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  1. Nlite - which I had formerly been testing to create Win2K ISO's, until I chanced upon HFSlip through much Forum browsing. I see Nlite is mentioned a few times (mostly in passing) in the 2Ksp5.html walkthrough. I was wondering about some recommendations? What might one still use Nlite for if starting their source w/ HFSlip. As it seems to me Nlite would likely bastardize HFSlip's settings... or do they actually work well together? Am a bit confused :-)
  2. When removing IE w/ HFSLIP, Using IEPatcher.exe to fool programs into thinking IE is installed is mentioned in the 2ksp5.html walkthrough. Has anyone actually tried this w/ Norton's? Back when I was running 98, last year, was able to trim SystemWorks down (postInstall) to just speeddisk (3.1megs), by doing some testing w/ "FileMon". Suppose everyone has moved on to OTHER defraggers, but speeddisk has always been my favorite :-) And sites that don't load in Opera I just don't go to, so probably time to ditch IE.
  3. Just use C:\Users, or C:\Documents and Settings, then after install, copy all the files from there to D:\ (can't copy all files of the logged in user, will need to logout once, to second Admin) and mount D: to C:\Users Same thing for Program Files or the like, Set Nlite to C:\Programs copy all files to E:\, and mount the drive to C:\Programs Does require a minimal amount of work after install, but sounds better than multiple setups to format drives...
  4. I'd ask someone that has purchased a crappy a** computer in the past, like a Compaq, or such, that comes with RestoreDisks, if they're no longer utilizing them, those restore Disks have an Options/Cabs directory w/ all the files required to install 98, then you could do MDGx's 98SE 2 ME, which appears to be quite functional aside from that discrepancy w/ not being able to remove the "logff Windows" from the StartMenu.
  5. *Chuckle* Thanks. I researched it here more, found that link for http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/file/part.htm Of course I never knew of this "limit" til last year or so when I got my 80gig HD and the sales rep "advised" me not to partition the drive larger than 32Gb Since then I've been under that impression Gah.
  6. I'd recommend a reboot after installing Office, before SE SP 2.0, should prevent any erroneous errors like the ones I got, causing Office2000 to claim registry errors and .dll not found/registered -- which caused Office to have to reinstall itself
  7. I'll prolly install linux on my new PC in the next month or so, but I found Cygwin did everything I needed and was a very nice "enhanced dos box" As for XP? no thanks, I might install Win2K as I don't necessarily want to partition 2 160-200GB drives into 5-7 partitions each. As for stability claims, my 98se box only needs to be rebooted every 16-24 days, with heavy usage, utilizing CD-Tools, Opera, TotalCommander, etc. Just tried MDGx's 98se2me after a clean Install, so will see how my system stability performs w/ that.
  8. I notice a number of people dualboot w/ Either Xp/2K/or possibly Linux alongside 98, I would imagine those of you with monster drives haven't broken all the partitions into 32GB ones, what did you do then? Just use NTFS or linux-FS on larger partitions and not let 98 read/write to those drives?
  9. After installing option 1 & 3 of 98se2me, TweakUI can't remove "Log off" from Start Menu, is it merely a registry hack to take that out? or embedded in the replaced Explorer/CmDlg/etc? Otherwise, everything appears to be pretty darn functional thus far quite impressive <Gah, meant to go into Killer Replacements...Maybe that "sticky" under this SubThread should have its own SubThread heh> Just delete this, will try a reply to the right thread. I reposted to the proper thread, and that RegistryTweak no longer works: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=37302&st=290#
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