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  1. But remember, what I'm trying to do is rather specific- get Palemoon 27 (or whatever) to handle Replies, Comments, Journal, and Literature on Deviantart. For all I know it could be one file in the browser's folder that needs changing, or a minor modification somewhere. Since Palemoon 27 already does handle MP4 streaming, giving old XP/Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Lucid devices streaming and downloading abilities it did not have before, that base isn't just covered, it's one never reached before. How do you do it? Please link me to the tools you use and some basic beginner's instructions, I have had some programming experience in the past, but at my age the sooner I get going the better! This is not just wishful thinking- I'm serious about doing this. As far as streaming MP4- even in Puppy Linux mode Palemoon 27 does a remarkably good job, and if you use the third-party site trick it can even stream nicely as much as 360p. The Sony can handle offline videos as high as standard DVD size (480p vertical), and if downloading a video of say 1080p or 720p no problem- those three portable file converters can deal with that. Thanks!
  2. Dave-H: No regular Firefox browser beyond 48 will work with a Pentium 3 device. Roytam 1: I'm willing to work on the problem myself, but do not know how to get started. Given what you've managed if anyone can tell me it's you. There's little doubt the Internet was a better experience a decade ago. Now it's becoming a bloated mess with intrusive and demanding ad-script, crummy site designs...for what exactly? Standard billboard ads would do nicely- if someone goes to a site about race cars then an ad for Autozone would be appropriate; if watching Topi the Corgi videos on Youtube obviously ads for pet products would be the thing. Ad-script gobbles up CPU power and is really glorified spyware since it's obvious whatever information it gets about your browsing is stored on a database somewhere. But those things I want to do are my goal. What is it about Palemoon 28 that works on Deviantart but not 27? If those DLL files can be made audio-only then one can at least enjoy what would amount to Twitch Radio, good enough for RPGs. Trust me, once I start getting the hang of this I can get pretty good at it- it's getting started that's the real obstacle for me. Unlike corporate sites these sites are worth something. TrevMUN- I'll check out your site at Deviantart. Here's mine, the upload about their new design is right there still. griswaldterrastone.deviantart.com Thanks everyone!
  3. First, THANK YOU here for modifying browsers to work on older systems and to do more- it's a silver mine here. Roytam1, hopefully you can help me get started on modifying browsers myself? Obviously you know how it's done. A half-hobby, half-environmental effort of mine is trying to make old hardware go further. In particular is a 2001 Sony VAIO, Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3, 256MB RAM, Pentium 3 800MHz (so no SSE2), 1024h x 768v resolution, 16/24-Bit color, DirectX 9 (according to DXDIAG) installed, 32-Bit system. It is also a "Dual-Boot" laptop, its other Operating System being Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Lucid. This is important because not only does this give it more abilities but enables much safer browsing. Equally important is the fact that at least one local library has a poorly-done wifi system so using Puppy Linux is the only way to even detect it with that antique. The main reason I'm here was because an art website I'm a member of- "deviantart.com"- changed to the horrible (and unpopular) Eclipse style nobody wanted. Before, even with the puny Sylvania Windows CE netbook using Opera Mini 5, one could do just about everything there; with the Sony a number of browsers- including Firefox 40 and Opera 12 as well as Linux Palemoon 27 SSE- worked. With Java emulators it could also use Opera Mini. No problem. But with that crummy new style the Sony can no longer Comment, Reply, post Journals, or post Literature. I did submit instructions on how to use URLs to do a number of things for people with older browsers- in a number of cases it's the only way now since clicking directly won't work, including Search! No appending URLs can get around these problems, even with "#" for Comments, which does in some browsers sort of make the window appear. https://www.deviantart.com/griswaldterrastone/art/Deviantart-Old-Style-Best-But-For-Older-Browsers-883271146 And did I mention how ugly it is with a capital "UG?" Even Sta.sh no longer allows one to post Literature or Journals. Sadly, there is a problem- the "later modified" browsers can do it but are rather sloooowwwwww; the "earlier modified" are faster but cannot do those things- on the other hand MP4 is now a reality. Here are the results (all SSE versions at most); note that Windows programs can be run via WINE in Puppy Linux mode and this deals mainly with Deviantart.com: ArticFox 27: Never works, be it in Windows or Puppy Linux mode. It just gives a "COULDN'T LOAD XPMOD" error message. Why is that happening here and what can be done about it? The browser does show promise, although it cannot handle Deviantart fully. Palemoon 28: Can handle everything but is very, very slow. In Puppy Linux mode it never gets anywhere, all you see is HANDSHAKE, READ, etc. Can handle MP4, and HTML5 games like "Beam," offline, at least. Basilisk 52: Same as Palemoon 28, maybe slower. Remember this is an old laptop. Firefox 45 (modified): It too can handle everything, but it is also very slow, and does no better than the above. Of course it does handle MP4 as well. K-Meleon (KM76.4.4-Goanna-20210626): Faster, and can handle MP4 streaming. It cannot handle Deviantart fully, though, and ANY attempt to stream MP4 while in Puppy Linux mode causes it to crash. In XP mode this one is great for certain MP4 sites in particular. Palemoon 27: By adding two files from the "LAV-DLL-Lite-MMX" folder ("avcodec-lav-57.dll" 3,146 KB; and "avutil-lav-55.dll" 501 KB) the most recent version not only streams MP4 but does not crash in Puppy Linux mode. In particular is one MP4 website that the Sony can now handle, even in Puppy Linux mode, something it could not do before. Sadly it cannot handle Deviantart fully. To be honest that is its only flaw for me, otherwise it's the best one. Netsurf 3.9: Unable to stream anything visual (I haven't tried MP3 or old websites using the Windows Media Player, doubtful they'd work), unable to handle Flash-SWF, this browser is limited in a number of ways and is no better at handling Deviantart than other earlier browsers, not even including basic style. Curiously enough it does not work with my website, weird since it's a site even Internet Explorer 6 on the Windows CE Sylvania netbook can handle. You can reach "about:config" but cannot alter anything. That said, for basic browsing on most sites it's a dandy little browser, quick and simple to use. To access Literature and Journal submissions the following URLs could be used once one is logged in: https://www.deviantart.com/?submit_modal=literature https://www.deviantart.com/?submit_modal=journal This works with browsers that can already handle everything normally. With earlier browsers you get to the crummy new overall art page, then no further. It seems as though the modals used here are the problem. I do not know yet exactly how Comments and Replies work. My goal is to get a K-Meleon, Netsurf, or Palemoon 27 browser that can do all of this without being as slow as Palemoon 28 etc. If possible, I'd like to help by working on this myself. What tools did you here use? Where are the instructions to get started? How do you ascertain what the problem is? can anyone here link me to what is needed? My immediate efforts would be for: 1) Modify a faster browser to work fully with Deviantart. 2) Modify browser or those two DLL files to be audio-only for MP4 streaming. There are game sessions on Twitch TV I'd enjoy but whatever video streaming they use, even with 160p, isn't practical, especially if trying to comment in the chat area. Mobile streaming does not work. MP3 is not available to desktops or laptops without the special app, and I doubt it works with that old Sony. Audio would be great. Again, the Sony's MP4 abilities are now far better. Still, Flash-FLV worked better. Thanks, everyone! p.s. This was submitted using Palemoon 27.
  4. Oh, I know about that- I meant using whatever the browser itself uses skipping video frames or just using the audio. The VLC Player can do that, so maybe the browser's MP4 ability can too? The version of Firefox I'm using in Puppy Linux mode is the Windows version via WINE. Actually, the new browsers work reasonably well in XP mode, but on sites like Deviantart in Puppy Linux mode they are slow, slow, SLLLLOOOOWWWW! Where can one get this Firefox 78? Is it faster than 45? It seems worth a try. Phooey on Eclipse.
  5. Hello, everyone? I'm trying to find decent browsers for an old Sony VAIO laptop from...2001. Well, here it is- if it's too long for Replies, please let me know. This is my first post here. A sort of hobby of mine is to see how far older devices can go. One of them is a 2001 Sony VAIO: 256MB RAM, Pentium 3 800MHz processor so only SSE, 1024h x 768h 16/24-Bit color, DirectX 9 installed (according to DXDIAG), Intel integrated chip, 32-Bit device, old thing. It is a Dual Boot system- Windows XP Home Edition/Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Lucid. I was directed here from the Puppy Linux forums, and have tried several browsers here: Basilisk 52, Palemoon 27, Palemoon 28, two K-Meleon browsers. While in XP mode these browsers have increased what that antique can do: it can now play an HTML5 game called "Beam," and as far as streaming goes- MP4- it has abilities it did not have before. In particular there is a website that won't allow you to do things unless MP4 is streaming...now it can. Even Twitch TV, although slow and it may take a few tries, can run in low mode (160p). The problem is with a site called "Deviantart.com." They changed to an awful and ugly "Eclipse" style that has proven to be a real hassle; before I could do almost anything even with a crummy 2006 Sylvania Windows CE 6 netbook via Opera Mini 5- now even with Firefox 48 and Palemoon 27 there are things you cannot do: Reply and Comment are examples. Basilisk 52 and Palemoon 28 can do it, but are rather...slow...even in XP mode. 256MB RAM after all. Another problem is where I am. I do not have Internet service where I am so usually use local library wifi. The network has an insanely troublesome agreement page and wifi system that the Sony, even with Panda Wireless USB plugin, cannot even detect in XP mode! So anything online there has to be done in Puppy Linux mode. There is a Linux Palemoon 27 SSE standalone, but it crashes with a number of sites or yields some sort of security error message about certificates. The other browsers are earlier and cannot handle sites such as Deviantart at all. So, so far I have to use the Windows versions for many sites via WINE. Needless to say, this presents a problem. Browsers that can move tolerably fast cannot do things like Reply/Comment (i.e. the Windows K-Meleon browsers and Palemoon 27), while those that can take an eternity to get anywhere- Windows Palemoon 28 and Firefox 45 ESR modified. You keep seeing tabs about "handshakes (e.g. TLS)" and "reading." Another problem is that any attempt by the Windows K-Meleon browsers and Palemoon 27 to stream MP4 while in Puppy Linux mode/WINE causes them to crash- this does not happen in XP mode, and the error message indicates an "entry point" problem with "MFPLAT.DLL." Trying to download and set WINE to use this file in the browser folder makes no difference from WINE using its own. If I try to go to those streaming sites with Windows Palemoon 28 or Firefox 45 ESR in Puppy Linux mode that likely isn't going to work too well, very slow. Yet another curious aspect is that testing the Deviantart pages offline with Palemoon 27 Windows indicates it works fully perfectly well, but online it doesn't. Windows Palemoon 28 and Firefox 45 ESR move much more quickly with offline tests, so obviously something online at Deviantart is slowing them down and preventing Windows Palemoon 27 from working completely. What is it? I've tried Windows ArticFox 27, but all I get is an "unable to load XPCOM" error message. Curious since I tried this on an XP system. Does it require SSE2; if so it won't work in any case. I've noticed that removing the gkmedia.dll file from Palemoon 27 gives the same message, but no amount of tinkering has solved the Artic Fox 27 problem. I'd like to learn how to modify browsers. I have limited coding experience with websites and Flash. My biggest problem is getting over that first hurdle, so if someone can link me to the tools needed (a decompiler) and give some basic instructions my first efforts will be to tweak browsers like Firefox 40/45 or Palemoon 27 (all Windows) to run properly on Deviantart. After that, MP4 streaming without crashing in Puppy Linux mode, maybe finding ways to allow them to drop video frames for better playback a-la the VLC Player. But it's getting started that's the problem for me. This Windows 8 ASUS can likely handle any tool. Who knows, maybe I can code an app that, once a website URL is pasted in can shunt a video stream to a standalone player, or, for Twitch TV, allow audio-only with MP4 streams. The idea is to give new life to old devices for people who cannot afford to "upgrade." Opera 12 also seems like a good one. It seems like a nifty versatile browser. If it can handle Deviantart, get into any site, and gains the ability to stream MP4, then it could be just the thing for old hardware, even in Puppy Linux mode. And again, is there a way to get a browser to stream MP4 but only the audio portion (great for game sessions on Twitch TV)? I would also like to work on the Linux Palemoon 27 SSE. Given what's been accomplished here this must be a good place to start. Thanks in advance!

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