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  1. I intergrate 15 or so addons with nlite. However in my last 2 installs only about 1/2 of em are installing. Im going to try and trouble shoot the addon in the morning. But before i do i want to know if anyone has ever had this issue before?

  2. My guess is people removed more than they should have and now it's the pack's fault :rolleyes:

    And Koopie, I'm not a mod here, so I can't edit your post. But I would appreciate it if you'd remove it (if I don't get a mod to do it for me first :P)

    I didnt remove anything diffrent then in my other install. Nlite and 2.0.7a dont mix, as said on your fourms. If its all of your packs and nlite, i dont know. I only had the issue with .7a. I reinstalled with 2.0.6 and all is well. I'm not too good with this stuff to acctualy tell what went wrong. Your packs kick a**, thanks.

  3. I would like to be able to set the ip address via mac address in the unatended tabs. As of now, i have to paste it in my winnt.sif.

  4. I need it b/c of 2.0.7 has issues if you intergrate with nlite, even if you use the intergrater he provides. With 2.0.6 i didnt have any of those issues.

    I just upgraded my new install to 2.0.7a (via nlite). I know nlite gives issues, but i wanted to test it for my self. So i add in all my apps, drivers tweaks and updates. Once i install only TWO of maybe 12 aplications were installed that were in .cab format. I think .7 and nlite caused this. So im looking for 2.0.6.

    Edit :: WGA isnt an issue, 2.0.6 had WGA aswell.

  5. I had a few issues with the program, one i got an I/O error 145, i had to close the program. At the time i didnt know it left old traces of past projects if it didnt complete. So when i tried to make a new .CAB it was a 4mb program and the cab came out to 252mb, the way i fixed this was to delete the dir and reinstall the program.


  6. I didnt mean to revive it, i saw it on the first page... its not like i went looking for the 5 year old thred. Maybe someone voted... i dont know. But keep your remarks to your self i see somthing front page i would think its a new topic.

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