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  1. Nicolaasjan, thank you. I have already read this post, I also tried it, but I forgot the command "cd / d C: \ updates". Thanks to your notification, I have already successfully installed the IE9 update from March 2021 and I'm moving on :-) :-) :-)
  2. Since I was born in the early second half of the 20th century, I have been fortunate to know the qualities of DOS, Windows 98 SE and Windows XP. Then came Vista in 2006. Yes, until the release of SP2 it was mainly a hassle with HW, but the intention and appearance was really a top OS. I don't buy new machines, I like to revive old PCs with multi-year, but reliably tested HW. That's why I had to use the classic GUI from Windows 2000 with Vista ... So I went back to Win XP. During my era, I tried several dozen installations of Win XP OS, including Win XP Pro 64bit edition (a pity of this canceled project, performance in some parameters even better than Vista ...), Windows 7 AiO, Windows 8.1 (the last fully functional OS from Microsoft) , all versions of Windows 10 Home. Last year I received a Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V6545 notebook from 2008, on which the OEM OS Windows Vista Business 64bit SP1 was originally pre-installed according to the COA label. HW parameters: CPU Intel Core Duo 2x2,26 GHz, 4GB RAM, 160 GB HDD Hitachi, GPU Ati Mobility Radeon HD3450 - integrated. Because the HW for Vista was good, I installed the original OEM OS. It could be properly activated / legalized. I installed SP2, all updates to r. 2017, using Vista_SHA2_WUC also update for Server 2008 until July 2021. This is system version / build 6.0.6003. I manually update Defender using the Security intelligence updates for Microsoft Defender page. I have IE9 updated to June 2020 (I can't do more), I have the .Net Framework in version 4.7.2. (You can install .Net Framework 4.8, but there will be similar problems as after installing extended Kernell ...) As browsers I use MyPal 29.2.1 64bit, regularly weekly updated Serpent 59.2.0 64bit, NewMoon 28.10.4a1 64bit. The default is 360 Chrome Browser 13.5.1052.0 (... just got an update yesterday ...) on the Chrome kernel 86.0.4240.198. I manually check the security of the system monthly with the applications RKill, mbam-setup-, JRT, Kaspersky TDSSKiller, HitmanPro_x64, adwcleaner-7-2-7 vista and Windows Defender - the system is always clean! Java 8-301 64bit was updated yesterday - successfully updated. I always use the current PrivaZer to clean SW residues. I play multimedia using WMP 11 with the K-Lite Codec Pack - no problems. I use Microsoft Office 2007 to work with documents, including Outlook e-mail and Adobe Reader XI (11.0.23) - Slovak - 11.0.23. My experience: I have been using it since November 2020. The boot system is - as it is ... Once every 30 seconds, sometimes a black monitor and a minute. But after the logo is displayed for a second, the desktop is displayed. If someone has worse, I recommend using the command "sfc / scannow" via the command line as admin - to repair the system registry. The Windows Experience Index for components is as follows: RAM 5.9 CPU 5.2 HDD 4.9 GPU / Aero 3.8. I have the same WEI values even after installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - interesting. This just confirms that Win 7 is actually Win Vista SP2 with artificially disabled features. At standstill, the CPU load is 0%, the RAM load is 27%. Now, with two tabs of the 360 Chrome browser open and writing a document in Word, I have a CPU load of 2% and RAM of 39% - I achieved this by modifying the services according to blackviper.com, plus turning off Superfetch and Windows Search, Windows update to Manual. When playing video in HD, the CPU stays at about 40%, RAM up to 50%, which no newer OS can do! Redmont goes to Windows 10 21H2 to "return" round windows, a kind of aero is already inserted there, even Windows 11 gets a quasi "aeroglass". The 11th will have about half less running services than the voracious 10th. What good was Win 8 breaking a good and stable Win Vista / 7 to pay for Windows 8.1? On an older PC FSC Scaleo Pa2553 I have Win 8.1 Pro 64bit installed on the main HDD. I have Win XP Pro SP3, Win Vista Home SP2 x64 and Win 7 Ultimate 64bit installed on the other three HDDs. Out of nostalgia, I switch them in BiOS. However, if I install Win 10 Home 64bit on the main HDD, I will not run these other OS on the secondary HDDs! This is followed by a repeated check of all HDDs with the result "damaged bootmanager". The famous Win 10 !!! After stopping expanded support for Windows 10 in October 2025, will we be throwing newer tablets with a 32GB SSD / HDD into the trash? Because Win 11 needs min. 64GB! This is ecological behavior! And I'm not talking about PC ... In my opinion, Windows Vista is the most beautiful OS from Microsoft, no other can match it. With a good browser, it can be used safely even today. That's why I always liked to come back to it to please my eyes - the wonderful glass effect on window frames that I miss on Win 7, a transparency that Win 10 is far from. This also leads me to use Vista, I hope that the silent support of Server 2008 will last until 2023 with your active help with good advice, suggestions and knowledge. Once again - thank you.
  3. Greetings from Slovakia. Here is my knowledge of using Windows Vista Business SP2 64 bit (OEM licensed)> Server 2008 (via Vista_SHA2_WUC) on a 13 year old ntb Fujitsu Esprimo V6545 in 2021. - Windows Defender manually updated via mpas-fe from Microsoft, - monthly cumulative updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog manually (last July 2021), - .Net Framework 4.7.2 last update January 2020. (I have successfully installed .Net Framework 4.8, but I do not recommend disabling multiple applications that worked normally in Vista) - Browsers: IE9 - last update January 2020 MyPal 64bit –v. 29.2.1 Serpent 64bit -52.9.0 of July 9, 2021 New Moon 64bit –v.28.10.4a.1 of 8 July 2021 Default: 360 Chrome Browser v. 13.0.2250.0 (Chrome ver. 86.0.4249.198) with Chrome Store add-ons. Security and protection: on a monthly basis, I manually run the applications JRT, RKill, mbam, Kaspersky TDSSKiller, HitmanPro_x64, adwcleaner-7-2-7. The system is clean, without MW, AdWare, SpyWare. The peculiarity is that Microsoft did not end the updates for Server 2008 even in 2021, for which thanks, because the Vista OS team is still alive, fast, 99% usable even at the beginning of the third decade of the second millennium ...

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