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  1. I've been downloading files since the earliest days of the internet, but I've never seen anything like this before. It vaguely reminds me of an unstable torrent download, but this has nothing to do with torrents. There is one large corporation that is linked to or owns hundreds of sites that list MP4s. If I mention their name this post might become an argument about the company. I start an MP4 download with an amazing burst of speed. A huge file seems like it will complete in a few minutes. After several seconds the speed drops to almost nothing and download fails. If I use a manager like FlashGet the mystery deepens. FlashGet shows the same drop to zero bytes. After two or three seconds the download resumes. This process repeats over and over. I suppose I could let the download complete, but a zillion starts and stops would guarantee a corrupt file. Could this be a simple case of overloaded servers? If so, why does the download start at all? I did check my own network connection by downloading different file formats on other sites. There was no problem.
  2. loblo, I just read the info about FileBox eXtender at the Hyperionics site. It seems perfect for the job! If this description is correct, it works with Windows 3.1-to-XP. "These special buttons will appear for all styles of file dialogs (the old Windows 3.1 style file dialog boxes, new "Explorer" style boxes introduced with Windows 95, and even with the latest file dialog boxes in MS Office and Windows XP)." The button that will resolve my problem has the clock icon. It opens a "Recent Folders" menu. That's exactly what I need.
  3. When I boot into 98SE there is one app I use constantly. It lacks an important feature. When you save a file it doesn't "remember" the last directory. As a result, you're constantly burying through the same folders to reach the one you want. Back when 98SE was new there were free extensions or add-ons to improve the "Save As" dialog box. I searched my old apps collection, but I couldn't find anything. Is there a way to enhance "Save As" so I can jump directly to the selected folder, even if the app I'm using lacks this feature?
  4. I found the cause and solution. Frankly, I don't want to know the reason for this problem. It doesn't matter. I just checked the size of all three DLLs: KernelEx.dll - 51KB - Correct Kexbasen.dll - 100KB - Correct Kexbases.dll - 0 Bytes - Not Correct!! I copied Kexbases.dll again. Now it's the correct size - 231KB. KernelEx has been successfully updated. Thanks again, Dave-H.
  5. Thanks Dave-H. I coul run 50 diagnostic apps. They would all show my copy of 98SE is fully functional. For some reason, I have very unusual problems that no one can explain. Just like "COPY *.*" the batch file prompted with YES/NO/ALL. I selected "A" and it appeared to overwrite the old DLLs with the new. The date for the new DLLs is 1/22/15. When I booted into Windows I expected to see those dates. Instead, the old DLLs were still there, dated 11/14/11. I've seen plenty of batch files fail. That doesn't mean the author (including my own) made an error. Minor changes in the command structure of a batch file will frequently fix the problem. I didn't need a batch script to copy three files. Returning to command prompt and using the "copy all" command was successful. I apologize for my ignorance, Dave-H. I'm not sure what you mean by "re-registering." Running the old KernelEx 4.5.2 Setup won't install the new DLLs. You would have to overwrite the old DLLs with the new in the setup package. I don't think you're referring to a Registry hack, are you? Here's a link about re-registering apps in Windows 10/8: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/re-register-windows-store-apps Tell me how to "re-register" KernelEx in 98SE and I'll do it immediately.
  6. Until recently, I wasn't aware of KernelEx 4.5.2015 Updates. I downloaded the files. The only thing that made any sense to me were the DLLs. I extracted the DLLs from Release.7.7z. I assumed Release.4.7z and 5.7z were older updates. Rebooted to a full command prompt (before Windows starts). I ran the included batch file, x.bat. It seemed to be overwriting the old DLLs, but it didn't. I went to command prompt again and used a simple COPY *.* command. That worked. Booting back into Windows, I immediately tried running an app dependent on KernelEx. It failed. When I opened the property sheet tab something was wrong. Selecting any of the compatibility modes was impossible. I hit "apply" but it wouldn't hold. I ran "Verify Installation." It said KernelEx was not properly installed. Obviously, the updated DLLs were not recognized. Even though this is 98SE, I've got apps that restore the system to a previous state, so it was easy to reverse the damage. Like I said, I downloaded all the files listed at the beginning of this thread. OK, so I updated the DLLs. Should I just copy everything else into the KernelEx directory? If I do, will the updated KernelEx function properly?
  7. I've got 98SE on two computers. That old IBM laptop, with 767 MB of RAM. Also, it's loaded onto a more powerful computer as one of four bootable systems. I've got the same problems with KernelEx on both computers. Honestly, I never dreamed that anything like KernelEx was possible! I installed KernelEx twice. The first time it was enabled for all apps. I quickly realized many of my older apps couldn't run with KernelEx. The second run through I installed KernelEx disabled. Each time I tried installing an app with KernelEx I made sure it was set to whatever the Wiki recommended. I was content using 98SE to create DOS scripts and several other things that were just easier for me with this older Windows system. A friend keeps telling me I should pretend KernelEx never existed, and just continue with my life! I guess he's right. Discovering KernelEx is like owning an underpowered car that runs fine. One day you read that a few simple engine upgrades will boost horsepower and you'll burn less gas. Should you do it, or just leave your car with an underpowered, but fully functional engine? That's why I installed KernelEx. 98SE might run like a sports car with KernelEx. Whoopie!! Guys, I'm not going to start listing all the hardware, Microsoft patches and updates, etc. The only part of this system that's "highly customized" is the shell. It was done in the early days of my business to give the system a unique look. Everything "under the hood" is still 98SE. Years ago I added the "Unofficial 98SE_SP2.1a." Every few months I would try another app with KernelEx. Each time it failed, I thought about posting here at MSFN, but it just seemed like a bottomless pit with no solutions. Yesterday, when I finally posted a message I felt foolish and I wanted to immediately apologize. I'm 99% certain the only solution would be a fresh install of 98SE. I just don't have the time to build a new system from scratch.
  8. I feel like that old bible story, where Daniel walks into the lions den! I know and admire the tremendous success most of you have using KernelEx. My experience with 98SE and KernelEx has usually been a disaster. This strange failure with KernelEx is no reflection on the authors, who are certainly expert level programmers. I've tried to install more than a dozen apps based on the info here at MSFN and the KernelEx Wiki. Usually, the installer won't run at all, or after file extraction my system is 90% frozen. One of the few examples of success happened recently. I updated VLC Media Player and there were no problems. Usually, I try to find a compressed archive with the files so I don't have to run the installer with KernelEx. I found a list at CNET from a guy who installed eight different browsers with KernelEx. He listed them best to worst. At the top of his list was SeaMonkey. I already had an old version, so I followed the advice at the KernelEx Wiki and tried to install SeaMonkey_v2.0.14. The files extracted and then my system locked up, as usual. I extracted all the files from a zip archive and followed the directions at the Wiki. Set KernelEx to XP or 2K. Again, the results for for my system were predictable. The app tries to run, maybe you'll see a blank window. The Task Manager shows "not responding." I have multiple clean system backups and I always try all new software by mounting a virtual partition. That's why I can allow my system to crash into oblivion. I can quickly undo any damage. I really would like to use KernelEx successfully, like so many of you have already. Maybe there are a few simple tweaks or Registry hacks. Whatever the problem is with my copy of 98SE would probably require many hours to resolve. I've never had the time to start down this long and winding road.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. You guys are the best! Media Player Classic and Zoom Player from the CCCP didn't work. Sound only with Zoom Player. MPC wanted to "search for codecs." When you see that message in 98SE don't waste your time. There are no additional codecs. Since I already had the last compatible version of VLC Media Player installed, I knew it would play MP4s. As I already mentioned, the big problem was the slider bar. I couldn't go forward or backward. I went to the KernelEx Wiki for VLC: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/VLC_Media_Player The compatibility rating for VLC_v2.0.5 with KernelEx_v4.5.2 was four out of five stars. I've had many installer failures with KernelEx, so to be safe I downloaded the exe package and the zip file. IT WORKED!! YIPPIE!! Version 2.0.5 plays MP4s flawlessly, and the slider bar also works smoothly. Most of you probably know about this app already, but if you're having trouble playing older RealMedia (.rm file extension) videos there is a very useful version of MPC called "Real Alternative." It plays any RealMedia video in 98SE with no problems. I don't have the link for "Real Alternative - Media Player Classic" anymore, but I'm sure a quick Google search will provide the URL.
  10. Thank you loblo and MrMateczko. MrMateczko, I was not familiar with CCCP, so I read the FAQs at www.cccp-project.net. It looks good! I'll download Codec-Pack-2007-02-22.exe and try it. loblo, when I first read about KernelEx years ago it seemed like a small miracle. My admiration for the authors of this app is huge! I must have tried two dozen apps with KernelEx. I followed all the advice and suggestions here at MSFN and SourceForge. Most of the time these apps would fail to install. I usually had to extract the contents manually. Changing KernelEx settings didn't help. Getting browsers and other apps to launch or run was almost impossible. I'm not denying that all the folks here at MSFN have used KernelEx successfully. My experience with KernelEx was a series of failures. I managed to get two apps running partially with KernelEx. I just don't have the time to diagnose and correct all the possible causes for failure with KernelEx. I consider MSFN one of the best computer forums on the web. I constantly find listings for MSFN threads when I search Google for computer help. My problems with KernelEx are probably related to how my copy of 98SE is setup.
  11. I jump around from old to new Windows, and Linux at my business. For all sorts of reasons, I still use a copy of 98SE at home. KernelEx is installed, but only enabled with a couple of apps. Frankly, I haven't had much luck with KernelEx. I was looking at the Portable Freeware site, only because they've got several video players listed as compatible with older versions of Windows. Also, I read this thread at MSFN: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/153566-windows-98-as-high-quality-video-player/ The problem is, when you visit any developers website, the same app is usually not listed as compatible with 98SE. I've got the last version of VLC Media Player compatible with 98SE (0.8.6i). It will play an MP4, as long as you don't touch the slider bar. Trying to move forward or backward is almost impossible. I've noticed some people complain about the "bloated" size of some players. If a big app with a zillion codecs is needed, that's fine with me! Which player (and version) listed at the above MSFN discussion should I download? I really just want to play basic MP4s smoothly, with no problems. I'm not going to use most of the complex features or options available with some players.
  12. The steps you've outlined to resolve this problem look good to me. In this case however, there might be a simplier solution. As I said in my original post, I use this computer and the two eSATA drives as a secure "file dump" because there no network connection. The system is powered up three or four times each week for about 40 minutes. The hardware is well under MTTF (Mean Time to Failure). Could this external drive still be failing? Absolutely, but it's not likely. I have backups at three different locations. In the early days of computing I lost files all the time. It was agony! That's why I have so many backups, including a safe deposit box at the bank. I've got bootable USB sticks with many different diagnostic, formatting, and backup apps. I can format, partition, and copy all the lost files in one hour or less. That may be the best solution. If it happens again, I'll junk this external drive.
  13. Like I said, I've seen several different Windows operating systems destroy partitions. It happened to me only once many years ago. After that, I started keeping multiple backups. I hope this info from your script helps resolve my problem. Drives by drive letter: , c: 0,1 Fixed HarddiskVolume1 {192e7134-56ac-11de-bc21-806d6172696f} d: 0,2 Fixed HarddiskVolume2 {192e7135-56ac-11de-bc21-806d6172696f} e: 3,1 Removable Harddisk3\DP(1)0-0+a {260c6830-e6a0-11e3-90f6-001fd0538514} f: 1,1 Fixed HarddiskVolume3 {fad46d3c-dcab-11de-b99a-001fd0538514} i: x,x CD-ROM CdRom0 {06361284-decd-11de-9095-806d6172696f} j: 1,2 Fixed HarddiskVolume4 {fad46d3d-dcab-11de-b99a-001fd0538514} Press any key to continue . . . Drives by connection: , c: 0,1 Fixed HarddiskVolume1 {192e7134-56ac-11de-bc21-806d6172696f} d: 0,2 Fixed HarddiskVolume2 {192e7135-56ac-11de-bc21-806d6172696f} f: 1,1 Fixed HarddiskVolume3 {fad46d3c-dcab-11de-b99a-001fd0538514} j: 1,2 Fixed HarddiskVolume4 {fad46d3d-dcab-11de-b99a-001fd0538514} e: 3,1 Removable Harddisk3\DP(1)0-0+a {260c6830-e6a0-11e3-90f6-001fd0538514} i: x,x CD-ROM CdRom0 {06361284-decd-11de-9095-806d6172696f} Press any key to continue . . .
  14. I hope experts like yourself are thanked a lot by forum members. Anyway, I'm thanking you. A few days ago, when I plugged this drive into two other computers it appeared to be fine. What I'm seeing now is a familiar Windows nightmare. That's why I keep multiple copies of everything. Under "Computer Management" all volumes and partitions are displayed. The attached image shows the entire volume for this eSATA drive as unallocated space. It was divided into two partitions. I hope this is just a "glitch" in the Registry, like you said. I've also attached an image showing the driver file details. If it helps, I will run your batch file and post the results.
  15. During the XP years I built a desktop for a friend. For various reasons he couldn't use it. I was about to tear it down for parts, when I decided to keep it as a very secure file bin. It has NEVER been connected to any network. There are two eSATA drives. eSATA died a quick death, as soon as USB 3.0 came along. The system is XP Pro_SP3. Both external drives are listed normally in Device Manager. Drivers fully functional, etc. For some reason, one of the eSATA drives no longer appears in Explorer or My Computer. Both eSATA drives are equipped with USB ports. I tried a USB cable. It didn't help. This external drive is visible and accessible when plugged into other computers. The hardware is fine. How do I make this drive visible again?
  16. Type a few words from an error box into Google and there are usually dozens of listings. I tried with this error message from IDM. No results. The unpacker can't find the temp folder. What does that mean? I know firewalls and antivirus apps can cause install problems. I was offline with all security apps dormant, so they can't be the reason for this error box. Any solutions?
  17. Hello loblo. Using RegStudio to search, there are two instances of My Computer. They are both under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The four items I deleted were found here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace There is no "MyComputer" listed under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I have several tweaker apps that provide hundreds of options to hide almost anything you want, except uneeded items under My Computer. Kind of strange. Maybe there is a tweaker app I don't have that can do the job.
  18. I created a "micro menu" that runs from the Quick Launch Toolbar. It displays all the items listed under My Computer. I know, it's simplier to add a seperate toolbar to the main taskbar, but I wanted to keep the taskbar clean. I thought it would be easy to eliminate items that I don't need or never access from My Computer. The Registry Values for Dial-Up Networking, Infrared Recipient, Scheduled Tasks, and Web Folders were right where they should be in the Registry. I simply exported these four items as a backup file, and deleted the Values. The two I'm having trouble with are Printers and Control Panel. They are in the Start Menu, but I don't need them under My Computer. (In the Registry, MyComputer has no spaces, it's one word.) My favorite old Registry search app is called RegStudio. It quickly creates a list. I've tinkered with all instances of Printers and Control Panel in the Registry, but I can't hide or eliminate these two items from My Computer. Is there a solution?
  19. My copy of 98SE is on a laptop. The keyboard is good, but I hate touchpads, mini-joysticks, or lever switches that move the mouse pointer. I'm using a Kensington mouse with the laptop, but the microswitches in the mouse are getting old. I could replace the microswitches, but I'd rather buy a new mouse. The Kensington software I've got is MouseWorks_v6.11. Do you think a new Kensington mouse would be detected by the old software? I've got KernelEx installed. If someone has tried newer versions of mouse software with KernelEx please let me know. I don't want to buy a new mouse only to find out that the software won't work.
  20. Hey guys. I really appreciate your replies. I've got at least 200 - 1.44 MB floppies in unopened boxes. I'm afraid floppies are not the solution. Each volume is 300 MB. I would need a truck load of floppies! Most files I download are not that important. This super large archive is something I really wanted. As far as I know, there are are no other sites hosting these files. The subject is technical (electronics), so they are not something most people need or care about. I see those links for virtual floppies. Whatever that is, it sounds interesting.
  21. I decided to try two zip repair apps before abandoning a huge multi-volume archive I just downloaded. I'm getting the usual "BAD CRC." ************************************************************** 1. Object Fix Zip uses a simple wizard style format. When I select the zip archive and all the volumes this message appears: "PLEASE INSERT DISK 1 OF THE MULTI-DISK SET" I assume the app is attempting to load a floppy disk from the "A" drive. Obviously, there are no floppy disks! The entire multi-volume archive is in the same directory on a USB stick. Object Fix Zip is only a few years old (2008). Why would it not recognize a multi-volume archive in the same directory? Is there a workaround for this weird problem? **************************************************************** 2. I also tried PKZIPFIX.EXE which runs from a command prompt. I copied PK into the multi-volume directory and typed: PKZIPFIX FILENAME.ZIP The instructions for this app are "Usage: PKZIPFIX ZipFile." There are no other commands or parameters. It's not working. I'm getting "Bad Command or Filename." ****************************************************************** Before I smash my computer with a club, can someone help me?
  22. Thank you bphlpt. Yes, I did download the zip file again. If it's the same file at the same site you're wasting your time. I tried it anyway. This archive was super large. I guess that's why it was split into multiple volumes. I wish the subject of this archive was popular. It's an open source file about advanced electronics. I won't find it on other file sharing sites. I am a member of several electronics forums. Maybe someone at these forums has a copy. I wish I had remembered the "golden rule" about a multi-volume archive. Download and test the first or "key" archive before you waste your time downloading all the other volumes.
  23. Several years ago I downloaded large files that were split into multiple volumes. Maybe I was lucky, but I never had any problems. I don't use file sharing sites very often, so it doesn't make sense for me to pay and become a premium member of any one site. I forgot about the most important rule when downloading multiple volumes. ALWAYS download the first archive that extracts and combines all the other volumes. Use WinRAR or WinZIP and attempt to extract the archive BEFORE downloading the other volumes. If the "number one" archive is ok a message box will appear asking for the location of the next volume in the series. Because I haven't downloaded multi-volumes in many years, I made a foolish mistake. I downloaded all the secondary volumes (z01, z02, etc.) before the zip file that starts the extraction. Here is the message from WinZIP: bad CRC b36108d9 (should be b6d4bcac) I also tried WinRAR and Universal Extractor. They all failed. Before I delete all the volumes I downloaded, is there anything I can do to salvage this mess?
  24. When technical publications were still printed on paper I remember countless articles about buying refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges. A friend purchased kits with ink and syringes. He kept telling me about all the money he saved by refilling the same black cartridge dozens of times. I tried it once. It was a complete disaster! I've purchased remanufactured cartridges a few times. Some were ok, but the color ink was always less vivid than a factory cartridge. After buying a few more that were not recognized by my printer I quit. It seemed like a waste of money. Are there companies buying the best inks and refilling cartridges? If not, why not? How difficult could it be to buy bulk quantities of high grade ink? I'm about to order several new factory cartridges. Is there anyone selling really good remanufactured cartridges at a substantial savings over factory ink?
  25. jaclaz, I really appreciate your thoughtful reply. Thank you! When I built my first computer from an article in an electronics hobby magazine many years ago, I started thinking about backing up data. You cannot imagine how foolish I feel. To my friends and business partners I'm the guy who constantly gets upset when they fail to backup everything. It's probably been 20 years or more since I screwed up in such a big way! All my USB flash drives are stored in a hardshell and fully padded case. Definitely not in my pocket. I realize the internet could not exist without encryption. For my own personal files, I've always had a creepy feeling about scrambling data and then hoping it will be successfully restored over and over. I won't mention the names of any encryption apps, but I just read another scathing review on CNET from someone who downloaded a popular encryption app. There are a lot of folks who lost files using these apps. jaclaz, I'm sure you're correct about all the possible causes of file corruption, besides the encryption app itself. I don't carry my flash drives around like a bunch of pocket change. The problem is, what difference does it make? I still can't believe I encrypted three important files with no backup. I haven't mentioned what happened to my friend who recommended dsCrypt, and I never will.

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