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  1. Despite the risk of a USB stick being lost or stolen I have never used encryption software. There are too many extremely negative reviews about encrypted data being lost forever because the software damaged files during the encryption process, making it impossible to decrypt. A friend has used the same portable app called dsCrypt for years with no problems. He convinced me to try dsCrypt. It's very easy to use and seemed to work with no problems. Well, the worst has happened! I've got three text files that I've encrypted and decrypted many times with dsCrypt. About one hour ago I attempted to decrypt these files. I'm getting a "Data is Invalid" message box. I fear that dsCrypt has destroyed these files, which is the reason I avoided all encryption software. The extention "dsc" is added to all files encrypted with dsCrypt, but changing the filename or extention has no effect on the encryption or decryption process. If you understand this type of software I would appreciate any suggestions. If these three text files are lost forever, I will never use encryption software again.
  2. I've tried three apps and they all have problems. ICE Encrypt and Remora USB Disk Guard run ok with 98SE, but they completely failed to encrypt files and folders. Cypherix LE seemed perfect. During the install it selects your operating system from a menu and installs the correct files on a USB flash drive. Cypherix creates an encrypted container or "vault" for any files or folders. When I attempted to run Cypherix I got an illegal operations box. I usually avoid any app that causes an illegal operation, unless the app is irreplaceable, which is usually not the case. If someone knows what's causing the illegal operations problem please let me know. With 98SE, I only need to protect folders that are loaded onto flash drives, because they are used with other operating systems. A protected folder that won't open without a password, similar to a WinRAR encrypted archive is really all I need. Simple is better.
  3. I'm using a Kensington 72121 with a multi-boot system. It works fine with Windows and Linux operating systems. This Kensington model is no longer manufactured, but it's still available on a few sites. The 72121 I'm using now is working ok. I prefer corded mice. Logitech's M500 seems like a good substitute. I've got some unique software running on 98SE that was created for my business. If I keep 98SE the only way I could install Logitech's SetPoint software is with KernelEx. I've tried KernelEx a few times. There were so many problems I always restored the system before the KernelEx install. Besides the big guys like Microsoft or Logitech I've noticed many other brands that I don't know much about. Can someone suggest a mouse and software package that is compatible with 98SE?
  4. If you started with computers before the graphical interface or GUI, that may be one good reason for keeping a copy of 98SE. I've got diagnostic software (for electronic testing) that was created when 98SE was at its peak. I created several batch files that run in the root before 98 starts, and scripts that are moved in and out the Startup folder. Two processes that I don't need most of the time are systray.exe and spool32.exe. Disabling these two at startup reduces the load and has no negative effects. Recently, I installed the virtual printer CutePDF Writer. If spool32 is disabled, I've got to reboot. It's incredibly easy to terminate spool32, but running this process without a reboot is not easy! I tried varies Run and DOS commands without success. There is a tiny applet from www.nirsoft.net called Explorestart. It terminates explorer.exe and immediately restarts explorer. Useful if your system slows down or is about to completely freeze up. If explorer.exe can be killed off and restarted without a reboot, it must be possible with spool32.exe. There probably is an applet that will reload one or more system processes without a reboot. I know all the commands for "restarting" 98. In my system a restart is slower than a reboot.
  5. I've known about KernelEx for a long time. Tried it once or twice, but never really went down the road far enough to see if my copy of 98SE could be updated. After making the usual backups, I installed a newer version of JRE which went fine. K-Meleon, my favorite browser seems to manage the new plugin with no problems. If you're not familiar, K-Meleon is very lean Mozilla style browser (Gecko Engine) that loads web pages fast. The problem I do have is Adobe Flash. After setting KernelEx to XP_SP2 the install worked, but right at the end where is says "Done" the box froze and had to be terminated with the Task Manager. Again, K-Meleon recognized the new flash plugin. I used the installer for Flash Player_v10.3.181.14 (non-ie browsers). Without KernelEx you're stuck with version 9. Maybe I should have tried version 11 or 12. Most streaming sites will work with version 10. When the flash plugin tries to load I get "illegal operations" several times, Finally, the browser must be terminated and restarted. I've already rolled back my system before the flash player install. Is there a non-ie version of Flash Player that might work? A foolish thought I guess, but it's a shame there aren't good alternatives to Adobe Flash. There are a few open source projects, they don't seem very successful.
  6. From: KernelEx Newbie Subject: KernelEx and Converter App I wanted a simple pdf import and export app for 98SE. Free PDF to Word Converter is perfect. Functions: Imports all or part of a pdf to MS Word Edit pdf in Word Export edited pdf I don't need a pdf editor with hundreds of options. The installer for Free PDF to Word Converter is less than 1 mb. There are two installer packages but they are not the same: http://www.freepdfsolutions.com/free-pdf-to-word-converter.html http://download.cnet.com/Free-PDF-to-Word-Converter/3000-10743_4-75732609.html The installer from the publisher (freepdfsolutions) does nothing when you double click with your mouse. Changing KernelEx properties doesn't help. The installer from CNET makes a lot of noise. It identified two missing DLLs: GdiPlus.dll api-ms-win-core-heap-l1-2-0.dll After trying the DLLs in the installer directory, Windows System, and System32 I added copies to all three locations. No luck. I'm getting two message boxes (files attached). Tinkering with the KernelEx properties sheet is not helping. I wish the installer was self-extracting. I would open the archive and add the DLLs. (I tried opening the installer with Universal Extractor. Doesn't work.) Should I quit this app or can KernelEx help? If KernelEx cannot work its magic can you recommend another converter? There are countless free pdf to word converters, but most of them cannot import part (also called extraction) of a pdf or export the word document as a new pdf. I've seen some open source editors that are very good, but I don't need a high end professional editor with countless features.
  7. I must be insane because I keep trying video converters that claim to be compatible with 98SE. Runtime errors, missing DLLs, and a million other problems that stop these "compatible" apps from running. The last one I tried was DVDVideoMedia Free Video Converter. After downloading two missing DLLs I got a runtime error. I don't need a converter that has a long list of file formats. All I really need right now is an app that will convert FLV and MP4 files to WMV. If there is a video converter that will actually run smoothly with 98SE please provide the URL. Thanks guys.
  8. For reasons I've mentioned before, I'm keeping 98SE (with Unofficial SP2) on a laptop. I have three computers at home. The "speedy" computer is running a Linux Distro. Recently, I found the smallest USB mass driver in the world. I'm probably the last guy at this forum who was unaware of this driver. It's remarkable! I was able to junk almost all of my old USB drivers. This one (created by someone in Italy) loads and unloads your devices fast. I plugged in a very old USB-IDE external HDD and it was up and running in less than one minute. If you want to try it, here's a direct download link: WinTricks USB Driver I started to search freeware sites for a System Tray app. There are probably a billion, so maybe you can help me find what I want. I'd like to display "My Computer" in the System Tray. I need a menu that will display the contents of My Computer. The right- click Context Menu must be funtional, like it would be when you open My Computer on your Desktop.
  9. Please forum members, no arguments with me. If you still maintain a 9x system, I'm sure your level of knowledge about these operating systems is considerable. I've googled hundreds of times and found answers from the very bright folks at MSFN! The copy of 98SE I'm using now was moved (not cloned) from a desktop to a laptop. I created a script that stripped out everything except the original Microsoft drivers installed with the operating system. The laptop was partitioned exactly like the desktop. When the system was moved all the settings and software were saved. All I had to do was install the new drivers for the laptop. I use several batch files that are moved in and out of the root directory. These batch files import or delete Registry Keys and Values before Windows starts. I have a menu in the Quick Launch Toolbar that allows me to select the batch file I want on the next reboot. The instructions for installing the Maximus-Decim Driverpack are ok, but fail to mention how laborious it is to remove your old 9x USB drivers. Almost all drivers for 9x systems do not have a simple uninstall option. Here they are for 98SE_v4.10.2222: http://www.technical-assistance.co.uk/kb/win98se-usb-mass-storage-drivers.php If you do not delete all Registry Keys and Values for your old USB drivers, the system will attempt to reinstall the same drivers when you reboot. In fact, the only way to permanently remove an item from the Device Manager is to delete all related Registry entries. The Device Manager is a very simple itemized list of complex command lines in the Registry. If you delete an item in the Device Manager it will reappear on the next reboot. Deleting the correct Registry entry will automatically remove the item from the Device Manager. After carefully deleting your old USB Registry entries the next step is the old driver files. DLLs, INFs, and any applets listed in Add/Remove Programs. Has anyone successfully installed the Maximus-Decim Driverpack before cleaning out all your old USB driver files and Registry entries? If you know how to perform this small miracle, please let me know.
  10. Flasche, that link you posted looks like a good bet. I'm sure you've all seen USB sticks that are waterproof and can survive being dropped from a tall building or run over by a truck. These sticks are very expensive! That's why I said "moderately priced." Thumb drives are powered by the USB port. There may be some very unusual thumb drives that require more power than an ordinary USB port can provide. I have never read about or seen a stick drive that required a battery. I asked for brand names because I was hoping there was a generic driver that a forum member used successfully with one or two specific brands. I don't want to experiment. Any thumb drive with a USB 2.0 plug will fit the "Squid Hub" that's connected to my ThinkPad. Well, if I buy a couple of sticks in a local Walmart or Target I can always return them.
  11. My copy of 98SE was originally customized by a business partner. It now resides on a IBM ThinkPad that was built to run XP. I have three OCZ Rally2 USB drives. When they were purchased several years ago, OCZ provided drivers at their site. I still use this ThinkPad because it has unique software that was created for a now extinct business. Google lists a blizzard of generic drivers for USB flash. I remember downloading several collections of these drivers. I use GoBack v4.0 that lets you mount a virtual drive. Without frequent complete backups or using an app like GoBack I would never tinker with flaky software! I'd like to buy some new USB drives for this ThinkPad. Are there one or two moderately priced brands with downloadable drivers that are guaranteed to work with 98SE?
  12. I've got a Canon MP450 that I use occasionally with a laptop running a customized version of 98SE. If I don't use this MFP for ten days or longer, I print a few test sheets that have fonts in many different colors. It's the only way to keep the cartridges from drying out and becoming useless. The sheets come out completely clean. The problem is the fonts are frequently fractured or misaligned. It's not consistent. If you print a few paragraphs, not all the fonts come out misaligned. A few lines look good, followed by several lines where the fonts are slightly slanted or fractured. I've tried the "Auto Head Align" from the maintenance screen on the MP450, and the "Print Head Alignment" from the Canon software. The results are the same. If you're familiar with the procedure, there are rows of rectangular patterns. You select the pattern where the spaces between the stripes are almost invisible. The middle row is "0" going down to -5 and up to +5. I suppose the print head would be considered "perfect" if the patterns selected were all in the middle or "0." Here are the results from the alignment procedure I just performed: A = 0 B = 0 C = -2 D = +1 E = -2 F = 0 G = +1 H = +2 I = -1 J = 0 K = +1 L = 0 The cartridges are factory, not aftermarket. I've repaired and constructed many different kinds of mechanical and electronic devices, but I don't know much about these MFPs. It seems like the print head is defective. Maybe there is something I could try that is not in the Canon pdf manual. Tinkering with the numbers might be worth a try. I thought about setting all the numbers to zero, just to establish a new baseline. Then I could gradually go positve or negative until the fonts appear normal. Probably a waste of time.
  13. Thank you jumper! I've got all the original documentation for this ThinkPad. The processor is a P3. 7zip is a great app. I've got it installed on another desktop. For some reason a self-extracting copy of FireFox never crossed my mind. Good idea. I'll download the file and try it.
  14. Hello Joe, Please read my original post again. After FF 10 failed to extract, I tried FF 8 because it was listed in the KernelEx release notes as "working" with FF 8. I tried every system in the properties tab, starting with 2000. FF 8 also failed to extract. It seems that most folks are not having significant problems with KernelEx. For some reason, my system cannot install anything with KernelEx enabled. In the past, I've fixed problems that seemed to be unique to my system. It can take hours, days, sometimes weeks before you find that one file causing all the trouble. Just to be clear, this copy of 98SE runs smoothly. There were no problems before installing KernelEx. That's why I keep multiple backups.
  15. This copy of 98SE is running on a IBM ThinkPad. Very few processes run in the background. I backup to a usb stick or removable hard drive. A virtual partition or "sandbox" can be used as a protected environment where you can test files or new software without harming your system. That's all I was trying to say. Only critical system processes run in the background during the installation of new software. They have never caused problems during an install. The problem is more serious than I thought. When I couldn't install Firefox I downloaded UniExtract. I was hoping to extract the files manually, and then proceed with the Firefox install. The problem is UniExtract won't install either! It seems that KernelEx is reacting poorly with one or more of my system files. At least, I think that might be the problem. Unless a KernelEx expert can help me, I won't be using this amazing application. It's kind of sad that I can't extend the usefulness of this old system with KernelEx. I've been using computers for decades. Finding the cause of a problem that has not been reported by others is almost impossible.
  16. I'm keeping my old 98SE system for many reasons. Before I installed KernelEx I bullet proofed my system. Make sure you can quickly restore from a backup, mount a virtual partition, etc. You can damage any of these Windows systems in microseconds. Don't ever forget that! After installing KernelEx I downloaded Firefox 10.0.2 because it was on the list of working apps. The properties tab had XP SP2 selected, which seemed logical to me. The extractor reaches 95-to-98%. After that the process stops. The task manager shows "not responding." I also tried Firefox 8.0, because it was in the release notes for KernelEx 4.5.2. Same problem. I think I tried every system on the properties tab, starting with 2000. I also tried the default setting with KernelEx enabled. The extraction always freezes up. Is there a solution? Thanks guys.
  17. Thank you very much allen2. I didn't think such minute control of javascript was possible! Noscript is exactly what I was searching for. Thanks again, allen2.
  18. There is no reason to run javascript on every web page you view. Most browsers make it easy to toggle javascript on or off. I'm looking for a context menu applet that will allow me to enable or disable javascript on individual web page links (like buttons, etc.). Googling for an applet that will do the job is frustrating. All I get are "how to's" on disabling a mouse right-click context menu so folks can't hijack stuff from your site. Whenever I think something is impossible, a smart guy or gal finds a way. Is there a context menu applet that will toggle javascript selectively?
  19. The two mobile phones I'm using right now are not on the BitPim list of supported phones. I consider myself an advanced (sometimes expert) level computer user. Open source apps can be great, but they assume the user already has comprehensive knowledge of a particular subject. In this case, cell phones. I'm sure I would do the same if I developed an open source app. Creating an extensive "hand holding" help file takes forever. I've tried, and it's a real nightmare! I read tons of science fiction when I was kid. My favorite authors were the "old guys" like Bradbury, Heinlein, Clarke, etc. For some reason, I hate seeing the fiction I read many years ago on the little (TV) or big (Movie) screen. It always stinks. I really do appreciate all your replies. Thanks guys.
  20. I use a Samsung and Kyocera mobile phone. While googling for open source apps, I found BitPim too. Scroll down the page and you'll see downloads for Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7. That's the problem. I don't think there is an app compatible with older systems like 98SE. A command line app that runs from a floppy or stick would be ok with me. Thank you, jaclaz.
  21. It's easy enough to find USB adapter cables for almost any mobile phone. Is there an app compatible with 98SE for backing up cell phone contacts, settings, etc? If it exists, it's probably an open source app. I can't find anything.
  22. OK Dave-H. Thank you. I used to go wild testing unstable apps or upgrades on virtual systems. If something goes wrong you're not really hurting anything. You just dump the virtual copy and start again. I was sort of hoping that this Beta 4 version was stable enough to be considered the final version. You're definitely right Dave-H. It's better to be safe than sorry!
  23. When I installed Gape's Unofficial SP2 there were no problems with my system. It appears that SP3 - B4 really is Gape's final version. I always keep a very clean backup available, in case something goes horribly wrong during a major upgrade. SP3 - B4 must have been scoured for bugs hundreds of times. Is SP3 - B4 essentially bug free and safe to install? I know that's a difficult question answer, since every pc has different hardware and software. I don't expect a simple "yes" or "no" reply. If you're very familiar with SP3 - B4 and are 95% sure this last service pack is safe, that's more than good enough for me!
  24. As usual, there is an app for XP, Vista, and 7 that will disable a secondary monitor. It's called DisMon. http://dualmonitortool.sourceforge.net/dismon.html Anything like this for 98SE?
  25. The zippered file contains: Read First.txt PrinterProperties.txt Experienced scripters might have some fun with this app. Your brain doesn't have to be under maximum load all the time! Newbies who think scripting is a nightmare, may change their minds if they try the app described within. PrinterProperties.zip

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