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  1. I hade already removed hibernationfile, the two big folders are winsxs and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download first of all can I and is it recommended to remove all folders in winsxs that startwith amd64(since 'm running a intel 64bt system) and all ther other folders for the systems i dont have? Seond in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download there are a lot of folders that contaion files that have KBXXXXXX(x is for random number) in there name, are those old updates files that I can remove?
  2. So I finaly managed to make a slim version of my vista homepremium dvd, installed it saw that windows was now only 4.5 GB compared to old size of 11 GB. But after windows had installed som updates it returned to 11 GB WTF, can anyone tell me what happened. My old vista version had the same updates plus the 6 GB I removed when I made my slim version., so how can both versions be 11 GB??
  3. Hi I wanted to slimm down vista so I got Vlite, removed about 6.3 GB, created a image and burnt it. But during install vista complained about missing drivers for CD/DVD. I aborted and made a new slimmed version, removed about 6.3 GB again, added some drivers and chose burn direct(or something like that) and this time the installation worked without the drivers problem. But when vista was installed I saw that several of the things I hade removed where still there like gadgets, welcome center, media player etc. Now I don't want to waste yet another DVD so can anyone tell me what I may have missed, was is the direct burn????

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