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  1. There is no need to use QuickTime since 2013.
  2. QuickTime for viewing MP4 in PowerPoint? No way!
  3. I wonder what applications could be manipulated by this method. Will such work on modern browser installers like Google Chrome or Vivaldi? ____ Also, are there any plans on DXGI patches to bring DirectX 11.1 support in future or it's not related to extended kernel?
  4. Whoa! That's a very nice feature. Were you inspired by BlackWingCat's NNN4NT5 thing while making this possible?
  5. I have tried to run the game through wrappers like DXVK and WineD3D, but no luck with that — the graphics card is not a graphics card. Even the GT 730. So, yeah, the game uses DX11.1. Maybe one day we'll see that backported to Vista like some strange people did to XP?
  6. There are too many "anti-vaxers" in Russia that don't trust any vaccine exist on the market. At the same time, our government thinks about allowing tourists vaccinated by other than Sputnik-V (aka Gam-COVID-Vac) to pass Russia's borders. I'm waiting for Friday to complete my vaccine cycle. I planned to vaccinate with a single-component Sputnik Lite vaccine, but it was not available to use in early July (and has less efficiency), so I went for dual-component Sputnik V.
  7. I doubt that MSI Afterburner can detect minor versions of DirectX API, but the overlay tells that the game runs at D3D11. So I have no clue why it refuses to start in Vista. Maybe it uses DirectX 11.1, like you said.
  8. It's designed to be used in Windows 2000/XP, it does not work in Vista.
  9. The driver version is absolutely the same. NVIDIA uses the same driver package both for Vista and 7, so I have no idea why the game throws such error. The problem is that I'm looking for the solution myself (and asking for help). Maybe it has something to DirectX initialization? Could they differ in Vista and 7 in case of DirectX 11?
  10. Unfortunately, you were wrong - it works in Windows 7.
  11. I'll install Windows 7 on the separate partition to check if your version is true.
  12. Why does Aero work and enCore RT benchmark as well then? DXDiag reports that all hardware accelerations are enabled.
  13. World of Tanks supports DirectX down to DirectX 9 as a fallback renderer in environments like Wine. DirectX 11 at feature level DX10.0. enCore RT benchmark that is told to be incompatible with Vista, runs without any issues.
  14. Well, no luck even on real hardware. I tried WMI spoofing to make the game think I run Windows 7, but it didn't work too. Any suggestions?
  15. Some people reported that it works on Windows 7 and its server equivalent as well.
  16. I guess @winvispixp should try AdoptOpenJDK. It has a little better performance and still allows to install JRE separately.
  17. Never try installing Extended Kernel on systems that were installed using localized media (e.g. using Russian version of Vista). So you should install en-US version first, go through Extended Kernel installation procedure and install Russian MUI in the end.
  18. Without JDK?.. Why would the game require JDK while most applications rely on Runtime Environment (JRE)?
  19. I'm afraid the time has come.
  20. I assume that my question will be a little stupid, but: is there a way to trace the reason why application fails to start with extended kernel installed? It crashes with "not a valid Win32 application" reason. Please let me know what information I need to collect (and how to). UPD: WGC is an x86 application and is supposedly compiled with newer compiler versions, that's why it crashes. win32 WoT client crashes because x86 KERNEL32 lacks of newer functions.
  21. Been messing with Windows Vista VM yesterday and got some interesting compatibility info on games. Wargaming.net Game Center is not compatible with extended kernel and crashes with "not a valid Win32 app". I took out my old launcher update server "proxy" to be able to install the game and successfully passed the TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive error. Now I need to fix my graphics card used in my Vista bench to test stuff live instead of virtual machine. WGCheck application that is used to diagnose Wargaming's products detects the operating system version through WMI and I didn't even have to spoof that to run it.
  22. The most stupid decision I've ever seen to supported operating systems.
  23. Hold Windows + ">", then use left/right arrows. If you prefer doing that "mouse way", move your cursor all the way to the upper border, hold LMB, pull it down and move it left/right.
  24. That's stange at this point. I have downloaded the installer for GTX 1080 Ti with Windows 8.1 x64 selected as the target OS and compared the checksums with the GTX 1660 installer for Windows 7. They matched though they have different names. They exist, that's right.

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