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  1. I understand, I guess I will stay on debloated Windows 10 then. Thank you for response!
  2. Hey everyone! This is actually my first post ever (I mainly looked around Vista Kernel Extension for a while). I found some posts on here and other forums, where people are getting Windows XP/Vista on their modern machines. The question I have, is if it's possible to get XP x64 on my machine? My specifications are as follows: Motherboard: MSI H310M Pro-M2 Plus (H310 Chipset) CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F (2.9Ghz, 6-cores) GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti Gaming X 4G RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (2x8) Ethernet: Intel I219-V If it's not possible to get XP x64 to work, is it possible to get Vista? Thanks in advance for help!
  3. Also, anyone figured out the problem with Teams and it's detection of Audio devices? Still seems like it doesn't detect any with or without Administrator privileges.
  4. I tried it for you, installs and records just fine with Kernel Extension.
  5. You could always try getting Home Basic working, or standard Vista, from what I understand you use Server 2008 on it?
  6. Depends which model. Yes there was models with AMD CPU and GPU, Intel CPU and AMD GPU and Intel CPU and GPU. I have i3 350M with Intel HD.
  7. Works pretty good on my machine. And besides that's the only PC I have that is capable of running Vista. All the drivers for Intel Arrandale Generation works.
  8. Thank you that did the trick! Installer was running with administrator privileges. Doing it manually also worked like a charm.
  9. Alright, I got my hands on HP G62, so finally I have a better machine that supports Vista. I installed it and copied all the files to System32 and SysWOW64. I'm getting "RtlQueryPerformace could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll" error on both Firefox&Waterfox. What could be the issue here? EDIT: I have to copy them myself, since installer decided to just replace extension of dll's to dll.bak.
  10. I tried getting Packet Tracer to work and it doesn't. It is 64 bit.
  11. Yes, nativefier although you need to check the arguments for the app, because I used some to get my full discord to work but I don't remember which ones.
  12. About Ripcord, I thought about it, but I still prefer to use web version/electron app. It might forgot login credentials every time I restart the app, but voice channel as well as screensharing works.
  13. Ah, you're absolutely right it is 32Bit, disregard my post :D. Oh, so it is something to do with audio devices. Well web version doesn't work bad too. Hmm, I think I'll install 8.1 then, to get a bit newer experience.
  14. Alright, even after reinstalling Vista (I installed Windows 10 alongside it), Teams still doesn't show any audio devices. That's really weird and I don't know what more I can do here. I guess I'll be using web version then. Also, I tried getting Discord (native app) to work. Seems like there is someting about shell32 that prevents it from working:
  15. What version of Team are you running? I reinstalled driver as well as re-downloaded Teams but still same thing.
  16. I could try reinstalling my Audio Drivers, will see if that changes things.
  17. Hmm...That's werid. Teams doesn't see any output nor input devices: I can't even select any of the options. I think that might be the culprit of my previous error. Anyone know what can I do here? Chromium is working fine, but having dedicated app for it would be great for screen sharing for example.
  18. If win32 can't do it here, I can't do it either. The files you got from WinClient video are the newest ones.
  19. Well, those are the newest files then. I used them for my installation of Vista too. Also, I just tried getting into call on Teams but seems like this doesn't work. Here's the error: Calls work from Chromium though just fine.
  20. Oh, I don't know where did you get your files? It just worked (after changing to 0000 in CFF Explorer of course) out of the box. Themes work, but like any other version extensions still won't install. Here's the screenshot:
  21. Alright it's working now! Thank you so much! I tried getting Spotify with Nativefier, unfortunately I can't get it to work. I also tried basic username and password argument for Discord, but it still requires me to login after closing the app. Besides that everything works on a real hardware!
  22. Hmm, I extracted Teams setup and all I have is Updater.exe. Do I need to download it from somewhere else?
  23. Hey everyone! First time posting here! With the help of Win32, I was able to install Kernel Extension on my ThinkPad with Vista Ultimate. It's amazing that Vista is usable in 2020, I never thought I would see this. Waterfox, as well as Chromium works (both newest versions). I tried getting Spotify to work but I cannot get the installer to open, nor with CFF Explorer. I made with Nativefier Discord app, it works but I have to relog everytime I open the app (there is a command to put basic https username and password, haven't tried that yet). If we can get Teams or Office (2013 and higher) to work, that would be amazing. Thank you for keeping Vista alive!

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