6. windows xp home network trouble

    Can You Do A System Restore, As Usually That Repairs A Lot Of Files That Have Become Corrupted!!!!!
  7. Windows desktop search

    Nemesis, Have A Read Here To See If It Helps!!!
  8. Windows desktop search

    Start up a command window and try running %systemroot%\$NtUninstallKB917013$\spuninst\spuninst.exe
  9. Live Messenger will not install

    Do You Need Windows Installer 3.1 To Make It Work?? May Be That It Needs That To Make It Work!!!
  10. cannot return from hibernate

    A Reinstall Looks Like To Me!!!
  11. Help with renaming drives

    Will This Program Be Of Help Here
  12. Live Messenger will not install

    Download This Here And run it. You can select any / all Live applications you want to install
  13. Help! program running in the background

    Hi Meggsie, It has been my experience that when a computer takes too long to boot or shut down, it is because a service is hanging somewhere. Look at your event logs. One option is to clear all your event logs and then reboot your system, anything that hangs should be dumped into the log file
  14. "My Computer" & "My Documents" icons changed&#

    Try This Mate...... Run the Error Check: My Computer> right click on Local Drive- usually C> Properties> Tools> Error Check> check both boxes on the screen that comes up> OK. Close the nag message and reboot. Let the process run. Computer will reboot when done. See if this changes the icons back. If it does not, try doing a System Restore to date right before the icons changes.
  15. Try This Mate # Go to start. # Go to all programs. # Open the program folder # And click and hold the exe. File and drag it to your startup program folder. Now it will load automatically when you are starting up windows XP or Vista. The only problem now is that you’ll see an open program each time you startup you system and to me that’s pretty annoying. Just follow the next tips to get it out of the way. # Go to start. # Go to all programs. # Open the startup folder. # Right click on the program that you like to minimize. # And select properties. # Here you’ll see a run option; select minimized and click OK and your done. Hope This Helps!!!