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  1. I solved this problem by using this guide: [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide And creating a boot entry for "Windows XP Pro Install" and "Windows XP Pro Repair". Winnt.sif is called from a different directory than the i386 directory and you can use this to create two boot directories, "PROI" and "PROR" for example, which both target the same i386 install source. Put your unattended winnt.sif in the PROI folder, and put a default or no winnt.sif in the PROR folder. Delete the winnt.sif from the i386 folder. EDIT: I did not check the post date on this before posting, I came across it and struggled with this for a while and did not realize I was bumping something so old.
  2. I have built myself a small DISM script to unpack a clean Windows 7 SP1 image and compile an up to date disc, which I run every month. I have gotten to the point where I am running it over and over again, taking days, just waiting for the one time it works. Eventually it always does. :INSTALL_WIM SET INDEX=%1 ECHO. @TITLE Building^ Windows^ %WINVER%^ AIO^ Disc^ -^ Image^ %INDEX%^ of^ %INDEX_TOTAL% FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('DISM /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:"%DVDROOT%\sources\install.wim" /Index:%INDEX% ^| FIND /I "Name"') DO SET EDITION=%%A SET EDITION=%EDITION:Name : =% FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('DISM /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:"%DVDROOT%\sources\install.wim" /Index:%INDEX% ^| FIND /I "Architecture"') DO SET MOUNT_BIT=%%A SET MOUNT_BIT=%MOUNT_BIT:Architecture : =% ECHO Image %INDEX% of %INDEX_TOTAL%: %EDITION% %MOUNT_BIT% ECHO - Mounting Image... MKDIR "%MOUNT_DIR%" >NUL %DISM% /mount-wim /wimfile:"%DVDROOT%\sources\install.wim" /index:%INDEX% /mountdir:"%MOUNT_DIR%" >NUL IF EXIST "%UPDATES%\ie" ECHO - Adding Latest Internet Explorer...& FOR %%b IN ("%UPDATES%\ie\*%MOUNT_BIT%*.*") DO %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Add-Package /PackagePath:"%%b" >NUL 2>&1 FOR /F "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /b /A-d "%UPDATES%\*%MOUNT_BIT%*" ^| find "" /v /n /c') DO SET UPDATE_TOTAL=%%a>NUL SET COUNT=0 FOR %%b IN ("%UPDATES%\*%MOUNT_BIT%*.*") DO ( SET /A COUNT+=1 SET /P "=.%BS% - Adding Update !COUNT! of %UPDATE_TOTAL%...!CR!" <NUL =====MAIN PART HERE===== %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Add-Package /PackagePath:"%%b" >NUL 2>&1 IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 0 ECHO Index:%INDEX% %MOUNT_BIT% !COUNT! !ERRORLEVEL! Update:%%b >> "%ERROR_LOG%" =====END MAIN PART===== ) ECHO - Adding Update %COUNT% of %UPDATE_TOTAL%... IF /I "%WINVER%" == "Vista" Call :DRIVERS_VISTA IF /I NOT "%WINVER%" == "Vista" Call :Drivers IF EXIST "%ERROR_LOG%" ECHO. >> "%ERROR_LOG%" %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Set-TimeZone:"Eastern Standard Time" >NUL 2>&1 %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Set-UILang:en-US >NUL 2>&1 %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Set-SysLocale:en-CA >NUL 2>&1 %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Set-UserLocale:en-CA >NUL 2>&1 %DISM% /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /Set-InputLocale:1009:409 >NUL 2>&1 IF EXIST "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Music\Sample Music" RD "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Music\Sample Music" /S /Q >NUL 2>&1 IF EXIST "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures" RD "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures" /S /Q >NUL 2>&1 IF EXIST "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos" RD "%MOUNT_DIR%\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos" /S /Q >NUL 2>&1 ECHO - Saving ^& Un-Mounting Image... %DISM% /unmount-wim /mountdir:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /commit >NUL RD /S /Q "%MOUNT_DIR%" >NUL %DISM% /cleanup-wim >NUL IF EXIST "%MOUNT_DIR%" ECHO ERROR! %MOUNT_DIR% cannot be deleted.& pause goto :eof My custom error log, which basically just tells me if I have an error or not, shows this: [no problems with index 1-7] Index:8 x64 1 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\IE9-Windows6.1-KB2761451-x64.cab Index:8 x64 2 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package-x64.cab Index:8 x64 3 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2189014-v2-x64.cab Index:8 x64 4 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2276594-x64.cab ect.... Index:9 x64 1 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\IE9-Windows6.1-KB2761451-x64.cab Index:9 x64 2 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package-x64.cab Index:9 x64 3 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2189014-v2-x64.cab Index:9 x64 4 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2276594-x64.cab ect.... and the next time like this: [no problems with index 1 or 2, or updates 1 - 203] Index:3 x86 204 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2673042-v2-x86.cab Index:3 x86 205 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2674365-x86.cab Index:3 x86 206 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2674705-x86.cab Index:3 x86 207 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2674913-x86.cab Index:3 x86 208 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2675275-x86.cab Index:3 x86 209 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2675611-x86.cab Index:3 x86 210 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2675806-x86.cab Index:3 x86 211 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2676562-x86.cab Index:3 x86 212 -2146498512 Update:C:\WinAIO\Updates\7\Windows6.1-KB2679255-v2-x86.cab ect.... [no problems with index 4-9] So I can keep multiple install.wim's around and keep exporting the images that worked into a final image, all done manually, but DONE MANUALLY? yeah not cool. A snippet from the DISM log has been attached. Why does this seem to work sometimes, but not all the time? I also use this script to update Windows Vista and 8, again sometimes working sometimes not. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with all updates and my antivirus disabled (Symantec Endpoint Protection). Windows 8 ADK is installed, I wanted to see if it fixed this problem. It didn't. Once in a while unmounting an image will also fail claiming files are in use, which they shouldn't be. I've tried finding the services responsible and I can't. Unlocker can't identify the process or remove the files manually without rebooting. I am not dual booting or booting from a VHD or anything advanced. It's a very simple setup with one partition, one user account (admin with UAC disabled). I have a Lenovo T520 i5-2520M 8GB with OCZ 256GB Vertex 3 SSD. I'm not sure if any other information is relevant. Does anyone else have a similar issue? I have no idea what is going on. EDIT: In retrospect I probably should have put this in the Unattended forum, although my question isn't exactly about the unattended process. MOD feel free to move as required.
  3. Thank you for your advice, I have attached the file you requested. MBR_HardDisk0.zip
  4. Hey Everyone, I have a MAJOR problem currently. I was running Windows Server 2008 R2 with weekly backups to a dedicated internal 2TB hard drive. Windows naturally removes the drive letter from this drive. My original data drive has failed and I need to recover this data. I have removed this 2TB drive from my server and attached it to a dedicated test server. I am able to detect this drive in disk management and it currently has 3 partitions. One partition is just over 1850GB, which is where my data must be stored. I am unable to assign a drive letter to any partition on this drive. My problem is that Windows Server Backup will not even detect this drive at all! Diskpart tells me this drive has no mount locations, and the partition type is 83. The only solution I have come across is uRecover, but unfortunately I wasted my money purchasing this product as it will not run! I keep recieving an error message stating "Missing the current machine signature." Is there any other software or method that will allow me to recover my data? This is my only backup of this specific data. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.
  5. noob question - windows update on login?

    Internet Explorer opens to the Windows Update website. I have searched everyone i can think of on my machine to stop this from happening, but i cannot find a command to open IE on login.
  6. first, i would like to appolize for such a stupid quesiton, but i cant find it anywhere. is there anyway to stop windows update from opening when an administrator logs in?
  7. Which Os Is Better?

    definetly server 2003 enterprise, no ifs ands or buts. its xp pro combined with server 2000, best of both worlds. this one is actually reliable.
  8. Whats your age?

    im 15, not very involved post-wise, but i definetly read through most of the stuff here
  9. Windows Live™ Messenger Invitation Topic

    can i get one? thanks in advance. RaynotRoy@hotmail.com
  10. Percentage Complete Coding for CMD?

    Thanks so much man, thats absolutly AMAZING. good work.
  11. Percentage Complete Coding for CMD?

    Im not using true DOS, im looking for a counter in the cmd prompt that tells me how much copying is done. ex. NOW COPYING THE i386 DIRECTORY TO %SYSTEMDRIVE% ...... ??% Complete. What command will tell me how complete it is?
  12. When I copy the i386 directory to the hard drive during setup, it takes a REALLY long time, and i was just wondering if there was any way for it to tell me how much is left to copy in the CMD prompt. Any thoughts?
  13. FAQ | A 'DriversCD'?

    Download the driverpacks you wish to burn, use PowerArchiver or WinZIP to extract them, and burn the extracted files. When windows is searching for a driver, tell it to look on the cd drive. Driverpack BASE is not needed.
  14. Try Using HFSLIP and putting the cabs in the HFCABS folder. This site has the instructions.
  15. Best Applications

    Firewall: Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus: eAnthology StopSign Advanced Windows Tuning: TweakXP Download Utilities: Download Accelerator Plus E-Mail: Google Mail (gmail) Webdesign: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 (very expensive) Graphics Development: Adobe Photoshop Hard-Drive optimization tools (defraggers for example): Diskeeper Professional