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  1. Hey, where could i get "Extended Kernel" files? Can someone share link with me?
  2. There is no need to upgrade when everything is working for him? But yeah, upgrading to SP2 is better option than running RTM. There is alot of good new changes in SP2, you can just google what they are.
  3. It sure is. Does that mean that your not able to sync your files on Vista? I'm not really knowledgeable about this OneDrive stuff
  4. Also everything works fine on 8.1 so there is no need to upgrade (for me). So its not considered as "legacy" os by me
  5. Won't be bothered to fire up a Virutal Machine just to use an operating system. Ima do it on real hardware
  6. Cheat Engine 7.3 | Download here! Installer won't run on Vista but the program works itself. You just need to copy files over to Vista
  7. That probably won't happen but we'll never know Maybe we could just copy them over to 8/7 system and hope for the best
  8. If they keep downloads for Windows 10/11 then maybe we could possibly bypass and use those versions for Windows 8/7? I mean Desktop version, App version of OneDrive sucks anyways.
  9. I guess it has nothing to do with Windows 8. I got same hidden "aero" theme "working" on Windows XP using build 7000's installer https://imgur.com/a/tFNX1S9
  10. Oh guys. Im sorry, had no time to answer you. About the error, i did something and it worked. Found some guide online haha. (Not sure anymore as i dont use Vista that much as my main) Anyways thanks guys
  11. Wired. My whole family is using the same network as me, so yea i cant really do about it, can i?
  12. Hey, i get this kind of 'error' every 15 minutes and its annoying. Is there any way to disable that 'error' or popup
  13. Thank you so much This link/installer works fine for me
  14. Yea well, i tried to install Office 2019 on Windows 8.1 and im facing this problem here. Anyone here knows how to fix it or has similar problem? I already seached on google and didnt find anything useful
  15. I even tried some Windows 7 drivers with extended kernel and still failed
  16. I finally decided to try running Vista on my main computer and i tried to install those graphics drivers, all of them failed. Some of them are for Intel HD 2000 so they wont install. I searched everywhere, on wayback machine and various manufactures websites like HP, Dell and i couldnt find any Intel HD 2500 drivers for Vista.
  17. i should give it a try as im running Windows 8.1
  18. just listening some hardstyle on spotify
  19. Maybe install all updates and then get ur update files from "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution" folder. Other option Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates
  20. Oh, im not sure if its even possible haha. Maybe from Store app?
  21. "Control Panel" > "Programs" > "Programs and Features" > "View installed updated". Once your there, select update and you should see "Uninstall" button. (I tried this with Windows 8.1 so, im not sure if this will work with Windows 10 or no)

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