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  1. This is a fake image. Look at the taskbar. Don't you see that something's off?
  2. According to Chromium issue back from 2015,
  3. Also, their Security Space keys do work on Symbian 9.x versions. And you still can get recent VDBs. On a long-dead mobile OS you still get updates! If you ever going to add some protection to your Windows 98 SE machine, go for Dr.Web 5.0. For Windows 2000 SP4 — Dr.Web Security Space 7. Both still get their VDB updates, but you have to be careful about 98SE: there can be serious performance impacts.
  4. Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 is working too. Actually, any version of Dr.Web Security Space that is compatible with Windows Vista and newer. But you'd need to get an update for SHA-256 support, which is kindly provided in the instructions on the website. https://support.drweb.com/sha2
  5. I guess it will be better if you ask win32 directly in PMs about it.
  6. Patience is the main key. I still wait for my queue to test things for modern versions of World of Tanks and Wargaming.net Game Center. I have submitted the required logs to win32 and silently wait for stuff to come, being ready to retest or provide more details.
  7. IIRC, in Windows Vista, Aero relies on DirectX 10 when possible.
  8. I have a feel that the next release of the extended kernel will be much different from the current one... is there a 'preview' changelog by the current state of development version? Mostly DirectX and deeply Windows 7 specific functions?
  9. Windows Error Reporting component, right on the mark, that's what Wer means in the function name beginning.
  10. Any GPU, not even mentioning the driver, requires a very precise timer that can peek down to milliseconds. No matter if that's NVIDIA, AMD, Intel or S3 Chrome 540 GTX.
  11. That's quite unusal, WGC cannot be spoofed to Windows 7. Is that WMI messing with me?
  12. This is a part of DirectX 11.2 runtime which is available in Windows 8.1 and newer.
  13. I'm curious where have you found the 16:9 version of 'Professional' wallpaper on your profile banner. Or have you made one by yourself?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SigmaTel71


      Can you make one in 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200), please? I'll be really happy to see one with Windows XP Professional logo and respective blue-ish color. :rolleyes:

    3. SC7601


      Maybe later, TBH I don't have the feeling of "extending Windows XP wallpaper" nowadays, so I'll better make it when I'm interested. I might post it on r/wallpapers too, so more people would have the chance to see it.

    4. mina7601


      I hope you post it on r/windowsxp as well.

  14. 1.5 GB per process (2 GB in Vista and higher), the actual RAM limit is around 3.2 GB unless you enable PAE.

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