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  1. I need Vize's unpacked files or a method of extracting them from the installer without actually installing it.
  2. The majority of Vista/7 uses Aero.msstyles for its UI. What does Office 2007 use?
  3. Apparently Avast Antivirus REALLY doesn't like the new version
  4. using version 05142021 gives me error 0xc0000428
  5. getthreadidealprocessorex doesn't seem to be implemented but i may just be using an outdated version
  6. It's not in Aero.mssyles nor explorer.exe and most used DLLs.
  7. Found it, for those wondering it's in sidebar.exe under RCData.
  8. 2015-2019? I installed that before kernel w/o problems
  9. It doesnt even look good, just more like MacOS or something. Like it was made for tablets. Like Windows 8.
  10. I'm talking about the mouseover and "always on top" backdrops. It's not in Aero.msstyles, neither in siderbar.exe or its DLLs and MUIs.
  11. this means you can technically run anything 10 does in vista
  12. I didnt even go there once but every time I open the Control Panel it appears in the recently used programs list Help
  13. among us displays getlogicalprocessorinformationex error
  14. This is the start menu button image extracted from explorer.exe. Aside from the shut down/install updates and shutdown/sleep/lock buttons there are the unindentified cross button and a button with the restart symbol. I wonder if it's possible to find out what they were supposed to be and/or add to the power button settings in control panel.
  15. I have vista and 7 installed side by side, and i tried running the 7's wmp, it complains about the version, i can change that in the registry but i'm too afraid to proceed, can someone please try that for me? with extended kernel and all the dlls replaced (wmp.dll,wmploc.dll,wmpps.dll,wmploc.dll.mui) i believe that's possible, don't want the risk of permanent damage tho.
  16. is there a changelog of what changed between 12312020 and 02262021

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