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  1. right click (pron dialer)

    how would i do that?
  2. right click (pron dialer)

    nope didnt work
  3. right click (pron dialer)

    oh yeah ad aware,forgot about that beast,will do! thanx matey
  4. right click (pron dialer)

    ok my freind has been messing about lookin at naked ladies on my pc while i was out of the room and has put spmething on my pc!!! now when i right click while im on the net inbetween refresh and properties is a new tab that says >> free porn galleries <<. git is there any way i can take this off?
  5. ME fuzzy screen

    hi guys,got it sorted now! it was the resolution!!! i had it in 1024 and it just wasnt havin it,is an old pc. so i slapped it in 800 and its fine now
  6. ME fuzzy screen

    hi iv just replaced an old monitor with a new 17 inch reliysis vga monitor and my screen is really fuzzy and its makin my eyes go all funny lol. iv tried the refresh rate and its still fuzzy!!! please please help me,il go blind if i have to look at it anymore!!!
  7. is my pc vintage?

    yeah iv been taking it through its paces with unreal 2 and 2003!!!! doesnt even bat an eyelid! want deus ex 2 or half life to really give it a pasting
  8. is my pc vintage?

    yeah it seems ok,just pretty bummed about gettin an old card,i got it from pc world
  9. is my pc vintage?

    i think the motherboards an n-force. whats that mean??
  10. is my pc vintage?

    hi ppl,iv recently bought a new pc xp 3000+ amd xp 512 ddr geforce fx 5600 is my graphix card outdated???? i bought the pc a week ago and it was the best card fitted in any of the pcs! but everyones on about 5900s now. i bought the pc solely to play halflife 2 and doom 3,and because my pc got virused and blew the processor! lol oops. anyway will it hack the newer games?? one more thing,wen i opened up the pc (just to browse the components) i noticed a chip on the motherboard with nvidia on it_what is this??
  11. internet memory

    hi guys,when u type something into the internet bar,it remambers it right,but is there a way of making it not remamber them as i dont want a big list of sites popping down everytime i click on it. thanx
  12. patitions

    can anyone explain a partition to me? how is it done and what use is it?? ivheard you can have a second o/s on it like red hat or linux?
  13. shutdown after download

    hi,i download quite alot of big files off the net but have to be near the pc to shut it down after its finished,is there any way of getting the pc to auto shutdown after downloads are finished??????