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  1. Anyone have ever tried using it? i'm having trouble activating file sharing with it...
  2. ic, thanks for the info.
  3. i have lot info about it on google but almost all that i found are contradicting, others says its good to be enabled others don't, others says it is for multi processor and etc.. so i want to know your opinions bout it to remove my confusion
  4. you can always make one from a paper clip. that's what i'm doing currently.. and i'm thinking of replacing it anytime soon.. thanks for the help
  5. i have a very very old optical drive it is still useful except for the fact that the doors won't open anymore if i press the eject button, is it still repairable? (i know its a silly question, but need to know )
  6. yeah.. i know i misunderstood it
  7. nvidia raid controller nForce4
  8. in the manual, it says atleast 2 drive so if i only have 1 drive it won't work?
  9. you said that right i'm not after the looks only the airflow inside... coz its hot where i live no airconditioned room only normal fans... i think this can be closed i managed to ask a friend of mine to have his old case (it has a broken front cover, broken on/off switch and dusty )
  10. php 2000 would be 36.36 in USD increasing my budget to USD 100 thants about 5-9K in php this are the antecs sold in pc shop here in my place 1) ANTEC LS-138 SONATA PIANO BLACK CASE - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=1571 2) ANTEC P160 - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=2844 3) ANTEC SONATA II - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=2846 4) ANTEC SUPER LANBOY CASE - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=1569 5) ANTEC SLK3700-BQE CASE - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=1570 6) THERMALTAKE / XASER III - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...4&productid=801 7) ANTEC SLK1650B - http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=2845 (this is the most cheapest cmpare to the other metioned above)
  11. I'm buying a case for my NForce Chipset w/ AMD64 3500+ processor i have found few (which are in the line of my budget... ) 1) http://www.pccorner.com.ph/products.do?act...&productid=1651 2) http://www.comcase.com/zeus-rx.htm
  12. 1) The gray pad is thermal material 2) If you want to use a different thermal compound, you will need to clean the gray stuff off first thanks for the info
  13. 1) I bought a AMD64 processor and it has a heatsink/fan included, how can i know if it has a thermal pad? is it the grayish square under neat? 2) If it already has a thermal pad, is putting a thermal solution on it can cause problem or it has no effect?
  14. will I have problems if i integrate all the MP10 hotfix say using nlite even if i didn't have MP10 installed or integrated first?
  15. i'll try to study that thanks is it easy to program in c++ if i'm use to java?
  16. i get a "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from file.jar" should the manifest file be save without an extension? edit: Found the error. there should be a new line after the main-class: test main-class: test <enter>
  17. Under the "Local Security Policy" in Administrative Tools, Go to "Security Options" then set "Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts" to Classic - local users authenticate as themselves
  18. i'll try that i noticed something wierd, when i try to access the pc remotely via Computer Name it gives me the "Access Denied" error while using the ip iddress, it gives me the "RPC Unavailable" error Edit: i have disabled the firewall and there still problem Edit: I have found what causing the problem thanks
  19. it can connect to the other pc with RPC locator not running i'm getting a new error "Access Denied"
  20. i'm using the netlimiter 2 final remote administration but it gives an error "The RPC server is unavailable" but when i check that computer's services, the RPC is running.
  21. can anyone suggest a good program than can convert java class files to exe? i currently use a .bat file to run it
  22. should the image be 4 bit BMP file, can i use 24 bit?
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