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  1. the shutdown event tracker is enabled by default in server 2003 it hardly constitutes as an easter egg, its just so that windows knows why you shut it down
  2. VistaGlazz patched files?

    for reference, the original source is here: http://anti-tgtsoft.com/repository/uxtheme/
  3. because then all the shell calls would be run through media center
  4. or you could just add a startup entry for ehshell.exe it would be a lot simpler, but less efficient
  5. logon, yes '03 uses the classic logon screen and xp uses the new logonui screen boot, yes the progress bar is a shade of grey instead of blue / green the main branding bmp is also predictably different desktop, kinda by default '03 doesn't use themes so you're in classic mode the start menu default places and pinned items are also different my computer doesn't show my documents or common tasks and the details view is the global default overall, yes there are quite a few changes hardware acceleration is disabled drive mounting is disabled ieharden and shutdown event tracker are both enabled need any specifics ? just ask
  6. Deleting Menu Folders

    you can take out the guess work of whether its all users or local user by viewing its location via folder properties.
  7. Is 256 and 16 color icons needed in XP?

    all that you really need in an xp icon is 32bit versions of the 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 if you're using large icons mode the only time you need to go into lower bit versions are when your graphics card cannot support them.
  8. KDS lcd

    this could also be a backlight issue, if the image is still shown but extremely faintly. what angle are you using the screen at ?
  9. i've been trying to do this for some time (glad i'm not the only one to be honest) setting a mixed case value in winnt.sif [unattended] TargetPath= always produces a version in capitals
  10. Srv2k3 sound adjust annoyance

    seems obvious, but have you set audio acceleration to full ? its default value can sometimes create symptoms like the ones you describe.
  11. How to run a REG file

    or you could convert it to an inf file and integrate it into nlite.inf
  12. Vista SP1 has just been released.

    i doubt its real, its more than likely a big collection of hotfixes like all the supposed XP SP3 betas that are floating around
  13. take long time to install windows xp

    could you upload your last session ini file so we can see which changes you have made ?
  14. media fire used to be one of the best, unlimited file size, no wait times, minimal adverts, excellent reliability but they seem to be getting worse with every upgrade now your limit is 100MB, popups and banner ads and its rarely ever online
  15. long list on google

    this is more down to searching better, use quotes and other operators