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  1. i'll try this, and post what results i get, thank you EDIT: it did not work
  2. This is my guess too... firewalls especially don't like handling hundreds of connections at once. I'm using avg anti-virus (no firewall included) and no firewall (not even window's), and I'm using this app before and I'm only getting this problem now.
  3. I have already tried the ff: 1) reinstalling the network card driver 2) check RAM (found no error / damage) Don't you know that is part of a new Windows fix??? windows update will fix it? (if that is what you mean by your post)
  4. I always having a BSOD when running P2P apps like limewire. error message: I have already tried the ff: 1) reinstalling the network card driver 2) check RAM (found no error / damage)
  5. yes, after the ipconfig /renew, it still doesn't put in the proper address. i even tried giving the comp a static ip but with no luck. where can i check the type of DHCP server the comp has?
  6. how do i check if the dhcp server configured correctly? if its about the router, it is working fine coz 2 of 3 comp is still working fine w/ their network connection
  7. no specific address, i set it to accept auto DHCP ip from the router. the thing i found out is that it keeps on setting the ip as which is not even in DHCP ip range/list of the router.
  8. is there a bug w/ the latest windows update? i just have reformatted my computer and this starting to happen. the DHCP address being place in my comp s different from the one being assigned by the router.
  9. netlimiter is not free. yes i have tried it, but the only thing i don't like about it is that i need to install netlimiter to every computer that is in the network. and other people just end task that process and gone... no more limiting applied
  10. i need suggestion on godd net limiting apps that is a freeware. thanks something that is able to manage net in a network (to limit those limewire/p2p users)
  11. How do i delete/remove entries in the event log. For example I have installed the ATI Control Panel, it has place itself its own event log in the Event Log of windows, after uninstallation it was not remove. How do i remove it?
  12. ... other than that is it possible? It's my brother PC and he always gets virus from limewire and still don't listen to me when i told him not to use limewire so i'm planning to disable limewire.
  13. Is it possible to prevent limewire from getting installed into a computer?
  14. yeah, i also use trillian, but I get conflict when sending files w/ the new YM
  15. anyway to reduce the memory consumption of the new YM 8 ? especially the flash banner on the lower part. its eating nearly 45000K of my memory T_T
  16. the keyboard suddenly stop responding, so i turn off the comp, then turn it on again, but the keyboards num lock light didn't light up. so i turn it off again, unplug then replug the keyboard back and still no good, then i tried switching to a spare keyboard but still no good, the keyboard is not being detected.
  17. the sad thing is that the ps/2 port of the mainboard is broken T_T
  18. is the bios upgardable w/o keyboard? currently I have only a usb mouse, due to loss of the ps/2 ports. w/o the keyboard, i can't even access the bios
  19. here is my board: Epox EP-9NPA3 Ultra board
  20. Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 EPOX Motherboard (the exact brand I have posted somewhere, i'll search for it and post a follow up) 512MB DDR
  21. ic, will it be detected during the textmode part of a windows format? or even during the boot phase (accessing BIOS, etc) ?
  22. are there any limitations in using a usb keyboard? my ps/2 port for both mouse & keyboard were broken. any advice? p.s. i know i should be replacing it but i'm still less on budget and needs to save up
  23. there where no included tool w/ my hdd, i'll try searching seagate site if i find something similar to the tool your speaking of. thanks edit: i found this http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/drivers/discwiz.html on their site. could this be what your referring to?
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