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  1. Hello has anyone tried a 2022 version of steam client that works on extended kernel ? Just wondering
  2. Nah I found it myself...Got a bluescreen on restart but turns out I didn't install KB970158..Seems to be ok now
  3. Hello ! How can I get the latest vista extended kernel ? And from where I can download it ?
  4. Hello ! What is the latest version of the kernel ? And do you know where I can download it ?
  5. And where is the win7 requirement I need to remove ?
  6. Yes because it says ''Steam is no longer supported on your Operating system Version'' over and over again.....
  7. It says that on Steam not Windows.....I have turned off the Updates on Vista a long time ago
  8. yeah but it says ''checking for latest updates''....How I stop that ?
  9. So , I downloaded all the files I needed to get Extended kernel working from WindowsViennaUpdateCenter and I wanted to ask some questions : 1) Can I get Steam working somehow ? 2) How do I know if I have the latest Exteneded kernel build ? 3) How can I install it ?

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