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  1. With the new custom kernel I could get a fairly chromium version working and I can do calls and everything through there
  2. Finally i got windows vista updated and i could install its kernel, really you did a lot, thx for showing this kernel to everyone @win32 Also: this is chronium 72 running on my laptop
  3. Hey, I'm Sputnik1973, an ethusiast of technology, I'm actually from Spain, but I try my best with english, also I love trying to use old and unattended systems to mess with and see what I can do with them Glad to be here
  4. I see, i will try to install them when i have a free moment to install those updates from an external repository
  5. The thing is that windows update does throw me an error, i will try to post it later
  6. Oh, i forgot to mention that the iso i used is sp2, but the updates does throw me an error and doesnt install
  7. Trying this extended kernel makes windows vista bluescreen, i tried this with a fresh copy of windows vista home premium x64 i tried in one of my laptops (Acer Aspire 5920g) and ina vm with virtualbox, all goes well till i copy the files to system32 through the windows vista installer Does anyone know any solution to this, or i should use windows vista ultimate?
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