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  1. oh. lets address the other issue im having. i posted about it earlier(find the post as it will have context). but alot of applications are failing to start and idk why
  2. it kinda works. i cant test it properly because fsr i cant open anything on server 2008 without an error
  3. the bsods happen on fresh installs of both vista and server 2008. and continues to happen unless i have windows in debug mode. in fact it starts happening happens before the 2nd part of setup after the first reboot from Windows PE. so yeah they happen before i install anything. including the extended kernel. i think i mentioned it before. but i also had this problem on another uefi capable machine
  4. i installed it post extended kernel install iirc.
  5. uh help. i cant open any web browser at all.(this also happens on my thinkpad which is Running Windows Vista Business. so it isnt only a server 2008 thing)
  6. oh i dont use either of those AVs. well any idea on how to fix it. the stop code shows up before the loading bar can(and only if windows is NOT using the /debug boot parameter)
  7. i added pci lock and one other thing to the boot options and the bsod is slightly different 0x0000001E (0xFFFFFFFFC000005, 0xFFFFF8000224C5AA, 0x000000000000000 , 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
  8. no i dont. Edit:i installed it just now. didnt fix anything. one thing i should mention is i get 0x0000001E in bsod format i mentioned before EVEN ON A FRESH INSTALL. so idk how to get rid of it.
  9. ok i decided to disable debug mode on Windows Server 2008. and now im back to having the bsod issue i encountered on a uefi capable laptop. all the bsod displays is a stop error code. well imma type it exactly as it is on my screen rn. yes that is literally how it displays. anyone know how to fix it. im kinda tired of using the temporary fix of using the debug mode boot option... ***Stop: 0x0000001E (0xffffffffC0000005,0xFFFFF80000C545AA,0x0000000000000000,0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
  10. i just wanna know why i cant open this when i was able to before on Vista...
  11. i also tried to install 2019 on Server 2008 using the same method that worked on 8.1 and appearently there are 2 Version blocks. one that is on both 2016 and 2019(Vista Block) and one on 2019 only(Windows 7, and 8.1 block using the original img installer)
  12. same. i need it asap because im having to put off MSRMAME since i cant use Office 2019 on Windows Server 2008 yet. as for it being on windows 7. you can install it. but there are dependencies that are missing and it refuses to start(yes i tried to install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019). i wouldnt mind having an unfinished copy of the extended kernel's latest release as long as i can test the windows kernel version spoofing capabilities. (also i hope the latest version of steam will be fully usable on Vista and server 2008. (the latest version installs and runs on Server 2008. but you have to use small mode...)
  13. im back on Windows Server 2008 because of my 1TB Drive needing to be removed from my PC(it had Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on it) lol
  14. iirc you need to use "bcdedit /set {current} disableintegritychecks on" when in vista before copying the extended kernel files from WinPE
  15. all i did was modify a commandline tool that exists for Volume License versions of Office 2019 so i could install Retail Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student. and yes there is a version check. but its the same one Office 2016 uses. so in theory office 2019 can be installed on Windows 7 Without NT Version Spoofing. i just havent had luck with it. when i tried on server 2008 Office 2019's installer said it needed Windows 7 or newer(despite Microsoft's official OS requirements saying Windows 10) meaning POSSIBLY it can be installed and run on Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 with the next Extended Kernel Release(i think. win32 did say in a previous post that NT Version Spoofing will be in the next extended kernel release iirc)

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