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  1. Do you think it will make a difference in fps ? I mean either way the system is powerful enough for this games , since they released in 2000s . And I know for a fact that even the G1030 can manage to hit at least 1080p 60 in this games.And did you test the 382.16 ? Did it make any kind of difference?
  2. So I ran some games with the gt 1030 and the results are really interesting. WRC 2010 : the game ran at about 15-17 fps no matter what settings or resolution I changed DIRT : a little to no difference between 1080p and 720p , low -med settings the game ran at 15-17 fps Now for the big difference : Crysis : at 720p at med settings the game ran at about 40-45 fps , while on 1080p at low the game ran at 40 fps. Now keep in mind , I have a c2d e8400 and 8gb ddr3 ram , and in Windows 10 the games ran at 1080p high above 60 fps , all of them. Although since the driver is in experimental kind of state it seems to be a good start. Hope I helped
  3. It worked ! It finally worked ! A fresh install was all it needed ! The gt 1030 is now recognized , the driver ,the directx version...EVERYTHING ! Αnd I scored a 5.9 on windows index. I thank you both for your work and help !
  4. At the end , I figured out I had to extract the sy file and I modded the sys with the values you told me. But the driver says it has compatibility issues and don't see any graphics hardware that fits to the installation. I'm doing a new fresh install of windows and try to reinstall win32's driver , because I really wasted not only much of my time , but also yours. I will let you know what the result will be.
  5. Although , now that I see it , the file I tried to edit is nvlddmkm.sy and not sys. When trying to find nvlddmkm.sys I can't find it in the driver you sent me. Do I need to extract something else to find it ?
  6. Yeah about that. I managed to find the nvlddmkm.sys but it seems like the information you gave me is incorrect? For example at the offsets 160 , there is no 4E 6F. Also I looked for the 84C0740AB8BB0000C0 and it says ''not found''. I used HxD to check those out. And used hexadec offsets.
  7. Hello again ! @win32 I need your help if you have some time. I tried you 398.11 driver on Windows Vista with Extended kernel installed on a GT1030 , which from my understanding is now somewhat supported. Although when I rebooted I ran into the frozen 'orb' . I tried unistalling and installing again , but with no effect. Then someone suggested to mod myself a 382.xx driver (maybe that could work) and said to ask you what should I exactly mod. I have the GDDR5 version of the GT1030. So can you please help mod the driver I need to get the GPU to work ? Sorry if this is not the topic to ask here , but I couldn't re-create one myself because I ran into some kind of error.
  8. Good idea ! I will ask him in the extended kernel thread since I can't make my own ! Thanks
  9. Huh. Tried to make a new topic but I get a EX1364 error. What matter what I do I get that error. Weird one
  10. Sorry about that. I will create another topic soon enough so no mistakes will be made. Thanks for the help
  11. Well then....I don't know what to say. Is there a way to bypass orb or am I stuck at the moment?
  12. Yeah , unfortunately I have the gddr5 version. I actually had it in my main rig and there was no chance to buy the gddr4 version since it had 50% of the gddr5's performance
  13. Anyways , I actually installed the driver using device manager , but it boots to q broken login screen. Any suggestions?
  14. So the link to the driver 398.11 is here , modded by you ? I actually don't see it ? I have looked for it verywhere on the thread.
  15. Ok so I found the driver. Although, I don't really understand how to install it. What should I do exactly ? I don't see a setup.exe in the the folder
  16. Hey ! Happy new year ! Glad to see you worked it out. I was having some issues lately , so sorry for being inactive. So you say the G1030 works with 398.11 ?
  17. No. You said that the driver was tested and confirmed working on 1000 series except the gt 1030. But have you tried testing it on the gt 1030 ? I thought you didn't have any gt1030s. Or am I wrong ?
  18. On the gt 1030 part...I will try that for you as I have a spare system with 1030 and c2d e8400.I will post again when I make sure that it works. Great work on the driver 👍
  19. So is there a ported modded gt 1030 driver for windows vista ? Or could I get it working with extended kernel ?
  20. As I see driver version is the only one that exists oddly enough (As I have seen).So I don't know what you should do.You could try a driver from windows xp x64 and see if it's compatible as it seems like it's newer as it came out in 2013 (driver version but other than that I don't think there is much you can do.
  21. Hello again ! I have a gt 1030 on my pc so I was wondering if there is some kind of modded driver for Windows vista x64
  22. Hello has anyone tried a 2022 version of steam client that works on extended kernel ? Just wondering

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