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  1. No it would be a link to the app data from the profile. When files are hidden, you can't browse to the app data folder. With the shortcut in the profile, you can (without having to type in the address bar or showing hidden files). Just a small tweak I like.
  2. I am used to be able to choose the partition during the text only phase of setup. But on my last few tries it automatically did some unexpected stuff. First time, it just started installing to an external USB disk. I disconnected that and tried again, it started installing onto the second partition of the internal harddisk (D:\). I removed the partition and only then did I get back the screen where you can choose the partition. But then when I chose C:\ I only had the option to delete the old windows installation or install to a different folder. Neither of these choices is what I wanted. Basically, I just always want the screen where you can choose the partition, and after choosing C:\ I want the option to format. Thank you! ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=1 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" AutomaticUpdates=1 [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS ;Specifies whether Setup skips Windows Welcome UnattendSwitch=Yes AutoActivate=Yes TargetPath=Windows ;Drivers OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\001 NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller;Drivers\002 NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management;Drivers\003 NVIDIA nForce 630i;Drivers\004 NVIDIA HDMI Audio Device;Drivers\005 Realtek High Definition Audio" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore
  3. Which is nice, but I don't want the crap that it installs, I only select 1 component out of 7 and 1 plugin out of 10+. So the transform is needed for me. But I have given up on running it during an unattended install, can't be done.
  4. I have a USB disk with my 'working directory' on it to create an unattended install. The directory is on the root of the disk and is called Windows. After trying my disc on my real hardware (not in a virtual pc) the installer asked if I wanted to delete the current windows install. I answered yes, I thought it meant the install on C:\ But when it was ready it had wiped the Windows directory on my USB disk! I never got the screen where you can select the disk to install onto, but i did get that screen every time i tried in Virtual PC. Just wanted to tell you all this, if anyone has similar experience, or can explain the way the installer chooses the destination disk, I'd love to hear. Thanks!
  5. No, this shortcut.exe is not from the resource kit. It's from http://www.optimumx.com/download/ Here's the code I tried (from a batch file): shortcut.exe /f:"%UserProfile%\Application Data.lnk" /a:C /t:"^%UserProfile^%\Application Data" Thanks for looking!
  6. This is from the shortcut.exe documentation: "To prevent an environment variable from being expanded until the shortcut is launched, use the ^ carat escape character like this: ^%WINDIR^%" But when I try that (with userprofile env variable), all I get is a shortcut to C:\^%UserProfile^% I also tried %%UserProfile%% and I got C:\%C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator%\Application Data What is the correct way to do it?
  7. Hello, I used InstallTailor to create an MST (transform) for an MSI based installer (ACDSee 6), but during install I get the error 1327 (Invalid drive D:\). Now the MST looks like a binary file, so I'm not comfortable editing it change paths. Is there switch that I could use? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I hope someone can help me find a small application I once used but forgot the name of. It runs in the tray and allows you to drag windows by the title bar (I think with the alt key pressed) and it will make them snap to edges and each other. I believe the cursor changed when you pressed the alt button. It did not do anything else, which is why I liked it. Thanks for helping! -M
  9. Thanks for your reply. I figured it out, to create a valid target.lnk you have to put file:///::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} as the target for shortcut.exe You can paste that into the start > run window and hit enter and it will open up my computer. Yay!
  10. I just learned about virtual folders, and I want to create a shortcut to My Computer from a batch file. I am familiar with shortcut.exe and maybe I can create one with that program, but I don't know what the target would be. It's a virtual folder so it has no path. Maybe using a class id? What notation should I try? Also, I have a shortcut file (target.lnk) that points to My Computer. Is that reusable across all Windows XP installations? In that case, I might not have to create one, I could just copy the target.lnk file, right? Many thanks!
  11. Hi there, this seems like excellent work, thanks! I have a (newbie) question: if Apple releases updates to iTunes, how do I install them? Would I need the new version of your installer? Thanks!
  12. I downloaded 16 updates for Windows XP and used nLite to put them on the Windows XP SP3 install CD. I installed and now I'm looking at the list in Add or Remove Programs, and I see 14 updates, 8 of them are from the original 16 and the rest are not in my original list. How is that possible? Thanks in advance for helping me understand the issue!
  13. Is it possible to install .NET 3.5 using the full package from cmdlines (T-12)? I have it in there like this: start /wait dotnetfx35.exe /q /norestart and though I get no errors, it is not installed. In another topic on this forum I found this line: start /wait dotnetfx35.exe /q:a /c:"setup.exe /q /norestart" /norestart I tried that, but no luck either. Which one is the right one, and, is cmdlines.txt too soon for .NET? Thanks!

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