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  1. Recommendation Needed

    Hey Thanks guys, much appreciate your advice...... will check them all out over time.
  2. Recommendation Needed

    I recently had my system crash, due to a bug, my virus protection wasnt picking up. After $200 dollars, hours of reading and help from you great blokes here in the 'forums'' I finally traced it to the system restore. Problem finally solved. I guess, its a question of security, to run an additional scan just to make sure nothing is lurking. Providing the program is good, I cant see it would hurt.
  3. Recommendation Needed

    I would like to take advantage of an ''Online Scanner'' as a back up to the "Spywaredoctor with Anti virus, and Spyware Detector. I am running on my XP Home. However Im wary of doing so, without information. Has anyone studied these programs, and can perhaps recommend one and any points that I may need to be aware of. I would really appreciate your imput. Thanking you, in advance.
  4. Totally Confused

    Yesterday I deleted my HD and ran a clean install. (twice). However I still have problems. System is constantly freezing, response is very slow. When Im trying to download a web page, Im getting an error message '' Not Responding" and my icon for loss of Internet connection is appearing in taskbar, yet connection is still there on modem. Please can someone advise some solution to overcome these problems, while I still have some hair left..LOL
  5. Im running XP home, computer is 12 months old, 80hd and 1g ram. Recently I started having problems, freezing, windows not closing down. Slow booting and shutting down. When trying to bring up a web page its painfully slow. A tech has spent hours on it, run everything you can think of and still cant find the problem. Every time I try to log onto a web page, the CPU graph on task manager goes crazy, flat lining at almost 100% and it doesn't come down. All steps to clean the system have been taken, that we can think of anyway. Has anyone experienced this??, or have any idea's or suggestions to make..