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  1. I get this too, but mine is diffrent...

    I dont leave the password blank I set Administrator as the log on @ first boot, but when I get to the login page it cant log in cause the password was set wrong, nLite set my First name as the Admininstrator account name and my Last name as the Password

    Example, If I put my name as John Doe this is what happens

    Name: John

    Password: Doe

    i had the same issue with a password yesterday, had to use a full version of windows.... :(:(:(:(:(

  2. I have a new Conroe rig and my nlite setup wont work. I think i may of removed something thats needed =X. Here are the errors.

    When i select "other" i get the error shown in screen number 2. When i select the 1st option i get a BSOD. A normal xp install works fine. A nlited one with no add ons wont work ether. So i know its a tweak or a removed file somewhere.... i will also attach my last session.




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