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  1. for some strange reason, vLite will NOT install the WIM dll files. Although I put them in there, it is not working. I put the x86 dll in the vlite\wimfltr\x86 folder and the 64bit dll in its \vLite\wimfltr\x64 folder I ALSO put the 32bit dll into the vlite folder. Just nothing works. It keeps saying "Put the WIM filter installation files in the 'c:\program files\vlite\wimfltr\x86' then press OK"...the problem is, they are there and when I press OK, it just says the same thing. I get nowhere. What on earth is wrong? Thanks in advance. DLL version reports 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
  2. I tried to add Euro but no luck. I added my serial number in the .INI file and recompressed the file and it simply does not install during XP install. If I just open up the .CAB file and install it from there in XP, it works fine. Installs silently and for sure works. Just not during the nLite XP install process. Any ideas? (HINT: I checked the program files folder and there is no trace of NERO on the newly installed nlite XP)
  3. Noob here. I finally go nLite Addon Maker to work properly. It wanted to do it's thing but I wanted it to do something else and finally it did what I wanted. Anyhow, I hope you find this useful. MagicDisc MagicDisc is a great way to mount your ISO files. This is my favorite method to mount CD or DVD image files because the program is small, really easy to use, super light on the resources. VERY important to me. I am running an Intel Celeron with 384 Mb of RAM and MagicDisc STILL runs great. Nothing more poochy than a Celeron and Intel chipset onboard. MagicISO Ok, this is MagicISO which works together with MagicDisc. You can install either one alone. MagicISO is great to look into ISO image files (and other formats) and even unarchive them to the hard drive. Small, very efficient, not a resource hog. * Note: MagicISO was not silent when I installed it. It produced for me 1 error during "hands off" install. If somebody has a fix, please let me know. Otherwise I will try to fix it myself.
  4. NEO: You are the mannnnnnnn! Thank you very much. I am going to try this right now. PETESKI: I tried that method of turning a .REG file into an .INF but for some reason, it did not make the changes that I required. I only wanted to add some registry keys to software, some system tweaks, and some taskbar tweaks.
  5. I bet this is a dumb question but I haven't found the answer anywhere. How do you run a REG file during/after the windows installation using nLite? Do I use the RUNONCE feature for this? Thanks and I really hope this hasn't been covered like 20 times in the forum.
  6. Dude, FOR SURE, I think you should add this... * Ability to change the default directorys (IE., Windows, Documents and Settings, Boot, ProgramData, Users, Program Files) * Add a way to add our own custom .REG file at the end. That way, we can add our own little tweaks to Vista. * Network card setup, workgroup, etc. Like in nLite. * Default IE page. Make it Google.com ;-) Thanks for the GREAT software. You're really a life saver! We all appreciate your work very much.
  7. Same problem for me. Things seemed great until I rebooted. I haven't messed around but it seems like the control panel should open. But I won't complain since vLite is an early beta. I just think this program is the BOMB! THANKS! Please keep up the awesome work!
  8. I DID google this already. I would never come on here and ask before I did my research. Hope you all don't get mad at me BUT, I can not get Radmin 2.2 or 3.0 to install on my nLite XP. I really really need some help with this. I just want the Radmin to install onto the XP with my own customize settings. I have a reg file that when its executed from nLite, would set up Radmin perfectly. Also, the Radmin has to install correctly WITH the registration code so that it runs as a service. So there are some important details here. Can anybody help please? Thank you in advance. Sorry I wasn't able to make use of the current help forum topics on this subject. :-(
  9. Hey there. This seems like a great program but can it convert VOB/DVD to AVI? I could really use that. NOTE: I want to save VOB/DVD to AVI, edit with VirtualDub (or any other editor), then maybe convert to SWF. Thanks! Good work!
  10. I have 8Gb of Linux on my 120Gb ATA hard drive. Both Windows XP Pro AND my customized nLite CD (with HDD space and memory checks turned OFF), it still crashes! I really thought the nLite CD would work when the standard XP CD didn't but I was wrong. Could we change something in nLite in order to fix this problem? When XP starts, I think it checks the harddrive and crashes upon detecting any Linux partition! HELP! Thanks! GERMAN TRANSLATION FROM http://www.freetranslation.com/ Ich habe 8Gb von Linux auf meiner 120Gb ATA Festplatte. Beides Windows XP Pro UND meine individuelle nLite CD (mit HDD Platz und Erinnerungskontrollen haben ausgeschaltet), es noch stürzt! Ich habe wirklich gedacht, dass die nLite CD arbeiten würde, als das normale XP, das CD nicht aber ich machte, falsch war. Könnten wir etwas in nLite ändern, um zu reparieren, dieses Problem? Wenn XP anfängt, ich zu denken, dass es den harddrive und die Stürze auf Entdecken von irgendeiner Linux Verteilung prüft! HILFE! Dank!
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