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  1. hmm.. i must say that i've never heard of that before.. but i've heard of the 'toilet draug' ('Do Draugen' in norwegian).. a monster that came up from the toilet when ppl where s*itting.. something people used to scare us with when we was little kids.. hehe.. My username stands for .... hmm.. i knew it when i started to use it for some years ago.. but i can't remember it now.. lol i'll edit this post if my braincells wake up again and remember..
  2. i tried to un-cab all of the files in the asms folder but with no luck.. still got the BSOD later on.. the disc i'm using is a clean xp pro with no service pack's.. i'm not using any update packs or addons.. nLite is working fine on my own xp home oem disc.. weird thing.. i'll do some more testing and see if i can figure out something..
  3. i've had the same problem on a xp pro install after nLite.. my sister wanted me to make a slimmed version of her xp, but it seems it won't work with it for some reason.. nLite says Xp Pro Build 0.. one thing i noticed was: the files in the i386\asms\1000\msft\windows\gdiplus\ directory is not cabbed before nLiting but they are cabbed after.. un-cab them seems to work for that "Line 4 in gdiplus.man" error but i get a BSOD later on.. i would like to have a solution for this too..
  4. i Really HATE .net!! it s*cks!!!! it was a BAD try from microsoft.. i don't know what kind of brain they're trying to use while making it.. (the upper, or the one at down ) i'll stick with VB 6 (as for Basic language) so long it will last.. then i will move to RealBasic or something else that Don't requires that st00pid .Net framework.. it's SLOW, Big, annoying and uses Alot of memory! so do what you want but i Do NOT recomend a .Net language!! Bye, Bye!
  5. 1) hmm.. patching files so you don't have to activate windows is not exactly legal.. So, yes, you must contact microsoft again so that they can give you some sort of advice for your problem.. Or you can use Google to find a solution 2) yes, this is the wrong forum to ask questions like that..
  6. if you are a total 'newbie' in c++ then i don't think you will learn much of just asking in a forum.. start with reading a good book! 'thinking in c++' and 'teach your self c++ in 21 days' are some kick starting stuff so you will understand things fast.. well, atleast i did.. but i've programmed in vb for some years so i think that helped me alot for the move to c++..
  7. i belive that is a Windows problem... not nLite..
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